Monday, October 31, 2011

DAY 40!!!!

Well, here we are...40 days!  Started out with breakfast with Betty Doll!  We met her son, Glen, and his wife, Bobby. Plus one grand daughter and 2 great grand children! We pray for blessings on that family! Betty is 85 yrs old and you'ld never guess it!  So we'll also pray for her continued good health! And thanks, Bobby, for the great pictures!
We had to do a minor repair this morning on our ladder. Mark pulled in the driveway last night to get the horses off the highway and forgot that when I walked to the house I left it down. Oh well.  It needed strudying up anyway.
We actually got our 1st 2 requests this morning by phone!
Stephanie needs prayer to help get her through this time in a shelter without her children.
And Linda P. will have to move with her 2 boys as they cant afford to stay in their home any longer.  She needs a job!!! Michigan is rough!
We met Tina Hunt.  She would like prayer for her husband and son who both have had a bout with cancer. She asks for them to stay healthy!  So, we'll also pray for her continued strength, courage and faith.
Mattix just thanks God for helping her family through sickness, having food, clothing, and shelter everyday.
George has a friend that lost his son to cancer and is now battling bladder cancer himself.  He needs prayer!
Jan McClain would like good health!
Then we met Chad Husted...with his camera!  He was from the Monticello paper.  Somebody called him and told him a caravan was coming through!  HaHa...just us.  He would like prayer for David who just had his 1st born and is soooo excited!  Has a job to pay the bills but Chad is praying for him to prosper!
Lots of pictures today.  We are south of Buffalo and just north of Monticello for the night.
 Marsha Geier met us at the road and invited us in.  We are way out in back by the pond!  So, today, God set us in the middle of his beauty!  Awesome little secluded spot. So thanks and blessings to Bill and Marsha Geier of Geier Excavating.
That's about it for this 40th day.
Shannon...Thanks so much for your encouragment!  You tell Dawsen I gave them each 2 squeezes from him! so cute
Thanks to International Penecostal for the great blessing! Greatly appreciated!
God bless to all and good night once again!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 39

   It is Sunday! The Lord's day let us rejoice & be glad in it! Just hadda say that! Well after a wonderful breakfast and a hot shower we finally got going around noon. Thanks to Alan & Evelyn Radtke. You are gracious of hosts, and we thoroughly enjoyed your conversation. May the Lord bless you and smile upon you and yours.
   Very windy out today. But the team did great. Had to pull the wagon over once and grab my poncho & once because the wind was gusting so hard the wagon was rocking. First time for that. There was an enormous black cloud over us so I just decided to wait it out.
   We only did about 4 hours today but we covered 13 miles. We traveled Hwy 39 all day and are about 20 miles north of Monticello. We are at about Francesville. Hard to exactly pin point sometimes even though folks like to know where we are at.
   Little ice on the horses water this morning. Never a good sign! But the temp warmed plenty thru the day. I just couldn't feel it cuz of the wind. Punkin spent some time inside today to make some phone calls (Sunday is a free day) and that seemed to work pretty good. I didn't really need a navigator today. Forward all day!
This land is plenty flat, Bob & Casey are enjoying that...but the scenery is a little boring. Traffic was light with little to no trucks (Sunday). So the ponies trotted a lot today. As long as they kept it nice and slow and didn't slam the tongue back & forth I let um have their heads.
   We  met some  folks with some serious needs today. We met Connie & Brian Allen (mother & son) and Brian asked us to pray for the daughter of a friend. She's only 4 years old. She has been in the hospital for 4 months and has had parts of her stomach & intestines removed. They say she will be in the hospital for months to come. Please hold her up in prayer for a quick healing and swift return home. They also ask that we pray for Connie's other son Eric Tibbs who has cancer.
   We also met Delores whose husband died about a year ago. Please pray that she is able to grieve and begin living again. She asks that we pray for her unsaved loved ones.
   We also met Alice Kopka whose aunt passed recently. Lets pray for comfort for her. She knows that her Aunt is in heaven, but she misses her. Nice when we know our loved who died had a great relationship with the Lord.
We also met her Uncle Ernest Kopka, who asked us to tell Bob the Wagon Teamster he remembers you from a few years back when you stopped close by. Said you and some others had a little party and sang some great songs. So there you go Bob. Ernest says hi. Seems the gentleman who hosted you passed last year. I think we passed the barn. Black silhouette horses and some white picket fence pasture just behind. Sound familiar? Ernest came out to see us hoping it was you...hope he wasn't disappointed! chuckle-chuckle!! He left with a smile!
   Cowboy Bob...great to hear from you brother. Sorry our blog was giving you the blues. But glad you got through. We would love to meet up with you folks and share a camp and a couple of miles. Deb and I would love to see your outfit. You folks must look great heading down the road. We will try and catch you on facebook...but we are not getting much signal the last week or so. Hard to navigate around the web. Surprised we are getting our blog out at all some days. So what hwy's are in your future through Indiana?
   That's it for tonight. The wind whipped me today. It is lights out for us and the puppies. Good night and God bless each of you. Thanks for following and thanks for your continued prayer.
Well that's it for tonight.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 38

Day 38 we finally left the Fryman's. Felt like we stayed too long....but that's just winter making me nervous. We had a great send off and a great day. Bob is his old self again. His aggression is gone. He was quiet as can be getting hitched and pulled like a champ. Got some good advise from Bob tthe wagon teamster about running the team thru some paces for a while that I thing we will take him up on just the same.
   But it  was good to have our ol' horse back. I'm thinking he just didn't feel good. I don't know if it was the antibiotics or the pain killers but  he is feeling better. We did a whole county today. Did 16 miles...maybe more.
   Our day started before we were even up, when Kathy dropped off an onion and a fresh pineapple to go with it. And a biiiiiig chocolate bar! Thanks Kathy!  As we were cruising down Hwy 39 a car pulled up and a lady stepped out. She handed Deb a piece of paper and asked Deb if we were taking prayer requests. How amazing is that? I understand word travels in small towns...but the faith that this woman exhibited is amazing. She believes in prayer...and she believes that your prayers make a difference. So much so that she wrote it down, got in her car, and drove to find us. So if you would please include her and her requests in your prayers today. Her name is Wynetta and she is praying for the salvation of her husband Keith, brothers Dwayne & Terry, and her brother-in-law Tom. Wynetta is a mail person and obviously a woman of great faith and she touched our  hearts.
   Next Tom and Paula Duckworth asked us to pray for Kay Lynn, she has Chrones desease.
   Jodi needs prayer for a job
   Wanda Granzow asked that we pray for her son Charlie Pilbean, he has some serious health problems.
   The second vet (Tom Traxel) that we called yesterday was in Grand Rapids, MI. all day and couldn't make it. He caught up to us and stopped to see how we were doin'. We told him Bob was much better. How cool was that of him? Outstanding people.He asked that we pray for a 4 year old boy who is in intensive care in Chicago. A swing set beam fell on him and crushed one of his lungs. Thanks Tom.
Please pray for Kay Cummings (liver problems)
Sylvester & Evelyn Hittel please pray for Evelyn she has a hard time getting around.
So, time to start looking for a place to land.  Seems everybody is out and about on a beautiful Saturday afternoon!  And then...Michelle found us.  She said her grandma had horses and plenty of room for us.  She turned around so we could "follow" her.  I don't really think cars go 3 mph because they always have to stop and wait for us. ;)  Anyway, we made it to her aunt and uncle's house and they said we could stay here because grandma's house was still 4-5 miles.  Too late & tired for that!  So, here we landed.  We are staying with the Radtke's tonight.  Alan and Evelyn.  Lots of family visiting for the day. We met the ones that were here and a couple that just stopped to check us out! They invited us in for spaghetti dinner and some AWESOME pumpin pie!  Thank you so much!!
Michelle Peretti, who lead us here, could really use alot of prayer.  Her husband took his life less than a year ago.  Very painful, please pray for her to be comforted and healed.
We met Michelle's mom, Donna Kinsler.
Evelyn's brother Guy Minix and his wife Adele and two of their children. Guy re-upped us on hay. Thanks so much!
And then there are the sons.  Five of them.
Les & Angie...Les is a minister and we can all just pray that he continues to do the work that the Lord has for him.
Nathan & Robin
Nicholas & Jennifer
Blake and Emily
Brock and his girlfriend Kimmy
Evelyn would like salvation prayer for 4 of her sons & families so that they can live the lives that she would like them to have!
They also have a prayer request for Bradley Burkett, he has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and is running in the 300's on his sugar levels! Waaaaay too high!
Well, I missed a couple of people that came to see us and help out while we were with the Fryman's.  Dale Clark and Shawn were also some of the great folks we met.  There was another gentleman but we never got his name.
So, the end of day 38.
Bob...thanks for the tips, worth a try!
That's it.  Good night and keep on believing!
God bless!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 37

