Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Days 160 & 161

Hello, again!
Today (Wednesday) is cloudy and overcast.  It's supposed to rain more today, but the storm missed us last night!  Windy and a little rain but no storm.
We went down for showers last night and when we were done, Robin (Clayton) knocked on the door and invited us over to the fellowship hall for pinto beans, corn bread, & sweet tea!  Then Glen (Houpt) asked if we ever had southern fried corn bread?  Of course we had not, so he gave us his. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!  Thanks guys!!  You know you gotta love a culture that fries just about everything!!  And still live long healthy lives!!!!  Hmmmm...the north might want to have a look at that!  The rat race is the most unhealthy environment ever created! 
Bob and Casie are doing fine and loving their space.  Finally hit the hay a little.  Bear and Sugar are enjoying their lives as bed potatoes.  Glad we have them all along for the company.
Funny story.  I went to the laundry mat the other day.  There was an attendant there reading a magazine quietly.  I was looking for a fish place I had seen earlier so I asked her if she was familiar with the area.  We chatted for a bit before she asked what gave us the idea to do this trip?  So, of course, I told her.  I said, the Lord.  She said, what?  I repeated that the Lord had sent us on this journey.  She just looked at me and said uh-huh.  Then she sent a text.  That was it!  Her phone never stopped jingling again the rest of the time I was there!  And our conversation was over.  LOL!!!  I can just imagine what those text were about!  We were probably every kind of crazy!  But, maybe she was just speechless! Ha Ha!  With all the different reactions we get, I just thought it was funny.  Maybe you had to be there ;)
Jenny...missed us, thank God!  Miss you guys!
Rachel...Safe and sound.  We have a good look out!
So, chores today, church tonight.  Sure is great being where we can hear the Word regularly!
God bless.  Talk to you tomoorrow!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Days 158 & 159

All's well in Corinth, MS!  Had a couple of busy days!  Sunday is always busy with 2 church services and playing catch up and keep up!  Too busy with Mark at work all day M-F!  Mondays are always busy with make up work!
We moved Bob and Casie (actual correct spelling from her registry papers) to a much larger spot in the field.  Got them a new round bale of hay but they are still working on the grass!  Barely even touched the hay yet!  That's odd for Bob the hay baby! :)  Oh well, when the grass is gone.....
We are still meeting people here on the hill!  Great place to be!  Still waiting on the Lord for direction!  And taking each day, one at a time.
God Bless!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Days 155, 156, & 157

HI!!!!!  Looks like Google worked out it's own kinks!  YAY!!!
Let's see...things have changed a little bit.  You'll remember Tommy Callahan.  He is the gentleman that directed us here.  Well, he stopped by Tuesday evening and asked Mark if he wanted to go to work in the morning!  So he's been off early every morning since Wednesday.  See?  God lead us all this way, and then for some reason, unknown to us, we just felt like suddenly, there was no more.  Now we knew from the start that we would be resting up when we got this far, but honestly, we've been here way longer than we ever thought we would be.  Thank the good Lord for being parked in such an awesome spot with a church full of folks that understand "waiting on the Lord".  So, I was thinking the other day, when Mark got a job, and people started telling us they were looking for a place for us of our own, God knows better than us what He wants.  I looked at Bob, and yes he is starting to gain some weight back, but not enough for any distance traveling.  So...maybe it's him that God is helping here.  We know that the pastor has told us to stay as long as we need to, but after all these miles, we start to feel like we don't want to wear out our welcome.  You know what I mean??  I also think that if we put Bob back on the road full time, we might just kill him.  He really does need the rest.  He's antsy enough and healthy enough, don't get me wrong, but just some general fat would do that boy wonders!
Sooooo...if any one in the area knows of about 5 acres that we could rent or stay at, close by, with water and electric and maybe a small shed or barn, please let us know.  We are just praying for God's will and not our own at this point.  He will tell us what to do next when it's time.
I have taken on the morning chores with Mark gone for the day.  So far, so good.  I still don't move those two by myself, so anything beyond feeding, watering, and talking to them, they have to wait for.  I don't know if I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Bob finally did kick me.  That was pleasant.  Both feet!  God kept me from anything beyond a good knot and bruises, thank You Lord.  Anyway, I am very cautious around him but have taken over leading him and feeding him (when Mark's here).  Maybe this way he'll get the picture that I'm one of the bosses here!  He's such a snot!
So, I thank everyone for your prayers for us and ask that you will pray with us for God's will in our next step.  This we know, the journey is not over.  We both feel that.  So, stick with us and God willing the blog will continue working so we can continue to post prayer requests!
There is one.  Ruth.  A man said she lives down the road from here and she is just in need of prayer.  Salvation would be the best for her.  God can fix everything else then too. 
And for Mark.  He's working in a shop at a young man's job so if you can pray for the aches and pains to go quickly, we wouold appreciate that.
Also, Brother Bill's wife has been sick for some time.  She's showing improvement, but I think with some extra prayers, she could be healed!
Thanks, again and God bless!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Days 144, 145, 146, & 147

