Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 33

Well, here we are again!  Safe and sound.  Thank God!  Had to put the prayers into overtime for a bit there this evening...all worked out well!
We started the day heading out from "The Hollett Farm".  Kevin Pickett, Samantha Haines,  and Chiana and Kamryn Nichols. Thanks guys! Last night we met more of the family.  Kevin's aunt and uncle Bill & Linda Lowery and their daughter Alicia. Linda said we were the talk of Chicago when they left! Alicia would like us all to pray for a job for her.  We also met Grandma Pickett.  She needs to have prayer for finding those keys!
Kevin's brother Ryan came and looked at the horses feet as we're still trying to get some boot type covers so they (Bob & Casey) will stop hurting themselves when they walk!  So it was nice to meet him as well.
This was going to be a training day!  There are 2 chains off the back of the evener that attach to the axle.  This stabilizes the evener.  It also allows Casey to house shop and dance and just basically walk along with us while Bob pulls.  An Amish gentleman that we met sometime back said to unhook that to "even" the load.  Well, we tried it right away then but there were also some tabs on the 5th wheel that are there to attach a tow bar, should we need it.  Right away, Casey let her end go slack and the evener caught that tab and we had to stop to straighten it all out.  So, with Kevin's help, he and Mark removed those yesterday.  NO MORE CHAINS!!  They started out ok, but then when Casey got tired, and I DO mean tired, we had to keep stopping for them to rest. We had once again hit a hilly road.  Nothing extreme but constant. And then of course they were getting ornery.  So we hooked the chains back up and all went fine.
So along our path we met more people.  One of them being Paul from the Stillwell area.  We chatted for a minute and he told us that if we made it there today we could come to his house for the night.  They have horses.  Thanks Paul.
Down the road about an hour later, we came to our turn and sitting at the intersection was Paul!!  Just checking on us.  We turned one way and he went the other when suddenly...we thought we locked up a brake!  But no!  The reciever for the trailer had broken the weld and just kind of dropped the trailer!  It was dragging behind us.  Yeah!  So, there we were, on the road (no shoulder) and pretty much dead in the water.
Here came Paul!  He said that he saw something dragging!  So, him and Mark were checking it out to see what could be done to get us off the road with all of our belongings.  I text my daughter what had happened and she said she was praying for a welder to show up.  Paul went to get his truck and Mark drilled a hole into the wagon and added a lag bolt to try to get moving.  When Paul got back, I heard him say, you only have 2 hours of light left!  Oh boy...and there we sat.  Paul drove to the closest farms but it seemed everyone was still out in the fields.  Then a young man, Tom, pulled up and asked me if we needed help.  I told him only if he had a welder with him!  And laughed.  I said, you'll have to ask my husband cause I don't know hat they're doing back there.  Then I heard Mark's voice...only if you have a welder in your trunk!  Of course he didn't but he knew where he could go!  So off came the whole thing and in Tom's trunk it went!  This whole time, Paul is still working with Mark and offering to do whatever he could.  Again..I text my daughter asking for prayer to get these horses off the road because the sun was going down! Paul hitched the trailer to his truck and followed us up to the next farmhouse.  We were asking if we could park in the lane next to the field and Paul came walking up to the guy we now know as Brian.  Brian didn't own that lane so.....but he did have 4 acres and we could park in the back. THANK YOU LORD!!!!!  Brian brought out a watering trough and water, I set up the fence while Mark de-geared the ponies.  Just as it turned dark, sure enough, here came Tom with the trailer hitch!! They started to put it on but it was just to dark.  We can finish in the am.  So, how's that for answered prayer?  Everybody and everything just fell right into place just in God's time.  And Roman's 8! Thank you, again, Lord!!!  Paul stayed to make sure we were safe and then his wife drove up with dinner for us!  BONUS!!  Thanks Gail!!  Thanks Paul for caring and taking your time to help us.
You know, Lisa told me when we were there that it helps to be part of a community.  That is for sure.  Local people have always gotten us through! Always!!
Here are the people we met today and their requests.  I hope you're all still praying with us because the same prayers from more than 1 are a powerful thing!!  Don't we know that!!!!
We met Rick and Audrey Ginther while on a break.  Audrey asked for prayer for Rick as he has some liver tests done.
On another break, we met Terry and Jack Ritter. (we had met Terry earlier for a picture) Jack is Terry's son and videotaped us talking to his dad to post on youtube!  Hope we get to see it!  Terry's request was to stay healthy and for this country to turn around! 
Tom Kruse (pronounced like the silly actor but way taller and nicer) is the angel God sent to weld!  Blessings to him!
Paul & Gail Marsh are going on a trip to Missouri with 2 horses and would like prayer covering for that trip. And blessings for them for their help.  Another angel God sent to look after us.
And, last but surely not least...Brain and Jennifer Lambert for letting us park here!
That's it for the day.  Once again, it's late, but we're all safe and sound and are so blessed to have met a day full of new friends!
God bless and good night!


Linda said...

Hi Mark and Deb,
I have thought about you all day and wondered how it was going. I will pray for your safe journey and easy day tomorrow. I can only ask for God's strength to get through what ever comes my way. Health and happiness to all and enjoy the wonderful gift of friendship. Be safe and sleep well. Tomorrow is another gift for all to enjoy.

Linda said...

Just to let you know the keys were found and are on there way back home.

Terri said...

If Casey isn't pulling her weight then Deb now has a new job! Use a whip or light stick and every time you notice that her chains are not tight on the tree then just give her a light poke in the butt and ask her to step up. A few days of getting poked and she will figure out she needs to pull and get up where she belongs. It's great Bob is working hard enough for two but it isn't teaching Casey to do her job. Don't let Casey keep up her lollygagging because she has to learn her job. Glad to here you are doing OK and that everyone's prayers are being answered for your safety.