Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 23

Top of the evening to all. We landed in Marcellus tonight. When our daughter Jaime found out we were here she called some friends of hers' and got us landed with some friends of hers folks.Great people and what timing! We no sooner got pulled in, and got the horses unhitched and brushed down, and it started to POUR. High winds, lightening, man it was crazy. I am so happy that we weren't on the road. Thank you Lord and thanks to Jaime and her friends.
Back into the chilly weather. Very windy. The horses absolutely loved it. If we would have had enough hours and a few less hills they could have done 30 miles.We were cold. Punkin had on 4 layers! And I had to duck in at about 1:00 o'clock and get on another layer cuz it just wasn't warming up. But it was still a great day.
We went through the town of Marcellus (great town and great people!), and ran up on a new set of railroad tracks encased in steel. Not good Chuckle-chuckle!! They totally freaked  & whipped the wagon to the right, then all the way to the left. By the time I had them stopped lo & behold!!!! We were standing in the middle of the tracks!!! So Bob decided to exit as quick as he could...and so he proceeded forward like he coulda all the while. Horses!
It was a great day for ministry. Just folks. 3 guys in a pick-up pulling a fishing boat pulled in front of us and jumped out flagging us down.  Jeff (from Peoria, IL.) was the first to talk with us. He said ok I gotta ask "what the **** are you doin' here?"  Big ol' smile though. Two other guys, Mark from Grand Rapids and Brandon (from Grand Rapids). They saw us on their way fishing and on the way back. (you know due to our high rate of speed). We talked about the usual stuff...where are you coming from...where are you going? Then we got down to the good stuff. We started talking about the Lord & why we're out here. These fellows are great. Ya know, when these fellows left for fishing this morning they probably didn't think for even a second they would be talking about God. When they stopped to chat with us, they were probably still not thinking about a God conversation. But we warmed up to it and I gotta put out a personal plea here and you folks reading this to join with us in prayer for these guys. Seems Jeff's dad died a month ago. So he's still in a tough spot over that loss. Him & I got to talk about that a little. I told him my dad died 4-5 years ago and that I still missed him pretty fierce sometimes. And we talked a little. Pray for that brother please for some peace and comfort in this time, that only the Holy Spirit can give. I enjoyed talking with him.  Mark has all girls ages 4-6-8-10, and we would like some prayer for his girls.There was an officer killed down here in the line of duty we saw in the news. He had 2 kids ages 4 & 6. Brandon goes to church with the officers family so lets please hold that whole situation up in prayer along with Brandon. Brandon also lost his pastor to a heart attack recently.Thanks folks for prayers. We really enjoyed talking with these guys. And fellows if your reading this...after all the death we talked sure that you and your families are right with the Lord.
We also met Jon Cook and would like us to pray for more peace in the world. Lets pray to get our soldiers home too.
We would like to ask for healing prayers for Mark's sister, Denise. She is facing a few different health issues and they are really taking a toll!
Thanks  for following us another day. May the Lord bless you and keep you. 
Pastor Jaime...thanks for more encouraging words. Love you!
Dorothy...HI!  I wondered where you were!  This is quite the adventure! Thanks for the prayers! Love you!
Duane & Cherie...We'll have to see where we land and give you a call then
Terri...You are always an encourager to us.  Thanks for all your prayers
Nene & Bob...GIRLFRIEND!!! What is going on?!?!  We'll all be praying for your healing!!  Love you!
God bless!


Halee said...

It was so nice meeting you today! I'm glad you ended up at my parent's place and I look forward to following your journey. Be sure to look over the weekend at for a short article and some photos that I took for you. Thank you for your time and for answering my questions, I know you will impact someone in our community. Have a safe, fruitful journey- Halee Surach

pastor.jaime said...

:) Good stuff! Next time you go through Marcellus, maybe you could enroll in the "Marcell-Tucky Gun Club". Love you guys!

Diane from TN said...

I followed the Wagonteamster on all of his travels and never missed a day of reading his blog. Now that he is at a standstill for awhile I missed my daily fix. Sooooo glad that he had you posted on his site so I have found new travelers to follow. GOD bless and safe journey. I will be there with you every day. Are you going to be posting pictures like Bob did?