Hi all!
We're still in the same spot.  Needed some Bob time!  I don't know if  Mark mentioned but he has been quite the handful lately!  I know he talked about the hard time we had with him on Wednesday, spooking and being a general pain, but he was also not nice on a more personal note.  He has always pushed me around and walked over the top of me. That's why we got the leads with the chains from the harness shop!  But lately, he throws his butt around at me and as of yesterday just plain came after me and tried to bite!  This morning he did it to Mark!  Okay, somethings wrong. By all outward appearances, he's fine.  Eating, drinking, know, horse stuff.  But something just wasn't right.  He's just being mean to people and Casey. So...we started making phone calls to get a vet to come and see.  Margie gave me some numbers to try.  We called Jim & Sandy Alms that we met here.  Jim had a couple of ideas and a couple of vets to try but said he suspected Bob didn't feel well when we told him how out of character he was acting.  So, we waited.  Sherry from down the road had another number. Tom Traxel, however, he was in Michigan today.  I talked to him on the phone and he asked all the questions a vet would ask then said to try giving him some banamine (for colic) cause it wouldn't hurt him and might help.  We had a tube that we brought along just in case.  When I finally dug it out, low and behold, the tube had seperated and...empty!  Everyone around thought about it and didn't have any.  So we called Jim again.  He called Matt Thomas, who also lives right up the road, Pretty soon here they both came, Matt with a tube of banamine!  Thanks to all who came to our aid!  We decided to hitch them up and go down the road or maybe just as far as Sherry's since she had offered.  We got them geared up and here came Dr. Smith (Jim had called him earlier).  He said that Bob didn't have a temperature (sorry Bob) and his insides all sounded good.  But like everyone else, he says that the owner knows best if their horse is going thru something.  So, he gave him a general antibiotic, some vitamins, and some Bute (like ibuprofen).  He also left us with some banamine and bute.  Said give him bute tonight and in the am, but medically speaking...found nothing wrong.  Thank God!  Anyway, the whole ordeal and all the folks that came together for us and Bob we thank you all. The Lord always provides!  By the way...did I mention that all involved didn't charge us anything!!  Blessings.
After talking with Dr. Smith, he left us with a prayer request for his daughter (adopted).  She was born with fetal alcohol syndrome and just makes choices in life that are not beneficial to her.  When people think that she's just a bad kid, what they don't know is that she just can't help it.  So we all need to pray for her because who amongst us has always made the best of choices??  Thank God for grace and forgiveness!
We met Jim and Sandy Alms yesterday.  They blessed us with a loaf of pumokin bread! Mmmmmm!  Thanks!  They requested prayers for health and peace! 
Charles and Robert Troike would like prayers for all the farmers to get their crops in safely as there was a tragic accident last year!We also got a note from Kathy last night that said she lost a 21 month old nephew (Lattigo Cook) to Barth syndrome and would like prayer for a miracle cure!  She added that if anyone had a male child that is not thriving or meeting his milestones you can go to to learn more about this.  She is getting us an onion when she's in town.  Thanks so much!   And had fresh frozen mushrooms with her!
So, we should be all set to go in the morning.  While we are eating dinner and blogging, we are hearing the horses running.  Good sign!
So, that's another day in the life!  God bless you all and good night!
Kristine...we don't know how far we are going each day either.  All depends how many people we meet.  But thanks for the offer and if we get that far and that way, we'll surely contact you.
Jaime...fellowship was awesome! Never realize how much you miss the fellowship until it's not there!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 35 & 36

Sorry we didn't blog last night. It just got too late. But for a great reason...WE GOT TO GO TO CHURCH! More on that later!
Left Bryant Marsh's ranch at our usual time. Rained all night and it was cloudy all day, but we stayed dry. Thank you Lord. We moved the horses & wagon up to the end of the drive where we stopped to pray. That usually works good for us. It seems to settle the horses getting in a few steps & gettin' next to the road. They stand better than if we hitch them and try and sit in that where they were hitched. They are usually anxious & ready to "git up". (that's the way I say it...drives Punkin nuts! snicker-snicker!! So of course ya actually have to say giiiiiiiiiiiit UP). But I we're sitting on the end of the drive and a FedEx truck starts backing in! I mean the guy is precariously close to backing into Casey & Bob. In fact I am surprised they didn't start trying to back on me. I didn't want to scream at the guy so I am waving my hands frantically trying to get him to see me in a mirror. But alas he finally stopped feet from the team. I told him I was afraid he didn't see us & he replied " FedEx requires we get the truck out of potential accidents situations when parked". I said "yeah but...." I just let it go. I don't know what some people are thinkin'! And to top it off...he was at the wrong house!!! Lord give me strength!
   We had a special delivery yesterday before we left. Some good gloves and a top shelf rain suit. Once again Dave Reslock came all the way from Michigan and came amazingly close to finding us. The delivery was made by Annette Hesters (they own Hesters Log Guest Homes). Apparently Dave talked to the police and recommended her as to "if anyone can find them she can". And I do not how...but she did. Thanks to Chadd Grevengoed who donated the rain suit....and thanks to all for caring and going threw all the trouble of locating us. You folks are amazing. And the entire act touched our hearts deeply.
Dave would like us all to pray for his daughter, Kelly.  She is just battered and tormented by seizures.  We know these folks from home and this is something she and they, Dave and Karen (mom & dad) have battled for more than 30 years.  Time for a break.  The Lord is the great physician.  Plus...Kelly is just the sweetest!
   We have been on the back roads too long I think. We jumped on a state hwy 39 today and Bob was a mess all day. Every truck that passed put him in a frenzy. He never has acted like that before. I spent all day trying to quiet him and to no avail. Every truck and bus that passed us or was on coming his head shot up & his butt dropped and he forced Casey to the shoulder. So eventually Casey just started stopping in her tracks when she heard a truck knowing Bob was goin' to slam into her. So when it started getting dark early (cloudy) we prayed in a place. Everybody was stressed. When we saw what looked like a likely spot (grass and a big turn around) Punkin went up to knock and request. She really does not like doing that. It takes every bit of courage she has.But as the weather gets nastier less & less people are outside, sometimes it can't be helped.
   But once again we were right where God wanted us. We pulled in and it started to rain. Glad we had the horses off the road. Our hosts are Art & Margie Fryman. And they are just the greatest. By the time we had horses unhitched-brushed-fence up-watered-grained-fed- dogs walked-bed unloaded (extra stuff with no permanent storage spot) and moved to the seats out front and everything rain covered...we came in and collapsed to catch our breath. We started talking about supper and we hear Art calling us from outside, so we opened the door and lo and behold there he was with two pipin' hot dishes full up barbecued pork chops, potatoes and green beans. You have no idea what a blessing that was on a cold wet night after being out all day wrestlin' gators! And the second blessing came...we are goin' to church at 6:30 if y'all would like to ride along! I said we would LOVE TO! Little did they know that they were angels used by God because we had been prayin' in a service.
So Punkin and I sat down and ate like a couple of wolves and heard the car horn beeping. We jumped in and went to our first church meetin' since we left. As is typical of Protestant churches Wednesday service is a round table teaching from the bible led by the Pastor. He taught on Eph. 4 (15 threw 21 I think). I remember this well because I went to Gal. instead & when it came time to read I was in the wrong book (way too embarrassing!). Then I fumbled around trying to find the right book! I think I was 13 shades of red,as there was only hand full people there,  but tried to set my feelings aside and focus on the teaching. It had been so long. I am really surprised I had so much trouble finding Eph 6:13 and the puttin' on the armour of God is one of my favorite passages. Any way the teaching was great, and so was the company. Nice to be in the house of the Lord again. The Lord has shown us in a small way how missionaries around the world must feel with no church to go to for extended periods of time to themselves get fed and refreshed. We should hold up all the missionaries around the world up in prayer for just that more often. I know we will. When your away from your church, or any church for that matter there is a peace, warmth, and comfort in setting foot in the house of God and talking with other believers. We were at  Union Baptist Church, with Pastor Bob & Lois Read.Others we met were Art and Margie's daughter Kathy Lemon, and Jim Skomac. Good sound biblical teachings, and good folks with a heart for the Lord. Anyone in the area we would recommend this church. And they ask that we hold them up in prayer for membership and I would add for new disciples in Christ, that those that are lost would find their church to be a place of safe haven and the arms of the Lord good comfort. Thanks for all. And thanks for makin' us feel welcome.
   Thursday was as forecasted. Wet and cold (40degrees). I looked out onto the hwy and watched streams of water pouring off the passing trucks and cars. Not good. But we had escaped most of the rain all week during the day. Even though the horses had only 3 consecutive days punkin & I contemplated and prayed whether to ask our hosts for another day of rest for the horses. I did not want to take Bob out there after yesterday's wrestlin' match. I wanted him to settle not have another stress day. I let them eat while we watched the sky & road.
   Visitors arrived later this morning. The Pastor & his wife and their friend Carol Murphy. Art and Margie came out and we all stood out in the drizzle for a while and chatted til our guests who were not dressed for the weather departed. Hope everyone got dried again and thanks for comin'. We took the opportunity to ask permission of Art and Margie for 24 hours respite and  they readily agreed. Thanks guys.
    We met Maureen  Nesset along our travels today she asked that we pray for her for a long happy life.
Thanks for all & thanks for following and praying for us. May God bless each and everyone of you.
Good night and GOD bless. Talk to all tomorrow with more traveling news.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 34

