Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big prayer request!

We got this prayer request with some pictures.  Unfortunately, I could not download the pics.  This is the important part tho...
Hi Mark & Deb! I have not stopped thinking about you since fate let our paths cross on M-40 Sunday! We were on our way home from a weekend getaway of camping with friends when I saw you. You asked if there was anything that you could pray for, for me... and I replied that I had no needs. We returned home to learn that my brother in law's girlfriend had been in a horrible accident flipping her vehicle 6 times... she is in critical condition with a broken neck in 3 places, a broken back in 3 places, the cap of her head had been scalped by the roof and windshield caving in and she had also punctured both lungs. I felt Blessed by just meeting you on your journey... and I humbly ask that you add Beth to your long list of prayer requests. Thank you for the inspiration that you have added to my life!

Here are the pictures that I took of you that day... I am following your journey on your Blog... I will keep you in my prayers for your safe journey.

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