Hi All!!
We're still here on Hallelujah Hill!  We are so blessed to have been directed here.  All are getting some rest and lots of the Word!  We have been to a couple of churches with folks we met here.  The Callahan's have taken us to their church, and the Day's have taken us to their church, and the church right here is within walking distance so we have been taking advantage of all the services we can get to.  Mr. David Dodd has had Mark out early and late at various men's groups that he attends and we are so happy to be among a great Christain community!  Thank you all.
Bob and Casey are on their 4th spot here.  It just keeps raining!  Soggy, soggy ground.  They are happy, tho!  We've been very diligent about keeping that fence hot since their escape!  Chasing them in the rain and mud is just no fun!
We still meet people.  We are parked right off the highway so people can see us as they drive down 45.  We're right off the exit!  This is the place that the Vietnam Memorial Wall will be in June.  It was here last year, as well.  That's pretty cool!
The weather has been so-so.  It got downright cold for a couple of days!  A little flurry of snow, some sleet, lots of rain...but today was warmer. Whew! 
So, we don't have much going on in the way of adventure while we're still.  Claude and Jean brought over and dropped off an excercise cart today so we can hitch up the kids and wear a little extra energy off so you might want to stay tuned in case they forgot their jobs and we have some "retraining" yucks!!  But after 1000 miles...they probably have it down pat.  We'll see.  I just hope the church doesn't think we're moving in on them!  Just as soon as the Lord says MOVE...we'll be on our way!
Jerry and Geradine Sweat brought us some hay just in the knick of time the other day!  Adam Day brought us some a couple of days before that and it was gone.  So, Keith brought a few bales yesterday and today we were able to locate and buy a small round bale!  So we're set if we need to go.  Bales to load for the road.  God always provides!
We need to send up some prayers for Rick Hodgin.  He lost his mother in January and is struggling a bit.  He needs some peace and comfort.  We are so sorry for your loss, Rick.
We also had alot of company today!  The ladies that we met last night brought us over an awesome lunch!  They all home school their kids so the kids came too!  Bob and Casey loved them and their handsful of green grass from outside the pen!  They were, Reba Hancock, she asks for prayer for her husband Billy, Amanda Harris with Karlee, Mary Ellen, & Joshua.  Barbara, Ashley, ans Aylah Chelmowski.  Ans Patricia, Brenna, and Seth Stephenson.  Thanks for liunch and the visit!
Can we all also pray for C.B. III?  He is having some health issues, the most recent being knee surgery and sleep apnea combined with the heart stopping now and then when he stops breathing in his sleep.
Thank you for joining us in prayer for all these needs!  You all are faithful, for sure!
Cindy...It WAS cold!!!  Down to rain now!
Rach...keep healing!  We do meet lots of people just sitting here, don't we?
Rick...The Lord is bringing your relief.  He knows your pain.
pastor Jaime...we heard about that festival.  Today we learned that at one point it was shut down because the slug burgers were NOT FDA approved!  But it got all straight and back on the horizon!
Well, that's it for tonight.  We have a few invites for tomorrow so we'll see what God has in the mix for us!  Should be fun whatever we do!  Working for the Lord is just an awesome job!  He's a great boss whose only requirement is that we mention His name and we'll do fine!  What could be better?!?!?!
So, good night and God bless you all!  (Y'all)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 141 - 143