A big thanks to Brian & Jennifer Lambert. May you & yours be richly blessed by our Lord. Thanks for letting us squat for the night. Bob and Casey enjoyed the grass & space. I watched them both have a good roll this morning. Even Casey got all the way over, which does my heart good because it is usually so hard for her. I think the exercise of working is good for her.
   Well there were gusts up towards 30 miles an hour today & just generally windy. So I knew Bob would be bent out of shape and difficult all day. But the sun was shining and we had people to meet. We zig-zagged our way around all day avoiding Hwy 35 and passing thru Kingsbury. They had a post office and no other businsses that we saw but lots of smiles and waves. We passed a huge property in this county (thousands of acres) that is according to our map a fish & wildlife preserve. But all the local folks will tell you that is an old munnitions plant. They made ammunition during WW2 and from the sounds of it it was huge.
   So tonight we are staying with Paul & Gayle's son, Bryant.Paul came out saw us first thing this morning, and Gayle checked in with us and helped with directions to their son's all day. Thanks so much to you both. The horse farm that Bryant is living on had been in thier family for 4 generations. Since the 1800's. When the great-great Grandfather (I hope I have this right) proved up on this property when he arrived at this country from Germany. This is the kinda stuff the REAL America is made of. More on these folks later. Horse people are an outstanding bunch!
   We met a lotta great people today and have a lotta prayer requests. So please take a second to pray on each of these with your heart. First devine appointment today was with Keith & Laurel Baker would like prayer for continued prosperity. Next we met Lisa & Sara, they wanted prayers for our troops.
Then we met two neighbors....Carol Kessler & Russ Sizemore. Carol lost a grand daughter (15 years old) in a tragic accident. And Dad needs prayer for comfort & peace. We have prayed that entire family be able to grieve and heal. And Russ lost a 7 year old grand son to cancer. We humbly ask that you hold up the entire family. Especially Mom & Dad. These folks live across the road from each other and Punkin and I were glad to see these neighbors have each other. We think God has them right where he wants them
   Then we met 4 young men right down the road from them. They were taking pictures and had questions. Bryan Curless lost his great Grandmother. John and Troy Adkins just lost their Mother. Alex Wiggins lost his Dad a couple of years ago. This is a lotta death for 4 so young men to handle. Could we all pray that the Lord comfort these fellows and fill the void created by their losses. And that they recognize it comes from God.
Lots of tearing at our hearts in some of these prayer requests today. Very emotional day. If you could just stand with us on some of these days.... I'm really proud of the 4 young men for talking with us and giving us their prayer requests. They were just hangin' out in a drive way the way fellows do and if you saw them driving by in your car you would (nor would we) not think to stop and talk and ask for prayer requests. Or talk about God as far as that goes. I thank the Lord for giving us this opportunity. And I hope everyone is as blessed as we have been thru out this Jorney.
A special thanks to Bob. Thank you Bother. May the Lord bless you richly!
Linda...thanks so much and YAY for the keys!!
Terri...I am on my 3rd stick!!! 
Good night and God Bless you and yours!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 33

Well, here we are again!  Safe and sound.  Thank God!  Had to put the prayers into overtime for a bit there this evening...all worked out well!
We started the day heading out from "The Hollett Farm".  Kevin Pickett, Samantha Haines,  and Chiana and Kamryn Nichols. Thanks guys! Last night we met more of the family.  Kevin's aunt and uncle Bill & Linda Lowery and their daughter Alicia. Linda said we were the talk of Chicago when they left! Alicia would like us all to pray for a job for her.  We also met Grandma Pickett.  She needs to have prayer for finding those keys!
Kevin's brother Ryan came and looked at the horses feet as we're still trying to get some boot type covers so they (Bob & Casey) will stop hurting themselves when they walk!  So it was nice to meet him as well.
This was going to be a training day!  There are 2 chains off the back of the evener that attach to the axle.  This stabilizes the evener.  It also allows Casey to house shop and dance and just basically walk along with us while Bob pulls.  An Amish gentleman that we met sometime back said to unhook that to "even" the load.  Well, we tried it right away then but there were also some tabs on the 5th wheel that are there to attach a tow bar, should we need it.  Right away, Casey let her end go slack and the evener caught that tab and we had to stop to straighten it all out.  So, with Kevin's help, he and Mark removed those yesterday.  NO MORE CHAINS!!  They started out ok, but then when Casey got tired, and I DO mean tired, we had to keep stopping for them to rest. We had once again hit a hilly road.  Nothing extreme but constant. And then of course they were getting ornery.  So we hooked the chains back up and all went fine.
So along our path we met more people.  One of them being Paul from the Stillwell area.  We chatted for a minute and he told us that if we made it there today we could come to his house for the night.  They have horses.  Thanks Paul.
Down the road about an hour later, we came to our turn and sitting at the intersection was Paul!!  Just checking on us.  We turned one way and he went the other when suddenly...we thought we locked up a brake!  But no!  The reciever for the trailer had broken the weld and just kind of dropped the trailer!  It was dragging behind us.  Yeah!  So, there we were, on the road (no shoulder) and pretty much dead in the water.
Here came Paul!  He said that he saw something dragging!  So, him and Mark were checking it out to see what could be done to get us off the road with all of our belongings.  I text my daughter what had happened and she said she was praying for a welder to show up.  Paul went to get his truck and Mark drilled a hole into the wagon and added a lag bolt to try to get moving.  When Paul got back, I heard him say, you only have 2 hours of light left!  Oh boy...and there we sat.  Paul drove to the closest farms but it seemed everyone was still out in the fields.  Then a young man, Tom, pulled up and asked me if we needed help.  I told him only if he had a welder with him!  And laughed.  I said, you'll have to ask my husband cause I don't know hat they're doing back there.  Then I heard Mark's voice...only if you have a welder in your trunk!  Of course he didn't but he knew where he could go!  So off came the whole thing and in Tom's trunk it went!  This whole time, Paul is still working with Mark and offering to do whatever he could.  Again..I text my daughter asking for prayer to get these horses off the road because the sun was going down! Paul hitched the trailer to his truck and followed us up to the next farmhouse.  We were asking if we could park in the lane next to the field and Paul came walking up to the guy we now know as Brian.  Brian didn't own that lane so.....but he did have 4 acres and we could park in the back. THANK YOU LORD!!!!!  Brian brought out a watering trough and water, I set up the fence while Mark de-geared the ponies.  Just as it turned dark, sure enough, here came Tom with the trailer hitch!! They started to put it on but it was just to dark.  We can finish in the am.  So, how's that for answered prayer?  Everybody and everything just fell right into place just in God's time.  And Roman's 8! Thank you, again, Lord!!!  Paul stayed to make sure we were safe and then his wife drove up with dinner for us!  BONUS!!  Thanks Gail!!  Thanks Paul for caring and taking your time to help us.
You know, Lisa told me when we were there that it helps to be part of a community.  That is for sure.  Local people have always gotten us through! Always!!
Here are the people we met today and their requests.  I hope you're all still praying with us because the same prayers from more than 1 are a powerful thing!!  Don't we know that!!!!
We met Rick and Audrey Ginther while on a break.  Audrey asked for prayer for Rick as he has some liver tests done.
On another break, we met Terry and Jack Ritter. (we had met Terry earlier for a picture) Jack is Terry's son and videotaped us talking to his dad to post on youtube!  Hope we get to see it!  Terry's request was to stay healthy and for this country to turn around! 
Tom Kruse (pronounced like the silly actor but way taller and nicer) is the angel God sent to weld!  Blessings to him!
Paul & Gail Marsh are going on a trip to Missouri with 2 horses and would like prayer covering for that trip. And blessings for them for their help.  Another angel God sent to look after us.
And, last but surely not least...Brain and Jennifer Lambert for letting us park here!
That's it for the day.  Once again, it's late, but we're all safe and sound and are so blessed to have met a day full of new friends!
God bless and good night!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 32

