Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 13

Thirteen miles on day thirteen. But before we go into all that here is the procedure for comments:
"Ok, everyone, if you want to leave a comment...type in your comment and go to "preview". It will let you sign in and then you can publish."
That helpful hint is from our duaghter. If it doesn't work send her lot's of really rude mail. She loves that stuff! (wink!) Thanks for the help Jaime.
So thirteen miles today. Considering we didn't get started until 12:30 the ponies did great. Took us a while to get started cuz Fred and Tammy brought us some hay and fresh eggs. Thanks so very much guys. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep in touch with us. Eggs which the girl that I love and adore is cooking  up right now. They are going to be spectacular! Plus some fresh made bread from the Amish cut thick....ummmm. I'm drooling on myself. Guess I might be hungry!
It was a beautiful day for a wagon ride. 360 days like this would be outstanding. Bob and Casey took about 5 miles and some serious hills and sweat to get calmed down. Too many days off. chuckle-chuckle. they pulled great today. They are getting more well broke to the road everyday. Trying to stay off the dirt roads and make some time. We decided to go down to Indiana along the western border close to Illinois. Less huge hills.
Prayers for tonight:
Elsie Sage and June...asks that the Lord keeps everybody safe.
Larry Heisler was out mowing his grass and stopped to talk with us. He asks that we pray for him for Good health.
Lynn asks that we pray for her childeren.
Vanessa & Larry Carpenters' family have owned their farm for 150 years. Passed on through the girls of each new generation. How cool is that? That is America. She asks we pray for good health for her and her husband.
We once again started our prayers for a place to stay....and once again here comes someone chasing us down to offer us and the ponies a place for the night. Water for the horses and we are plugged in. Thanks so much to Arnold and Mary. Great hosts. And a beautiful place. More about the great folks we met tonight tomorrow. It is 8:30 and dinner is ready. Good night and God bless to all. Thanks for following us.


Jaime said...

Great! Sounds like you guys are rockin and rollin out there! Oh ya...by the way....about those rude emails....
Love you guys! So encouraging to hear all of the testimonies!

Sandy said...

Hey, guys, it's Sandy Hudson, sounds like you guys are having an eventful trip - God bless

Anonymous said...

It was so very nice meeting you both and have been posting your blog to FaceBook! I'll be keeping in touch and following you journey!

Tami and Fred

Journey for Jesus said...

Tami and Fred, you were SUCH blessings to us! Great to meet you! Stay in touch!
Hi Sandy!! We certainly are!!
Jaime...you got that right!!