I think I have the "days" right...I'll have to ask my beautiful wife. The cold has descended upon us for a couple of days. Down in the teens last night and the wind was howling like an ol' wolf. I had to force myself out from under the covers this morning. But the sun was up and I knew Bob & Casey would be staring at the wagon. So I eased my warm feet to the cold floor (yikes) and peaked out the curtain....sure enuff! Staring at the wagon like they hadn't eaten in a week! So I turned the stove on to perk some coffee, got dressed, and wandered out with Bear and Sugar Ray. Ice on the water and a frozen hose. I had no idea this was coming. We haven't had any TV for a few weeks and forgot to get on line and look. Lucky I always pour a couple of buckets at night, for mornings just like this.
   Nice thing about being down south, it will warm back up in a few days. We are still parked. We have water-electric-plenty of space for Bob & Casey and a loaned vehicle. This is a great resting spot. Two weeks rest does not visibly seem to have added weight to Bob. But if you feel his side his ribs are covered. And if you poke him in his front haunches he has layered up a little. Does that make sense? Well it took him 4 months, lots of miles, and an ulcer to take it off him. I don't reckon it is going to return any too quick.
   If we stay much longer, a good brother offered an exercise cart to get the kids hooked up. A little exercise would be good for all three of us. I have to go on the hay search again. Anybody local who is reading this we sure could use some help. I have the horses about weaned off the alfalfa (thanks Josh, that was great hay) and eating some grass again. They just don't care for the Bermuda grass...but when in Rome...
   They have a tradition down here...well I don't know if it's really a tradition...but...they have this burger. It's called a slug burger. Doesn't have much meat in it, it's mainly a dough of sorts with stuff in it. Nobody is disclosing the ingredients. It's all very secret and hush-hush! But it's how bad could it be? chuckle-chuckle!! I'm a firm believer that anything fried is better! 'course that's probably why I had 6 stents in my heart at 47 years old! They are great! A little onion, pickles and tomato and presto! Slug Burger! Ain't America a great place? Betcha! The whole town serves these things.  The name did NOT have anything to do with the ingredients...that much we determined before hand.  They used to cost a nickel and a nickel was referred to as a slug! Not a nickel anymore, but the name lingers on.
   We have been gettin' spiritually fed since we got here. Three different churches and lots of great fellowship. So I guess our Lord has given each of us what we needed. The dogs have lots of room to run. The horses are getting fed and rested. And we are enjoying the rest and the peace of our Lord.
   I have been stressing on getting moving. I had actually planned to leave a couple of times. But something has kept us here. Just in the habit of moving and ministering. Then we decided to look for a place to rest...and prayed for it...and now the Lord has provided it to us. Yet my brain is telling me to move. But the Holy Spirit has not prodded us. So I should be thankful and relaxing. Listening to and for God, and not talking, will probably be a life long struggle for me. Grin! I'm such a bag of flesh!
   We met Whitney Yeager, and she has asked us to pray for James Sanders. They say he has cancer and have given him 2 months to live. Please pray for him and those that love him. Thanks
   Please pray for Rachel's recovery after surgery.
And if I could be so bold...would you please join Deb and I in prayer for our brother-in-law Bob who is suffering from gout.
   Would you please pray for Sophie? She is a 3 year old girl who has a temp of 106. Thank you much.
   We met Rose McCormick. Her husband brought us a blackberry wine cake and it was moist and delicious. And she brought Bob & Casey a bale of hay. We are so thankful for both! She asked that we hold her up in our prayers. she has a few unspoken needs. God knows what they are.
   Well I know there's not much new as we slowed down. We thank y'all for still keeping track of us and praying for the needs of others. Which is the most important section in any of our blogs.
watch for miracles, they happen every day. May God get all the glory. May the peace of our Lord be with each of you & yours. Talk to you again soon.

PS: Hope you folks don't mind that we don't write daily. We will again when we travel. We are spending extra time in the word and prayer. And I have started our 1st book....year 1.
HA!!  You are all required to purchase at least one copy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 139 & 140