Had another day off!  Well, kinda! Got laundry done, new nut on the tee of the front brakes (now we need another power bleed) but the leak is fixed. Thanks Kevin! We also modified the attachment for the tow bar, picked up insulin, propane and TP! And a shower!!  How much more set can you be?!  AND PIE!!  We had pie with the family!!  Mmmmmmmm, great stuff! Got hay bought for the ponies. Looks like a good a big thanks to Kevins brother. While we are speaking of Kevins brother Ryan, another big thanks to him for coming out and tightening one of Bob's shoes and trimming a little hoof off to try and help him keep from banging himself up.
Halter's horseshoeing if ya need a farrier in the area. He wresteled with Bob and won! I believe that this brother could straight-up body slam a regular size horse. snicker-snicker!!
We met aunt's and uncles tonight and a fabulous Grandma. A nice warm comfortable home with lot's of family and they made us feel right at home. Deb will have all the names and prayer requests tomorrow.
Supposed to get some rain tonight but dry tomorrow. Hoping for a good day of travel. We are going down hwy 20 to 600 south. We still have a lot of westward to do to escape the mountains and hills of TN, but it will be nice to go straight south for a while.
Leaving is always hard. we have a back trail of great folks it was hard to leave. Should make the return trip even more fun.
A big thanks to Bob the wagon teamster for great advise AGAIN!Sure would be nice to actually meet on the road someday!
Good night and God bless to all.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 31

We left the Smith family this morning in much better shape than what we arrived in. Restocked on people food! Thanks much for all  & may God bless. Trust & believe for God can do all things. (another family needing a furnace.... please pray for them again today)The horses were primed and ready. Not only did they have plenty of grass they had some 3rd crop alfalpha hay. They tore up a bale over night and were seriously chomping at the bit ready to go.
We had a hard frost & it took a while to warm up but what a great day. SUNSHINE!!! We were only a block or two down the road when a pick up truck with a horse trailer (with horse) swung in front of us. It was our last nights neighbor Sherriff Rick. He came back to us bearing gifts! He gave us two sweatshirts with Notre Dame emblazened on the front and said "don't forget Notre Dame in your travels across country!" Thanks so much brother, may God return your generosity 10 fold. It was great meeting you.
We traveled the Chicago trail all day today. The original road between Chicago and Detroit in the 1800's. Deb has some great pic's she will share later. We saw one stone on the road side that said MICHIGAN CHICAGO HWY 1916.
We also saw a church in Hamilton Grove that served and was built after the war of 1812. Obviously not the original building but a very old church on a very old sight. Very cool stuff today. Not too many people stopped to talk with us today. So after a lot of hills early, things leveled off and we did a few miles. We actually are in Indiana tonight so there is our first state behind us. We drove until late but landed in a perfect place.
We are on a small farm with Kevin and Sam, and their girls Kamryn and Chiana. Plus their two puppies and one cool cat. We got invited in for a great dinner and a good camp fire afterwards. What a nice place on earth these folks have for themselves. They would like us to pray for peace in this world we live in.
We lost our front breaks again so I think I will spend a minute looking at them and fixing a couple of other things on the wagon that need attending to.
We met Sharon today on the raod and she would like us to pray for health for her family.
AND...I missed a name on day 25? The day we were at the feed mill.  We talked with Elise Feister for a long time and I'm so sorry I forgot to add you on that day! We really enjoyed meeting you!
That's about it for this day.
Terri...that's exactly what we keep reminding ourselves of!  It's the destination
Sherry...Thanks so much for resending those pictures, I got them opened this time.
Lisa...I got the rest of your pictures open as well!!  I must be on a role!
Also, anyone in the Banfield area that needs auto service should check out Goldworthy's!  Great guys, great job!
God bless to all!  Good night!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 30

What a day!  The horses were ready to go!  Two days tied in a barn isn't their cup of tea!  Bob managed to get his lead under the handle of the water I need to tell you where that went?!  FLOOD! One of the boys told Mark that his Grandma said she heard the pump running all night.  He checked on their animals and he couldn't find anything running, thankfully, they have animals and he said their cows have done that same thing before. WHEW! So, we left the Peterson's and pray for blessings on that family for taking us in when the horses needed it most!
Our devine appointments started right up just down the road!  A car stopped to say they had seen us in the paper.  We haven't seen the article yet but I understand that it was in the Thursday Niles paper. I think.  Thursday edition.  We'll have to check it out! Of course I quickly bought a paper, but it was todays!
So anyway, I ran into the Marathon station and got Mark a hot breakfast (lol).  A breakfast bowl (like you were looking for on brake day, Lisa!) So we talked to folks the whole time he ate.
If you are looking for us, we landed on Portage Rd. between Niles and South Bend, IN!!  We will FINALLY cross that border tomorrow!  We are going back up to Bertrand Rd though.  We want to steer waaaaaayy clear of South Bend.  When we went around Niles today, we had some serious crossings!!  The intersection we came out at from Fort St was 51 with no lights.  We waited forever then while I was praying for a break in the traffic, Mark just prayed to make it and off we went!  WE MADE IT!  The reward was Taco Bell on the other side!  Mmmmmmmmm...good stuff!  Seems like a million years ago that we had any fast food! Then down 3rd to Bertrand.  We crossed the St. Joseph river with ease and just when we were wondering about the hill situation (some pretty big ones) we met a gentleman that told us we were there.  Last one! He was right.  Pretty smoothe from there on. That's where Lynn found us and asked if we needed a place for the night?  We did.  So here we are.  We got here before Lynn and were on the road trying to determine if we had the right place and would we fit?  Her neighbor Rick came to our rescue!  He walked it out with me and made some suggestions for Mark about where to swing it. Not exactly where Lynn said to land but we're good.  Safe and sound and even got a ride to Walmart to get our medicines refilled!  YEAH!!!!  Oh, did I mention that Rick is the local Sheriiff?  pretty cool.  Loved the horses Has 4 himself.
So today we found people, not miles, and that's the journey after all, right?  Here are all the requests for the day and we already know, we don't have all the names that came to see us!  Well, Mark while I was Walmarting was chatting with lots of people!
So, here's what we got.  We met:
Val Barrett...would like prayer for her son.
Billy Washington...More peace for the world, bring our troops home!  He loves God, country, and cars!
Manny...says his wife is celebrating her 34th wedding anniversary tomorrow, Saturday. He says he's just in it for the food!  LOL, he Thanks God that they are still together and have 2 great children and 1 grandbaby.
Chris, Taylor, & Sloan...Chris just wants happiness for his family.  He takes trips like this on his bike.
Anneke and her mom Miki...No more cancer in their family.
Erin and her daughter Kameryn...for health and happiness.
Brian Peare...happiness for his family. have her health restored! be a better Christian and don't let my faith waver even a little bit!
And finally, Lynn & Bob, Destiney, Daniel Smith, and friend Martha Berdow.  The Smith's need their furnace fixed quick before winter and Destiney would like a great volleyball season.
Mark Radecki and his girlfriend brought a couple of bales of hay and homemade grape jelly...bless them!  They asked for prayer for his girlfriends health.
And then the unnamed that also came to see us.  Lord, bless them all!  You know their needs.
So, that's it for tonight.  Pooped again.  But, revived in Spirit!
Bob & Denise...I LOVE Sienfeld!!!  But already knew that ;)  Love you guys!
God bless.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 29

Today we stayed still.  Waiting out the rain.  No contacts, but, dry, warm & a nap!  Horses aren't too happy standing in a barn but the alternative is really unpleasant.  Rain & cold!
We took the dogs down with us to check on the horses and Sugar Rae was ALL the way at the top of the straw!!  She had her own great adventure today!!  Had to be 30 feet up!  Now she's all full of pep and nothing to do with it!
I do have some more pics to download and post but either Yahoo is being dumb, or our signal just isn't cutting it.  I'll get them.  More greats from Lisa & Bo.  And some from Sherry that I haven't been able to open at all yet!  I'll keep trying.  If at all possible, when you can send pics, please downsize before sending. 640 pix is great! Thanks
Thanks to all for following, hopefully we can get moving again tomorrow.
God bless!
Keep the faith!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 28

