Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 26 Oct 17

So I wake up and as usual I put a flame under the coffee pot and roll out of the wagon to the sweet feed can to grab a couple of buckets for Bob & Casey's breakfast. The wagon & trailer are sitting on kind of a hill looking down over where Bob & Case are pastured. I saw the most astounding and comical sight I have ever woke up to. There is Casey standing there surrounded by chickens. Like she was just one of the "girls" hanging around. I cracked up & wished I woulda had a camera. But as soon as she saw the feed bucket she broke camp for the fence line along with Bob. They walked the fence line with me until I came to the gate, where I got mobbed by them both. I have to stand between the two of them while they're eating oats or else they fight over the others bucket. I look up and we were getting surrounded by chickens. It appears the hens remembered last nights feast and knew there would be plenty of droppings from Bob's lips. But everyone had scattered by the time I got back to the wagon.
   We got an early start for once, and were rolling it up and I suiting up the horses. Punkin came back from rolling up the electric cord with a package. The Szeszulski's had left us an inverter because they knew ours was no longer in the game. How cool is that??? May the Lord smile on you and yours. So Deb had her GPS plugged in today for the first time in a while. We were headed for feed for the the horses and dog food today. We found a mill on-line in Vandalia on hyway 60. Destination 11 miles. We reached in about three hours or so. Great time.
   Along the way we met some abosolutely great folks. Lots of picture stops and conversations. About 10 miles into our day we saw this huge sign that said FARM HOUSE BAKERY & RESTAURANT. We were hungry and salivating on ourselves as we past the sign at an excruciating 3 miles an hour. But they were only open Tuesday thru Saturday. DRATS!!! Punkin said "first time since we left on this trip that we were early for anything (today's Monday)". We had a good laugh at that one. About 1/2  block up a car had pulled over and was waiting for us to pull over for some questions. We obliged as always (our ministry is people). The gentlemans name was Virgil and as it turns out he owned the bakery & restaurant. We told him how disappointed we were to see him on Monday. He laughed. And we had a great conversation. He invited us in for the night if we made it back this way again, as it was still early in the day. He asked that we pray for him, that he would be able to make a difference in this world for Jesus. How cool is that? Reminded me of Solomon when God asked him what he wanted most and he answered wisdom. How unselfish and Christ like this man is. So please pray for him folks. Please. And if you get down Vandelia way please stop in & throw him some business.  Tuesday thru Saturday ;).
We also met John today.  His prayer was for the weather to hold out to get the crops in.
Aubrey Smith would like prayer to keep his family strong!

THEN...we got to the mill.  What a great stop!  Deb went in to get the feed and dog food and the man working there said an anonymous man had stopped and told him we were coming and he would pay for the feed up to 6 bags!!  And we only needed 4!!  How great is that? Thank you anonymous man!! So we got the dog food, a trace mineral block and some more spray for the infamous feet.  The horses got some water, the dogs got a potty break, and we ate some lunch. Then we met soooooooo many people!  They all stopped to talk with us! 
1st was Cornelius Williams and Leslie.  They would like prayer to make it as a couple, you know, over the rough spots.
Then we met Ray Brown.  He asked alot of questions about the horses because he has 4.  He told us that he knew where we could get hay and gave us directions.  Said he'd meet us there.  But his prayer request was for his son G.W. He was born with an interrupted heart and has an appointment in Ann Arbor tomorrow for some tests.  The prayer is for good results on those tests.  G.W. has had numerous heart surgeries since birth and is somewhat of a miracle child!  He is now 26 years old!
We also talked with Dawn N. She is struggling and would like prayer for a strong marriage, her dad's health and for her son to want to see his child and his salvation!
We talked with a man, Jim Wiseman, whose prayer was'll never guess...SNOW!!!  What do you want from the general manager of Swiss Valley Ski Area?!  You might want to check that out when we're far from here!
After that we hit the trail again.  Down the road a big truck pulled over and we met Nicky Tuague.  He came with a big smile and his hand out and said, "Brother! this is what I want to do!" He offered a place for the night and hay but, as you already read, we were headed for hay.  We will pray for Nick and his wife to get it all worked out to go with us next year!
So, just before our turn, a pick up pulled over.  Two young men met us at the roadside to ask if we had a place for the night.  We told them thank you but we were going to get hay.  They asked where and we told them the general directions.  They said we're on that road!  And it turned out...we were going to the same place!  So there you go!  God was just all over this day!
We had dinner with the Brown's and a nice visit.  Such a nice family.  Thank you for everything!
Marion...He's a hoot, isn't he??...Love ya!   Deb
Terri...thanks for the tip.  I'll check our route and see if we can aim that way.
Shannon...We had a great time with you guys.  The boys are great!  See you again! 
Duane...We are by Cassopolis...Is that far from you?
Here are a few pics compliments of Lisa and Bo.  This is where we stayed when we FINALLY got the brakes fixed properly!  Thanks so much Lisa!  If anyone else wants to send us pics you took, we would love to see & post them.  It's hard for us to take any of us when we're up here!

More tomorrow!  I'm pooped!
God bless!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you could post some of the photos. Did you notice the Oriole feeder is swinging after Casey tried to sniff/taste it? It sounds like the brakes are still doing well. YEAH! I'm delighted! I'm sending Goldsworthy's a thank you note with pics today & an update from Team Harris Ministry by Horsepower - now many (SAFE) miles away - Lisa & Bo

mamapeeps said...

I was with Jim Wiseman yesterday at the feed mill. I have thought so much about your journey, may god watch over you both and bless your journey all along the way! I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to keeping up with the trip. God Bless

Elise Feister