Good evening to all!
Thought that we would peck away here a little bit prior to walking down for Wednesday Service with Brother Bill. Not a lot to tell. Just spending a couple of good days with good folks. I went to an early men's prayer/study meeting with brother David Dodd. What an outstanding fellow. He is a good Christian man. After study we went out and fed his oxen. They are the greatest.
   Imagine goin' down the road with a team of reigns...just a long buggy stick.It's all about the verbal commands. How challenging!!  I might at some point have to do that! Dave also has a nice collection of yokes. Some very old...all different sizes. David is not doing real good if you could pray for that brother I sure would appreciate it. David and his son have a tree trimming/removal & stump removal business. If you want to hire a good Christian man...of good character, I would highly recommend him.
   So I will forward all the great information you gave us onto David. Thanks so very much.
On Tuesday morning, 3 gentlemen stopped by to see us that saw us on T.V.  Wayne Voyles, Tommy Elk, and Sellus Frasier.  They are building a Native Indian village and invited us out to stay a bit!  We went out there today with Brother Bill and they have come quite far on their project.  Pretty cool stuff they have out there!
Keith also invited us to stay at his place for a while.  He came and took us there and he has one tempting lake out there!  We haven't fished since the 1 lb. test caught the 17 1/2 inch large mouth bass!!
We also had a visit from Margaret Houpt.  We actually met her the first day we pulled in here.  She is a great lady that works at the school here.  If it hadn't been for her helping us that day, we might have gone on before Brother Shane was reached with the direction we needed as to where to park!
Marge's husband needs prayer for the healing of a long illness.
Pastor Bill's wife also needs healing prayers.
Our Mom's could both use some prayers for their health problems.  Mark's mom's eyes, Deb's mom's allergies.
Linda S. needs prayer for allergies and Larry for his wheat crop!
People stop by everyday.  We don't always get their names but, we can tell you that we have heard some awesome testimonies while sitting in this spot!  AWESOME!!!  Healings, Salvations, you name it!  Very inspiring!
Bob...not sure about our next step.  Gonna take some prayer time and see what He has on our agenda!  And thanks for the info, we'll pass it along.
Rach... Corinth, Mississippi
Joan...yep, go figure!  After only a week, Bob is showing improvement!
Marge...thanks, we'll pass the info on.  Prayers for your husband.
Cindy...Aren't they cute?!
Dale...We remember you!  Thanks, we'll let Dave know!
That's all for now!
Y'all have a great day!
God bless!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 138

Today we had company!  David Dodd (we met the other day) walked his friends Rob & Jeff over to see us!

That's Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis to be exact!

To which Bob and Casey said.....HUH!?!?!?

 David's cart...

Snack time...
 Rob & Jeff's yoke...

 After a snack, Rob needed a rest!
Thanks for the visit David!  It was nice to spend some time with you!
Nice day.  We're going to check on another (our next) stop in a bit, but for now...Pastor Bill said we don't have to go yet!  Thank you and bless you!
Today we had no mice or escapee horses!!!  Thank you Lord!  We are just so blessed every day of this journey! 
Bob...they still all talk of you.  Met a man that talked with you the morning of your accident.  I see by your blog that you are about ready for a new adventure!!  Awesome!!
So, everyone that followed Bob Skelding for so long, fire up the web site cause here he goes again!!!  Awesome stuff to read on there!  Safe travels, brother!
We got to go to church with the Callahan's last night.  Eastview United Penecostal Church.  Great singing, music, and message!  Thanks so much for having us! Tom, you will be blessed for taking on the youth!! They are the future of everything!
Have a great day!  God bless!

PS from Mark
Here's an interesting tidbit for ya'll...David's steers will not be considered "oxen" until they are 4 years old. So another 8 months.
We also have a request...David wants to shoe his oxen so he can drive them on the roads more. He is tryin' to learn oxen by himself, with no real helpers around. So if anyone has ever done this...or has information to offer please let uis know. And thanks in advance! God bless!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Days 136 & 137

We're still here!!!!
Still having a rest at the North Corinth Baptist Church!  We went with Adam and Meg Day to their church last night for pizza and the movie "Courageous"  Awesome movie and great company!  Then this morning we went to service here and were blessed with Pastor Bill's preaching!  We sure are getting caught up on our churching in this spot!  Feels great!!  So many times we end up just out of reach of a Sunday or Wednesday service.  We can walk to this church!!!!
We got our morning exercise today!  Oh about 5 am we heard the horses run passed the wagon!  NOT GOOD!!!! They were out in the field by the time we got out there.  Normally, we can just bang a bucket and they come running.  That didn't work this time, tho, because they had just finished eating their buckets of oats set up for morning plus every other container they could kick or bite open!  Ugh!  So, when they saw us coming, they headed out the gate and across the road!  Mark got them called back while I ran for their leads!  Mark got Bob all contained so Casey wasn't hard.  She did, however, take one more lap around the field and right on by me before she submitted!  The fence is now repaired and prayerfully they will leave it alone.  That's Casey's new pass time. Kicking and breaking the plastic stakes.  She did get a zap after we got them put up and I must ashamedly admit...I cheered!  They need a couple of good zaps to remind them what that fence is there for!!
We moved them yesterday to get them out of their private pond.  Casey was having a great time running!  Then we noticed Bob started stomping.  FIRE ANTS!!!!!!!  So, we moved the horses again!!  That was yesterday afternoon tho, before the break out.
The other day we met David Dodd and his son Nathan.  They say they always need prayers!!
Also, Sharon asked for prayer for her and her husband to be reunited soon.  She is caring for her mother here and he is still in CA.  Hard life.  The Lord will care for your needs!
Rachel is having surgery on Tuesday so we'll all pray all goes well and answers are found.
Sharon...Prayers for you and thank you.
Jennifer...No problem!  Glad to hear that! And thank you!  Love you guys
Rachel...Thank you
Cindy...HEY!!!  We went to church for pizza and a movie last night too!  Hi to the guys
Terri...Never even dreamed it woukld be this way!  Thank you!
Crickette...Thank you!
Nita...HI!!!  and thanks!
Adam and his friend came and took Mark up to Josh Young's for some alphalfa hay!  Prayers for Deb for yet another test this week!
Thanks to everybody for all your help and all your prayers!  We were going to head out tomorrow but it looks like it'll be another day or two.  We won't be moving far when we do! Keith has invited us to stay at their place.  He said they have FISHING!!!  How could we possibly pass that up?!?!?!
Well, that's about all for the day!
God bless and we'll chat again soon!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Days 134 & 135

