Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31, 2012

HEY!!!! It's been a long while! I have serious internet issues down here! We are still at Corinth, MS. We were blessed with a great place to rent at a great price! There are 8 horses out here. 2 were here when we got here. They are Booger (he's 30) and Buttercup (she's 17). So we care for them. 3 horses are Tom's (a friend) and of course Bob & Casey. Still having a time with Bob's weight. He'll put some on and the next thing you know...back to the hips n ribs. Any suggestions? We could sure use a load of good alphalfa hay! It won't grow down here. Made him good and fat and healthy before. He does NOT enjoy the pellets!!! Anyway, the 8th horse is a little filly that we rescued. She's probably a little over a year old and she was starving. We call her Baby Girl. She's getting better every day. You can still see ribs but her backbone no longer protrudes!! She's just tiny. When she's all better, she'll make a great riding horse. So, we hope that you all still pray for us and the journey. We still get plenty of prayer requests and ask that you just keep all of the people we come in contact with in your prayers as well. God knows who they are. Our grandson Isaac was born the 29th. Funny, they picked the name Isaac months ago and he hit land the same day as the hurricane! My daughter said she hopes it's not prophetic about his behavior! He's having some trouble with fluid in his lungs and has to stay in NICU for a bit, so prayers for him would be appreciated. Thank you. Got to get to chores now. The hens just started laying so they are getting plenty of my attention. Their little eggs are just the cutest. God bless and I'll try to get back on as soon as I can. Faith! P.S. So far we have only had sprinkles and breezes from the hurricane. Thank you for your concern. I'll let you know if there is any trouble from that!