WOW!  4 weeks already!!
We woke up to rain, rain, and COLD!  I never saw a horse shiver before!  Sooooo...we had to move on.  We knew we had to get those guys warmed up and into shelter.
But, before we left the Pohlman (spelling) farm we had a visitor!  We met Aaron Mueller!  Aaron is a reporter.  He got a call about an unusual request from Cindy P. and should come out.  Well, I don't know if you all know how we feel about interviews, but the rule is that we only do them if all the glory goes to God.  NOT US!!!  And you know what?  The Lord sent us a believer!!  How awesome again.  We got interviewed and prayed up all in one shot!  Aaron is a youth pastor at his church and is considering going back to school, you guessed it...seminary!  He is praying on that and waiting to know which way the Lord wants him to move.  So...can we all pray for wisdom and discernment for Aaron?  He was a pleasure to meet!
When we left, we were only going to go far enough to get the horses taken care of even if it was the next house.  Don't get me wrong, Cindy did offer her barn.  But only beams to tie to, we didn't think the guys would deal.  Anyway, along we went and pretty soon, a car pulled over and a lady got out.  We told her that we were looking for a place to pull in to get out of the weather.  She asked if we could follow her.  LOL...can you drive that slow?????  So we did.  She found us a small business that could give us electric but no shelter or water for the horses.  That's when we met Danny Frantz.  He said there was a HUGE farm down the road and we could follow him.  It wasn't long and we came to an intersection that, Thank God, we made on the green light.  Then M-60 became divided hwy.  Hmmmmmmm...that's when I saw the sign that said--NO UNMOTORIZED  VEHICLES!!!!  Oh boy.  But, on we went.  What could we do at that point?  We were commited.  I was really whacked!  I kept telling Mark...we can't be here...what are we going to do?...We have to get off of here!!  You know, gentle prodding ;) Then I started seeing on ramp signs for US 12.  Then a sign that said...STATE POLICE 2nd RIGHT.  Really OH BOY!! Mark just kept going, following Danny.  FINALLY!!!!  A cross road sign, JUST before the entrance ramp!  YEAH!!!!!  Almost to the Peterson farm.  Danny got out to tell us that he had already spoken to the Petersons' and they had a barn for us.  We waited outside the driveway waiting for directions to where they wanted us but they said just come and see what we have.  Mark was gone for what seemed like forever!  When he came back, he said we were all set.  While he was gone, a car parked in the drive.  Bob decided to swing around it in the grass and HOLY COW!!!  We buried one side of the wagon all the way to the frame.  That back wheel was GONE!!  I'm telling you, if I could have reached my camera.........and I tried because it was now much closer to the ground than it used to be, but, no luck.  Anyway,  apparently there was a new water line put in there YESTERDAY!!  Big mud!
So after all was said and done, we were soaked & freezing.  The horses are all tucked in for the night and we have electric to charge some batteries with.  And Danny???  Well, he brought us hot coffee and some apples.  We all need to pray loads of blessings for him.  That last 3 miles took way over an hour, but he patiently lead us along and stayed until we were put.  Thanks so much!  Even brought his grand daughter to see us.
Terri...thanks for the encouragement.  Days like this make you wonder if you really are in the right spot.  (we are)
LJ...Thank you so much for a safe haven and your prayers.  Your family is in ours as well.  Mark says...THANKS FOR THE MEAT BROTHER!!! lol
Halee...Thank you so much for the pictures! As you can see, they are up!
Tami & Fred...HEY!!!  Good to hear from you!  We are just off M-60, just east of Niles, getting ready to hit Indiana!
Thanks to all for following and helping to hold us ALL up in prayer each day.  Miracles WILL happen.
Sherry...How's Beth doing?
So for now, Good night and God bless!

Visit to Marcellus, MI

These pictures are compliments of Halee Surach in Marcellus, MI

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 27

   So I'm standing there this morning doing the usual routine watching the kids eat their oats while I'm sorta viewing life in a groggy half awake state....when I notice a hunk of something sticking up out of the ground in miniature pasture. Hummmmmmm is that metal? Kinda looks like metal. Hummmmm don't remember any metal sticking up there last night??? I coulda missed it though. Seems I miss a lotta things as I get older. Nothing major ya understand... fingers-1/2  my thumb-my brain. (chuckle-chuckle!!) Nothin' I can't live without! Anyway so I coulda missed it. What the heck is it? I hope it's not what I think it is.....awwwww dag nabbit! It is what I think I bet! So I crawl under the fence and reach for it... and LO and BEHOLD it is a bent horse shoe. One of the beasts have thrown a shoe. Bob you punk ! Gonna be a late start today.
   So we called a few folks for recommendations but came up empty. But thanks for returning our calls and trying to help just the same Hank & Nick. We finally saw a fellows name on line and gave him a call. Paul Tucker is his name, and a fine gentleman he is too. Unfortunately he was shoein' horses in Indiana and his forge just wasn't big enough for Bob's size 9 shoe. So he gave us a friends (they work together sometimes) number & he doesn't do a lot of draft horses either but he had equipment big enuff to do it. His name is Greg Wilson and not only did he fix us up but he taught us a few things  and was good company to boot. Actually Greg and Paul both showed up and that was great. They are checking on some boots for the fellows so they'll stop hurting their own feet. So they definitely went the extra mile for us. Paul asked us how we found him and we said on-line. He said "that's the second job I picked up on-line and I don't even own a computer!" Paul also kicked us a spray can of antiseptic for the feet. Thanks to both of you fellows. Good job Greg. I would recommend these fellows to anyone in the area.
   So by the time we got rolling we only got nine miles maybe ten, on a cloudy day. Since we were back in off the hwy the roads were lots of hills. We finally made it back up onto hwy 60 and heading SW again. Heading for US hwy 12 for a short stretch tomorrow which is a four lane hwy and fast and furious. Not looking forward to that...but I am sure that we will be fine. The guys are going to have to get used to these roads eventually....they're better on roads with a lot less hills. But we will always stay shy of the four lane roads whenever we can.
   Had a great devine appointment with Machelle Ort, and her daughter Catchet Young. And her two beautiful grand childeren. Her only prayer was for a working furnace for her & her granchildren in their new home. And a prayer that their "fresh start" goes well.So pray with me please that an angel from somewhere (Cassopolis area I think) get this family on Hospital Road (right off 60) some heat before winter falls on them.
   We also met their neighbor who had passed us along the way and called Michelle out of the house, named Pat LaPorte. He said "I have lived here for 41 years and NEVER have I seen anything like this! His only prayer is for good health and a safe journey for us. Thanks Pat.
And thanks to all of you you for checking in on us for Day 28. Keep up the prayers....because we are nothing without God and you folks.
Good night and God bless you & yours. See ya tomorrow!

Big prayer request!

We got this prayer request with some pictures.  Unfortunately, I could not download the pics.  This is the important part tho...
Hi Mark & Deb! I have not stopped thinking about you since fate let our paths cross on M-40 Sunday! We were on our way home from a weekend getaway of camping with friends when I saw you. You asked if there was anything that you could pray for, for me... and I replied that I had no needs. We returned home to learn that my brother in law's girlfriend had been in a horrible accident flipping her vehicle 6 times... she is in critical condition with a broken neck in 3 places, a broken back in 3 places, the cap of her head had been scalped by the roof and windshield caving in and she had also punctured both lungs. I felt Blessed by just meeting you on your journey... and I humbly ask that you add Beth to your long list of prayer requests. Thank you for the inspiration that you have added to my life!

Here are the pictures that I took of you that day... I am following your journey on your Blog... I will keep you in my prayers for your safe journey.

More pictures

I have to tell you.  Lisa had some great captions on these pictures but it doesn't appear they followed to the blog.  Sorry.  They're good pics just the same!  Enjoy!
I still have some more!  I'll post them later.  Have a great day!
BTW...Bob threw a shoe last night???  Anyway, a ferrier is on the way to rescue us! Once again, the Lord looking out for us!  Can you imagine fixing this on the side of the road somewhere?!?!?!
God bless!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 26 Oct 17

So I wake up and as usual I put a flame under the coffee pot and roll out of the wagon to the sweet feed can to grab a couple of buckets for Bob & Casey's breakfast. The wagon & trailer are sitting on kind of a hill looking down over where Bob & Case are pastured. I saw the most astounding and comical sight I have ever woke up to. There is Casey standing there surrounded by chickens. Like she was just one of the "girls" hanging around. I cracked up & wished I woulda had a camera. But as soon as she saw the feed bucket she broke camp for the fence line along with Bob. They walked the fence line with me until I came to the gate, where I got mobbed by them both. I have to stand between the two of them while they're eating oats or else they fight over the others bucket. I look up and we were getting surrounded by chickens. It appears the hens remembered last nights feast and knew there would be plenty of droppings from Bob's lips. But everyone had scattered by the time I got back to the wagon.
   We got an early start for once, and were rolling it up and I suiting up the horses. Punkin came back from rolling up the electric cord with a package. The Szeszulski's had left us an inverter because they knew ours was no longer in the game. How cool is that??? May the Lord smile on you and yours. So Deb had her GPS plugged in today for the first time in a while. We were headed for feed for the the horses and dog food today. We found a mill on-line in Vandalia on hyway 60. Destination 11 miles. We reached in about three hours or so. Great time.
   Along the way we met some abosolutely great folks. Lots of picture stops and conversations. About 10 miles into our day we saw this huge sign that said FARM HOUSE BAKERY & RESTAURANT. We were hungry and salivating on ourselves as we past the sign at an excruciating 3 miles an hour. But they were only open Tuesday thru Saturday. DRATS!!! Punkin said "first time since we left on this trip that we were early for anything (today's Monday)". We had a good laugh at that one. About 1/2  block up a car had pulled over and was waiting for us to pull over for some questions. We obliged as always (our ministry is people). The gentlemans name was Virgil and as it turns out he owned the bakery & restaurant. We told him how disappointed we were to see him on Monday. He laughed. And we had a great conversation. He invited us in for the night if we made it back this way again, as it was still early in the day. He asked that we pray for him, that he would be able to make a difference in this world for Jesus. How cool is that? Reminded me of Solomon when God asked him what he wanted most and he answered wisdom. How unselfish and Christ like this man is. So please pray for him folks. Please. And if you get down Vandelia way please stop in & throw him some business.  Tuesday thru Saturday ;).
We also met John today.  His prayer was for the weather to hold out to get the crops in.
Aubrey Smith would like prayer to keep his family strong!