Howdy Pilgrims!

   Just a quiet day at the ranch yesterday. Whew! Life has been a flurry of late. Not used to so much attention. Once your used to 3 miles an hour, and the relative solitude of the road, this all a little over whelming. But we have been having a blast.I sat and talked with this ol' cowboy, Cary  Myers, yesterday for hours. And what a life he has lead rodeoing and horseshoing.He told of lots of adventures, but the best part was how God saved his life, and healed him 3 different times. He has had his neck broken, back broken, and an anurism burst behind his sternum, that was inoperable and yet here he is.They told his son he had a 3% chance to live.His son said "that's good enough...he'll make it!" And  he was kind enough to sit for hours and share his life and testimony. If ya would be so kind...could you please pray for this brothers improved good health.
   We also met Virgil Leadbetter and Ray Flanagan. Ray would like us to pray for his Son. He is struggling in his life. Broke his back, lost his leg. So please call out to the Holy Spirit and ask him to pray to our Father for a physical and spiritual healing. (Romans 8:26)
   I tore the feed trailer apart today. Gonna let the rain clean it up for us a l;ittle. There is a huge pavilion where we are setting and we are making good use of it. We have out a lot of our under the bed (and hard to get to) stuff out, under it for easy access.
   Punkin cooked up a venison roast that we got blessed with. She slow cooked it with some carrots (sorry Bob & Casey I ate um!) nice and slow...until it was falling apart. Man-o-man was that good. So nice to be stopped for a minute so we can actually cook & clean. Just do some of the things we used to take for granted.
   Bear & sugar Ray are having a great stop. They can RUN! No kittens or farm cats around for them to tree or molest. No other dogs. Sugar even let us tiw her outside for a while. She has real issues with that normally. She was a tie out when animal control picked her up. Good thing too...I bought them this 50 pound bag of dog food....the cheap stuff...need I say more? They are pooping as much as the horses.So they are spending plenty of time outside. chuckle-chuckle!!
  We had a problem that required a banker and Adam Day came down to help us. The fine gentleman at the bank who helped us is John Finlayson and we so much appreciate it if we could pray for his family. Thank you prayer warriors.
   I am getting restless and ready to travel. I'm the only one in the group who is thouigh! So for the good of all I am controlling my urges. We are acually still scouting for a couple of good 2 week stops for the horses to regroup. We have started Bob on some Red Cell. I also got him to eat some vegtable oil (fat) on his oats last night. I tried once before and he wouldn't tough it. Last night he dove in and licked the bottom of the bucket. So that should help put some weight back on him if he keeps it up.
   There have been so many folks by to visit. All good folks. This has been an outstanding stop. We thank all of you so much. I wanted to mention Trent Nethery. he stopped by with some lunch and invited us to Sunday night service. We have a few different invites. gonna be hard to say no to anyone. But what a great problem to be faced with. We spent so many weeks wishing we could hit a sevice...but it never worked out. We have truely been blessed. Trof our needsent surrendered to the ministry a few years ago and is in school. He would like us to pray that our Lord help in school. Lord bless him please.
   We also met Bob McAfee. He would like us to pray for Dot Curtis, she needs prayer for her health problems. He would also appeciate it if we would pray for Stan Hughes, he has advanced colin cancer. I love when people ask for prayer. Acknowledging that God can meet all of our needs. And having the faith and courage to speak them out loud to fellow believers, but still stangers they never met.
Crickette, try the
Joan, thanks so much
Rach, continued prayer and healing
Cindy, Thanks and HI to all.
God bless each of you!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 133

