Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 22

Day off. Sitting out the rain. But we are restocked (water) and ready to go. We spent the rainy afternoon and evening getting spiritually rebuilt. We just sat in the dry wagon with the puppies and did our own praise and worship. We have some great CD's along for days like this. My beautiful wife would never tell you this...but man this girl can sing like a bird. I am a blessed man for having her.
We spent the morning doing what none of us take enough time to do. WE LISTENED. Didn't comment much....just listened and prayed to ourselves. Some times that is the best healing someone needs. Just someone to listen. Hope we helped.
I have to say one thing. GOD IS GREAT. And I am so thankful that our Lord Jesus died on the cross for us. That we are healed by his blood. That our sins are forgiven & forgotten. Especially for a sinner like me. I am also thankful for God making me into a man I could have never become without him . For holding me up when  I couldn't do it myself. For giving me boldness and courage when faced with adversity. For helping me daily be the hardest thing I ever tried to be....a good christian man.
Thank you Lord. Good night & God bless you and yours on this rainy night.
By the way!!!  A young lady came out in the rain and found us.  Dave R. we got your message and you almost found us. Two stop signs away.  Right road.  I tried to text you because we really have no signal out here!  Maybe Sandy can give Dave this message? Or Thanks!
Pastor Jaime...Thanks for the encouragement!  Always!!
God bless.


pastor.jaime said...

Thank You Lord for Your sacrifice! What a great God! Thank You for missionaries to the United States. You know we need them just as much as other countries!

Dorothy said...

well this is my second try today maybe this time I can leave a comment :)
What an awesome adventure you are having with our Lord. I am sure you are also enjoying the beautiful outdoors that He has created. Praying with you for the daily prayer requests. Also continually pryaing for protection, wisdom and favor for you two. I hope you will consider writing a book about this trip what a great legacy for your grandchildren. God Bless D&D

Dorothy said...

Yeah I finally did it right, it only has taken me about 20 tries. LOL been trying since the beginning.

Terri said...

What a Blessing! Everyone needs days to listen, most don't take the time. You both are strong and are so needed in this world. I know this is a difficult journey but you are doing such a wonderful job. Keep listening!


Anonymous said...

Went through a scare here, but didn't want to worry you guys. My blood test came back abnormal on the white blood cell count. It's way too high. Go to the hospital for more tests, your white blood cell count is way too high. Cancer? Oh no. 3 days later after waiting alone (Bob and I)lots of praying, and promises, we found out I have a condition similiar to hemophelia. My blood is too thin, and I don't clot properly. Worst case sonario I get blood transfusions for more red blood cells. I'm trying to quit smoking and can't really take many meds. I'm just coming off of a cold as well. It's a relief to some degree. I never told Ash or Mom till the results came in either. I go to the Dr. (which is combined with oncology, yikes) on Nov. 9th. I love you guys and love your insightful blogs!Nene and Bob

Anonymous said...

I'd like to follow you like I do Bob the wagonteamster. can/or will you let us know more about where ya are?