THEN...we got to the mill.  What a great stop!  Deb went in to get the feed and dog food and the man working there said an anonymous man had stopped and told him we were coming and he would pay for the feed up to 6 bags!!  And we only needed 4!!  How great is that? Thank you anonymous man!! So we got the dog food, a trace mineral block and some more spray for the infamous feet.  The horses got some water, the dogs got a potty break, and we ate some lunch. Then we met soooooooo many people!  They all stopped to talk with us! 
1st was Cornelius Williams and Leslie.  They would like prayer to make it as a couple, you know, over the rough spots.
Then we met Ray Brown.  He asked alot of questions about the horses because he has 4.  He told us that he knew where we could get hay and gave us directions.  Said he'd meet us there.  But his prayer request was for his son G.W. He was born with an interrupted heart and has an appointment in Ann Arbor tomorrow for some tests.  The prayer is for good results on those tests.  G.W. has had numerous heart surgeries since birth and is somewhat of a miracle child!  He is now 26 years old!
We also talked with Dawn N. She is struggling and would like prayer for a strong marriage, her dad's health and for her son to want to see his child and his salvation!
We talked with a man, Jim Wiseman, whose prayer was'll never guess...SNOW!!!  What do you want from the general manager of Swiss Valley Ski Area?!  You might want to check that out when we're far from here!
After that we hit the trail again.  Down the road a big truck pulled over and we met Nicky Tuague.  He came with a big smile and his hand out and said, "Brother! this is what I want to do!" He offered a place for the night and hay but, as you already read, we were headed for hay.  We will pray for Nick and his wife to get it all worked out to go with us next year!
So, just before our turn, a pick up pulled over.  Two young men met us at the roadside to ask if we had a place for the night.  We told them thank you but we were going to get hay.  They asked where and we told them the general directions.  They said we're on that road!  And it turned out...we were going to the same place!  So there you go!  God was just all over this day!
We had dinner with the Brown's and a nice visit.  Such a nice family.  Thank you for everything!
Marion...He's a hoot, isn't he??...Love ya!   Deb
Terri...thanks for the tip.  I'll check our route and see if we can aim that way.
Shannon...We had a great time with you guys.  The boys are great!  See you again! 
Duane...We are by Cassopolis...Is that far from you?
Here are a few pics compliments of Lisa and Bo.  This is where we stayed when we FINALLY got the brakes fixed properly!  Thanks so much Lisa!  If anyone else wants to send us pics you took, we would love to see & post them.  It's hard for us to take any of us when we're up here!

More tomorrow!  I'm pooped!
God bless!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 24 & 25

Hi folks. Sorry we skipped yesterday it was just toooooooooooo windy to move. Everybody was rested and ready, the weather just wasn't co-operating. Bob & Casey struggle in the high winds, and I didn't have the heart to put them through it just for miles.
So we spent the extra day with Dan & Bonnie Lehew. Just outstanding people of God. Dan's Mom died last week & we wish you would all hold him up in prayer. His Mom had a great relationship with the Lord. And she told Dan she was ready to go home. So they miss her, but know she is in a better place.
   We got a great shower & laundry done at their son and his family's house. They are Dusten, Shannon, and their boys, Dawsen & Matthew. Both of the boys blessed us with great drawing and colored pictures. Sound like we had a great visit and started late? Yup! Great company once again. But this journey is about people not miles (even though I feel the snow breathing down my neck) and we had a great time. Thanks folks & may God bless and hold all of you all the days of your life.
And even though we didn't get to talk but a second when I was unhitching the horses thanks to Jeff & Halee Surach. Halee did a quick interview and pictures for
And thank you to Ben & Jessica Lehew for the great hook-up
   We are still traveling down hyw 40. It was a very beautiful day. We didn't get a lot of miles but we met some great folks along the way. Bob & Casey were amped & ready. Even though they keep kicking themselves in the feet they trotted for the first two miles. We treat their feet twice daily. Lots of hills today but only 1 with any challenge in it and they quick stepped the whole thing. We have about twenty miles to do tomorrow (hyw 40 South-to-hwy 60 west ) and we will hit a mill in Vandalia and restock on some sweet feed. Need to start searching for some hay again too. We have about three days worth.
   Before I talk about who we met today I gotta tell you this. Bob and Casey are spending the night with the chickens. There is a chicken pen in the fenced in pasture where they are propped up for the night. So I let everyone know in advance that this could be real entertaining cuz Bob and Casey have not met chickens, up close, before! So we walked them in and chickens went everywhere squalking at the invasion. Bob and Casey ran the perimeter a couple of times seeing where their boundries were and I think checking the grass for chickens. The chickens stayed gone until I brought their grain down. And Bob eats like me...I wear a portion of my food and he can't keep his grain in his lips while he's chewing. Casey buries her head in her bucket and you won't see her head again until she's done. Bob on the other hand gets a bite and looks around...I guess he is afraid someone will creep on him while his head is down. Good instinct for survival...but he loses tons of feed. Thanks to Kevin, Gretchen, and their Son Cole. Gretchen met us on a four wheeler with lots of questions and a smile. About a mile from their house. We found her later sitting at the edge of her drive inviting us in...we gladly accepted. Nice folks and we will not get to spend much time with them cuz tomorrow is Monday and they are all off starting their schedules early. Thanks to all of you nice folks. May God bless you richly for your hospitality to traveling strangers.
Today we also met Sherry.  She left us with an open invitation to stay at her house if we take that route!  Thanks Sherry.  Have to see where we end up.
Then we met Ellen and her son Jase.  Their request for prayer was that her husband can someday get back to farming to be there with his son growing up. He is an electrician now.
Well, another day well spent. Godd night to all and we'll be back tomorrow!
God bless!  May ALL of your prayers be answered.  We'll keep knocking :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 23

Top of the evening to all. We landed in Marcellus tonight. When our daughter Jaime found out we were here she called some friends of hers' and got us landed with some friends of hers folks.Great people and what timing! We no sooner got pulled in, and got the horses unhitched and brushed down, and it started to POUR. High winds, lightening, man it was crazy. I am so happy that we weren't on the road. Thank you Lord and thanks to Jaime and her friends.
Back into the chilly weather. Very windy. The horses absolutely loved it. If we would have had enough hours and a few less hills they could have done 30 miles.We were cold. Punkin had on 4 layers! And I had to duck in at about 1:00 o'clock and get on another layer cuz it just wasn't warming up. But it was still a great day.
We went through the town of Marcellus (great town and great people!), and ran up on a new set of railroad tracks encased in steel. Not good Chuckle-chuckle!! They totally freaked  & whipped the wagon to the right, then all the way to the left. By the time I had them stopped lo & behold!!!! We were standing in the middle of the tracks!!! So Bob decided to exit as quick as he could...and so he proceeded forward like he coulda all the while. Horses!
It was a great day for ministry. Just folks. 3 guys in a pick-up pulling a fishing boat pulled in front of us and jumped out flagging us down.  Jeff (from Peoria, IL.) was the first to talk with us. He said ok I gotta ask "what the **** are you doin' here?"  Big ol' smile though. Two other guys, Mark from Grand Rapids and Brandon (from Grand Rapids). They saw us on their way fishing and on the way back. (you know due to our high rate of speed). We talked about the usual stuff...where are you coming from...where are you going? Then we got down to the good stuff. We started talking about the Lord & why we're out here. These fellows are great. Ya know, when these fellows left for fishing this morning they probably didn't think for even a second they would be talking about God. When they stopped to chat with us, they were probably still not thinking about a God conversation. But we warmed up to it and I gotta put out a personal plea here and you folks reading this to join with us in prayer for these guys. Seems Jeff's dad died a month ago. So he's still in a tough spot over that loss. Him & I got to talk about that a little. I told him my dad died 4-5 years ago and that I still missed him pretty fierce sometimes. And we talked a little. Pray for that brother please for some peace and comfort in this time, that only the Holy Spirit can give. I enjoyed talking with him.  Mark has all girls ages 4-6-8-10, and we would like some prayer for his girls.There was an officer killed down here in the line of duty we saw in the news. He had 2 kids ages 4 & 6. Brandon goes to church with the officers family so lets please hold that whole situation up in prayer along with Brandon. Brandon also lost his pastor to a heart attack recently.Thanks folks for prayers. We really enjoyed talking with these guys. And fellows if your reading this...after all the death we talked sure that you and your families are right with the Lord.
We also met Jon Cook and would like us to pray for more peace in the world. Lets pray to get our soldiers home too.
We would like to ask for healing prayers for Mark's sister, Denise. She is facing a few different health issues and they are really taking a toll!
Thanks  for following us another day. May the Lord bless you and keep you. 
Pastor Jaime...thanks for more encouraging words. Love you!
Dorothy...HI!  I wondered where you were!  This is quite the adventure! Thanks for the prayers! Love you!
Duane & Cherie...We'll have to see where we land and give you a call then
Terri...You are always an encourager to us.  Thanks for all your prayers
Nene & Bob...GIRLFRIEND!!! What is going on?!?!  We'll all be praying for your healing!!  Love you!
God bless!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 22