What a flurry this day started out to be!  Brother Shane invited us to speak at chapel about our journey.  So far so good.  Then a text that the newspaper was sending a reporter. Ok. Then a text that the T.V. station was sending a man from Tupelo!  Good Heaven's!!  We sure got popular all of a sudden!!  LOL!  As long as the glory goes to God...all's good!
We met Pastor Bill Wages his morning!  Awesome man!  We also met Jacky Feazel, Allen Davis, and Lawrence Davis.  And all before 10 o'clock chapel!!!
Chapel was great!  Lots of songs, and we just love to sing and hear people sing for the Lord!  This little school has some huge talent!!  We got to pray and just had a great time!  More tonight at the 7 o'clock service!
Today brother Shane brought almost the entire school down to meet us and hear about the wagon and horses.  I will post those pictures tomorrow.  Again, great bunch of young people.
We went to lunch with Brothers Bill and Shane then off to the feed store for more horse fuel.  Good company and great conversation! 
Some people came out to see us today with prayer requests!
Genice and Gerald Sellers.  They asked for prayer for their son and his wife.  He went to rehab and they've lost their children.  We pray that the Lord's will is done in that situation.  And for their niece's husband who is being tormented with drugs and alcohol problems.
Louise Brewer saw the TV clip and came out.  She and her husband used to go for wagon rides.  He passed away almost 2 years ago.  She is having trouble with getting her belongings (including her mule) from blended family members after all this time.  Again, the Lord's will for that situation.
Here is the link to the TV report.
If all you can get is the story in text, just go to and when you see the story line you can click on video.  Enjoy!
So, evening service was just as awesome as morning chapel.  Met some more great folks.  Sang great songs And was treated to a few songs from the quartet!  Just like listening to the old Elvis gospel songs!
That was our blessed day!  We can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
Joan...they're a great bunch!
Jennifer...No problem!  We'll be praying for good results on Friday!  Thanks for your prayers!
Have a great day and God bless y'all!

Day 132

Hi all!
We are on hiatus!!  Much needed for all of us!  Monday afternoon we crossed into MS!  We were directed to the North Corinth Baptist Church just off 45.  What a great place and great people!
Of course, the first day off is never really a day off.  We worked on laundry and cleaning (never ending) and setting ourselves up.
We did, however, have some fun time!  The church also has a school (academy) and we were visited by Brother Shane (pastor) and a few of his little (or younger) folks.
We also met Pastor Bill Wages' (senior pastor) grand daughter Kacie Harden and her son Braiden!
So much energy in these students and they are all great!
Here they are:

In no particular order, we met...Brother Shane Casabella, Tammy Spencer, Miranda Hale, Jackson Trammel, Shelby Jourdan, Cierra Hurd, Seth Holliday, Alexander Jerden, Josephine Jerden, Victoria Jerden, Alicia Goss, Katie McCann, Brennan, Aidan Klitzke, Addie Spencer, Tate Mitchell, Ben Callahan, Blake Harville, and Christian Holliday.
The Callahan's are folks we met up in Pinson, TN.  Tommy made the call to the church to set us up here and then he, his wife and their children took us out for mexican supper!  Thank you so much you guys for all your help and what you've done for us!  We pray that the Lord blesses you for your kindness.
We also pray for North Corinth Baptist Church.  For their long and successful school and for their hospitality to people just passing through!  And just that God blesses this church. Thank you!
Then Meg Day brought us out some pictures that she took at their house!  Good looking kids!  Thank you!
Prayers for our sis-in-law that her and the doctors can pick the perfect course of action for some health issues.
An urgent prayer for Jesse. He accidentally shot his own hand and needs prayer for healing, guiding the doctors hand while fixing the wound, and that the insurance will cover the car that was also struck by the bullet!
Rachel needs prayer for medical answers.
A prayer request for a new friend.  God knows who and the personal struggles that need his attention.  Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to us all!
Sharen...You're welcome. And thank you!  We will as soon as we're done! Love you.
Rachel...getting closer!
Ron & Thelma...Thank you
Cheryl...Thanks for the update and the prayers.  Hope all is still well.  We'll have to give him a call!Your message is on day 131.  This is Day 130.  Anyway...we got it, thanks
Jennifer...Gotcha covered.  Prayers for fast healing!
So, that's Tuesday. 
Thanks for following our journey and God bless!