Saturday, October 1, 2011

Days 9 & 10

So, yesterday we sat the weather out at the Detweilers'. Didn't get alot done but did rest! The horses enjoyed the barn time! Very nasty outside! 
Had some folks come to meet us in the morning.  Some of them were headed for a covered wagon camp.  We didn't go tho.
We had another wonderful dinner with Hank & Edna May and we thank them so much for their hospitality! We'll pray for loads of blessings for that family!
Then we come to day 10, today. First we overslept! But we got it together and hitched the horses.  They were a bit poopy! Can two days of HUGE field and out of the nasty weather actually spoil them? It would seem so, however, it was probably more the stallion in the field.
Had some trouble getting them in sinc even before we left the driveway.  Seemed like they wanted to be trotters all of a sudden!  It wasn't too long after that they got their chance!  We weren't even a mile down the road and came to a sharp downhill slope.  That's when it happened...NO BRAKES AGAIN!!! Casey actually broke into a full gallop before we were at the bottom!  Oh my goodness, so scary!!  So up the next hill we went and that is it.  We knew we couldn't go any further for the safety of the horses, well, and me!!
We stopped at the first house and they blessed us with some brake fluid and told us to go to the next drive (Clyde's) we would have room to pull in and work on it.  We got into Clyde's and there was nobody home.  Mark took a look at the front brake while I pumped and sure enough, we lost another brake cylinder. I called a couple of service stations but it was already 2 in the afternoon.  All closed for the weekend.  Mark walked to the farm across the road and she said she didn't know that she could help at all but that the feild next to us was theirs and they were done with it, waiting for it to die, so we could use it if we needed. Then Clyde's son found us and told us that there were motion detectors everywhere and we are lucky the police hadn't been there yet.  He called his dad and told us we HAD to move from the drive because there were going to be trucks (semi's) coming in, but that he understood and we could park wherever as long as it wasn't in that driveway.  Long story we sit in a field, hoping we can get out on Monday.  Some great folks showed up to help (Thank you God), Heather came first and made some calls...then came Fred and Tammy Wilkins.  Lord bless these folks! Made sure we were all settled in and brought back a floor jack, jack stands, and said we could use the electric from the barn (Thank you God, again!) We got one wheel off and this is going to be a challenge.  We may have to have this done for us. Talked to Hank again and he said to call his dad on Monday.  So, that's what we'll do. Fred is going to come back tomorrow and take Mark to town to find parts and maybe John Detwieler can squeeze us in on Monday.  Other than that???  We're still all good.
Please pray for blessings for all of these fine people that blessed us.
Thanks, God bless,
Keep on believing!! 

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