Day off. Sitting out the rain. But we are restocked (water) and ready to go. We spent the rainy afternoon and evening getting spiritually rebuilt. We just sat in the dry wagon with the puppies and did our own praise and worship. We have some great CD's along for days like this. My beautiful wife would never tell you this...but man this girl can sing like a bird. I am a blessed man for having her.
We spent the morning doing what none of us take enough time to do. WE LISTENED. Didn't comment much....just listened and prayed to ourselves. Some times that is the best healing someone needs. Just someone to listen. Hope we helped.
I have to say one thing. GOD IS GREAT. And I am so thankful that our Lord Jesus died on the cross for us. That we are healed by his blood. That our sins are forgiven & forgotten. Especially for a sinner like me. I am also thankful for God making me into a man I could have never become without him . For holding me up when  I couldn't do it myself. For giving me boldness and courage when faced with adversity. For helping me daily be the hardest thing I ever tried to be....a good christian man.
Thank you Lord. Good night & God bless you and yours on this rainy night.
By the way!!!  A young lady came out in the rain and found us.  Dave R. we got your message and you almost found us. Two stop signs away.  Right road.  I tried to text you because we really have no signal out here!  Maybe Sandy can give Dave this message? Or Thanks!
Pastor Jaime...Thanks for the encouragement!  Always!!
God bless.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 21

Howdy folks....this here ain't Punkin speakin'. Your gonna have to put up with the fat man tonight, for todays summaries and news. But before we head off a brief recap on the past two days. LOTS OF MILES!! When we put in last night Westy Lou (great name) directed us to his son-in-laws (past the corn field, go past some pines and look for a drive. I couldn't really see a drive so I pulled the rig in across where I thought it was). It was a spot he had a shed and a huge garden but no house. So no neighbors. And we hoped we were in the right spot. But to be totally honest with ya I was toooooooooo tired to care. We raced to get some fence up before dark ...and get the kids watered & fed. It was dark long before I was done...but we got 'er done.
So we slept in a little. I rolled out and got the kids fed. Came back in & the coffee was perkin' when we heard a car pull up. Punkin sticks her head out the door and a gentleman says "can I ask you what your doin' here?" So Deb tells him everything that was said the day before. He gives her the two thumbs up and says, you asked the right guy then and leaves. Wierd moment. He was the son-in-law.
So we pushed off late but everyone was rested.
Then Scott Roberts brought us some water for the they had drank the 35 gallons we had for them the night before. No water available at our over night spot. Plus a quick ride to the store. Thanks so much Scott. And thanks to Ryan Schlee for the tomatoes and peppers. Beautiful day for travel. Road news...Bob led us under a railroad bridge that went down to single lane....did it without a hitch. And crossed over the top of 94 (that got us a beep from a trucker below) smooth as could be.
Our ministry started early and with a flare. We met Francois 1st.  He was driving down the road (Red Arrow Hwy) in his semi and stopped immediately!  He jumped out of the truck with his camera!  Francois is from Rowanda! He was so excited and wanted to interview us to put on his facebook to his people in Africa.  He said he was so happy to see people taking the time to work for God and he LOVES horses.  We told him where we'd be turning next so we could get off the hwy and he said he'd meet us there with his small car!  Great guy!
Next we met Dick Rumbaugh and his neighbor, Ann Lambert, Dick was going to walk across with Ann because she has macular degeneration (prayer request) and could hardly see the horses but she didn't want to cross. Very busy road (still Red Arrow Hwy).
So we finally got to our turn and sure enough, here came Francois and his wife Sonia. His whole name is Francois Nambajimana.  We could have talked for hours!  What a couple!  He is a Rowandan refugee here from the genecide period!  We asked if the movie was close to the truth and he said yes, they told it right.   His wife said it was underplayed.  So if you get a chance, watch "Hotel Rowanda" very intense.  Now Ann on the other hand is a refugee here from Europe.  She came here at age 3 and is one generation removed from the holocaust!  WOW!!  Like I said...we could have talked for hours!  What lives they had to tell!  Francois has written a book and gave us one that he signed for us!  Has nothing to do with the genecide's about an elephant that he saved from being killed.  Then years later...that same elephant saved his (Francois') life!  The end of the book tells that he was once a renowned safari guide!  Worked with Dian Fossey, the gorilla lady!  How awesome!  Right there on the side of the road in Michigan, USA!
Our next meeting was with a young lady named Patty.  She would just like prayer and blessed us.
So it was finally time to look for a resting place for the night. We plodded along, praying like always and then we saw it...a small yellow house with horses and a loop in front that we could easily swing.  Mark waited while I (yes, it's me again) went up to see if anyone was home.  I found someone working in the pasture but she said she didn't live here. Then Bernadette pulled up.  She said she could get the horses water but staying was a different story.  She only rents the house.  So she made a call and another lady came riding (horseback) up.  The one she needed to talk to.  So here we are.  Had a short day for the horses sake.  Never guess where we ended up!  TrueVine Equestrian Ministry!!  They work with horses and kids, and one of the 1st things Bernadette told me was, we speak Jesus here!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!?!  A ministry landing at a ministry.  I am AWEFUL at remembering names without my notebook and don't want to mis-speak so I'll get all of the names in the am so I get it right.  Got a ride into town and we ate dinner by the bonfire!  And a shower to boot!  Another great place for us to be.  God is great, isn't He?
So while we were washing down the horses, here comes Ann Lambert (from Red Arrow Hwy)!  With Terry and John O'Shanty!  They got together after we passed thru and decided to come looking for us.  They looked for horse droppings!  Didn't find any but they did find us!  Nice to chat a minute. More great folks!
I have to answer comments on here so I can be sure we get them answered.
Don...great to hear from you!  Had some bugs to work out but yes, pretty settled now!  Thanks for following!
Lisa...Hi there!  LOL, I bet you DID think oh-oh! But no, the breaks are great! Duane rerouted us off some big hills. Hit a whopper just west of the Kalamazoo River.  Horses stopped half way up.  That was no bueno.  I got out and walked (ran) ahead of them so they'd follow.  Whew!  we did make it!
Dotti...welcome and enjoy!
Mandi...Hi girlfriend!  Thanks for the note and kiss em all, ESPECIALLY THOSE BOYS cause they hate it! Hug that precious baby girl too (plus the kiss)! Hug Shaun too!
That's about it for this day.  Pooped out again and ready for bed!
I guess I just have to say that faith makes the whole difference in this life. Just keep believing and please give the folks on the list loads of prayers.
God bless.  Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 20

Good evening! 
Another long day!  We started out packing up at The Alamo Auto Repair.  What great guys! Duane Wine and Quentin Sheldon made sure we had everything we needed to get off to a good day.  Watered us up, checked the tires,  gave us directions around the hills!!! and great words of encouragement.  Thanks guys! If any of you are in the Alamo area...go see these guys when you're looking to get some work done!  Off we went!
We talked to a few people today! Everybody is so nice, well except for the guy in the pickup that apparently didn't like waiting to get around us!  Not so nice.
We had a few offers for a place to stay tonight, but it was a little too early to stop.  So we are tucked in about 2 miles north of Mattawan.  That means we should be crossing 94 tomorrow!  Maybe Indiana????  Farm country, one way or the other!
We do have a few new prayer requests!  It is so awesome to be able to bring people together in prayer!
Duane  Wine's girlfriend, Sherry Wilson, needs some healing prayers for her back.
Rita Anderson is very grateful to be a cancer survivor! Praise God.
Dana Harrison is praying to find that small farm she is looking for!  When we met her she was waiting for the realtor to show her the place she found on line that just popped up 5 minutes earlier!
Tacie Hetrick brought the horses water and needs some prayer for her shoulders, neck,back, arms, hands.  Lots of pain. And that her foster puppy (he's a biter) finds a home that will understand and love him forever.
Karen & Annette are neighbors and we met them while they were out walking.  Between them they have a list of prayers for prople suffering from cancer.  The list is...Butch, Sherry, Pat, Rebecca, Sally, Rob, Debbie (stage 4), and Uncle Karl who has feeding and drainage tubes.  They both would also like prayer for more baptisms and conversions in the family.
Tacie & Annette are also the offers that we had for respite for tonight.  Thanks so much!
Beyond all that, we are finishing another blessed day!
Thanks for your comments.  Marion, we miss you all.
Terri, I guess I'll give the singing a try!  Hope we don't run in the ditch (wink) Thanks.
Lisa, thanks for the link.  good stuff!
We hope that all of you that we know and have met are blessed and have a great day!
I (Deb) could used some prayer for missing home & family. Some days......
God bless!
Faith will see us all through.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 19

What a day for driving! We really do not know how many miles we are gettin' the last couple of times out but we have to be around twenty. We left Nancy & Penny's home with the horses feet wrapped and treated. Thanks so much Lady's you are the greatest. Hope to see you next year. May the Lord bless you & hold you.
Bob & Casey had quite the day. Too much rest. (but we did get our laundry done and I did get to see a football game!!!) We had two absolutely enormous tractors to deal with in the first mile or so today. I am talkin' MONSTERS! They swallow the entire road themselves much less room for us. Bob was backin' and quick stepping. He tried darting into the ditch a couple of times and I wouldn't let him do that. I thought I was in training  for aligator wrestling for a minute. When the first set tires got to him (they towered over his head) I thought he was going into convulsions. Every mustle in his body was quivering, and bunched up...Casey was doing everything but squealing. I was just waiting for them to explode!!! And on came the second set of tires....  my wife hadda mild stroke at this point but she is recovering...then and only then did Bob find forward...some how we stayed outta the ditch and out from under the tires of the MONSTER. The second one went a little better but not much. So we started stressed and with too much energy. Normally I would let them trot it off but I am trying to keep the from banging their feet together (which is helping)
Then we hit hwy M89. First state hwy we have done. Way too much traffic, going way too fast, and no courtesy at all. And as stressed as the horses were it was just no fun for anyone. So we got off it as quick as we could. We took twenty fourth street. Busy but managable. I couldn't get the team settled STILL. So we just pulled over and prayed. My hand (the new 4 finger special) was killing me. Too much wrestling. We cast off demons and prayed a hedge of protection around us and when we left the side of the road we went smooth as silk. Thank you Lord!
We hit a little town today called Cooper. Casey was in all her glory, she thought she was in Hollywood again. Lots of cameras going and a few films rolling. But the road was busy and really didn't get much of a chance to talk with folks. It was a nice break though and we got an opportunity buy some water and Cokes.
Then this afternoon we hit a gigantic hill on D. It was nothing pretty by the time we got to the top. My heart went out to both horses. I am so proud of them. We rested and watered them at the top. They are an outstanding team and will give any a run for their $. 
So, today we crossed the Kalamazoo River, and RR tracks, and under 131!  Just after 131, an older NOT gentleman, cut us off so close that Bob jumped straight up!  Sounded like the car actually clipped his hoof, but no it didn"t...THANK GOD! Even tho we're not in the city, we are WAY too close for comfort.  No courtesy for the horses!  This won't happen again!!
So for the people we did get to talk to...we have some more prayer requests. I sure hope you all are keeping a list because we are adding more on daily!
Bill & Madonna Bryant, Madonna asked for prayer for Bill as he is VERY sick!
Harry Wells stopped and took a few pics and prayed for us on the spot!  Thanks Harry!  Can't get enough of that!  He also asked for prayers for his brother-in-law, Sonny Stanley, who is facing open heart surgery.
Darcy Tucker, for health and peace.
Rick for continued health for his entire family.
So, that's it.  A long day.  We're pooped.
OHHHHH...and we are spending the night at an auto repair shop.  Too late to go any further.  When we got here, the owner was just leaving for a 7 o'clock appt. but told us if we cleaned up after the horses we could stay.  The horses have a nice little piece of grass and we have our inverter cranked up.  The owner then came back and opened the shop so we could get plenty of water for Bob & Casey.  We carry 35 gallons so we had them watered but now we won't have to short them at all in the morning.  Thanks so much!
I guess we are faith building on this day.  Thank you Lord for getting us off the road and sooo much more!
God bless!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 18

Hi again!
Well, it is the Lords' day.  We rested. Last couple of days have been a chance to rebuild spiritually as well.  And, once again, the blessings just kept pouring in.  These ladies are awesome!  We met a co-worker, Ellen,  and some neighbors, Dale & Barb Parsons.  All very nice people.  Dale and Barb blessed Bob & Casey with some great fresh hay and brought over some potatoes and eggs and jalapenos.  Thank you so much you guys!  They have 2 oxen that they work with and Barb said she could see them doing this!  Come on!!  Company would be great!
We got all of our laundry done and had time to do the bedding as well.  Hung the sheets out on the line!  They smell wonderful!!
We are going to be wrapping the horses legs tomorrow as they are still trying to get used to their new shoes!  At least once a day, they want to trot which results in them kicking their own ankles!  Very sore.  So, we'll pad em up a little and see if that helps.  Hank said they'll get better as they grow into their shoes a little.  The next ferrier will know to leave some more hoof on the insides.  He couldn't do it when he did their feet because they were worn to short for any extras.
So, for now, that's all I know. 
OH!  Remember, I had posted before, prayers for my friend Sue.  She has some issues and would so appreciate lots of prayer to get her life back in the order she had it.  It's supposed to be her time in life and it has become an almost daily struggle.  Thanks
Also, Dale and Barbs son needs a miracle from the Holy Spirit to touch his heart and bring him back to Christ.  His life is in desperate need of the Lord!  Thanks so much!
So now THAT'S all I know for today.
Keep on believing, always have faith!  God is there and He wants to help us all!
God bless

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 17

Hi everybody! 10:00PM todays blog might be short. But what an outstanding day. The colors were brilliant and sun warm.We finally quit bothering Bo & Lisa and moved on. snicker-snicker. You folks were the greatest & we will miss you guys much. We got a good early start and made plenty of miles today. Probably our most ever...but we have no way of knowing that. The brakes worked great and made the horses day much better...& our day a lot less stressful!
Bob had a lot of trouble focusing all day today, start to finish. Then when we finally got stopped tonight we noticed him rubbing his head on Casey and generally mooning over her. So we recon she is cycling. We had no real incidents today. The horses wanted to trot a lot but I held them back because they kick there ankles when they do. They both have open sores from kicking their own feet with their shoes. We were praying along the way and talking about getting them some wraps for their ankles when we were passing through a little town called Hickory Corners. There was a gas station there so we stopped for a second to grab a bite. And here comes a guy walking along the street with two bags and asks if he can see the horses. His name Jim H. and his dad breeds Belgians.  We were talking to him about the feet and said we were going to wrap them asap.  He said, I have some at home! He walked home and got them.  So we put some bag balm on them and wrapped them up.  They were comfy the rest of the day!  How good is God?!  The best!
You know we always ask if there are any needs or prayers that we can offer, this mans name is Jim H. He struggles with alcoholism and asked that we pray for help for him to overcome this.  So we pray that he gets thru this and can live his life in freedom and peace. Please join us in this prayer.
Jerry would like prayer for his wife, Shelley, as she was in a terrible car accident and broke her hip and BOTH legs!
Then we met Dave & Tasha. Tasha is a Christian counselor.  They brought us each a diet coke from Mickey D's and a blessing!  Thanks you guys!  They would like to have some supporting prayers for their son, Nicholas. He is in seminary and is coming up on tests and trials.  They would like prayers for wisdom and discernment.  Sounds like a fine young man.  Thanks, Nicholas, for following your calling!
We passed a very cool site.  A lone grave.  It said, Chief Oganday? 1855.  The sign next to it said...Ottowa Nation.  Cool stuff!
Other than that????  It's late and we're tired.
We are all safe and sound with a couple of young ladies from Arkansas!  We'll be here for the night.
Horses are all tucked in and resting.  Soon, we will be too!
Good night and God bless!
P.S. This thing (blog) is somehow set for mountain time.  Our posts are actually 3 hours later than shows up on the time stamp.  Go figure!  Good night!