Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 100!!!!

   Well we thought we were goin' to see baloons and confetti and streamers and hoop-la and stuff on our 100th anniversary...but alas twernt to be! But it was a great day just the same. It's just kinda a personal mile stone for us, and GREAT testimony to God's faithfulness. We left the stockyard a little late. We took the time to do an interview for the Hopkinsville (Hop-town one of the locals call it) paper this morning. A fine young man came out to do the interview. He was raised not far from our Michigan home. His name is Benjamin Joubert and he wanted prayer for future uncertainties for him and his family for the next 3-4 months.
   We had some last minute visitors and picture taking goin' on after the team was harnessed and hitched. Bob took the opportunity to rub his bridle on Casey a couple of times and pull one ear out. He's been doing' the trick as long as I have known him. It's like he knows when I'm not paying attention to him. So finally I got the step stool out of the wagon and climbed up a couple of steps to adjust his top strap, again. And finally we were off.
   This is one beutiful part of our country here in Kentucky. The rolling hills will awe you, and bring you even closer to God. We are off hwy 41 and jumped onto hwy 164. We want to scoot around Clarksville and Fort Cambell. So we will follow this west until we hit hwy 139 and go south again. Kinda nice to be on some small hwy's and back roads again. There was actually some time (when the wind wasn't gusting) when all you could hear was clip-clop of the horses feet. Been a while since we had a day like this. Nice day.
   We started a new habit today. No matter how late we start we are unhitching the horses and giving them an hour to drink and eat along side the wagon. We really didn't have to today, since we only did 12-13 miles....but we thought it was important to start establishing the habit today. So the horses enjoyed their anniversary day too!
We made it to Peedee.  We are at Rob and Christa's house.  Great for the horses and us.  And believe it or not...they are from Michigan too!  That's twice in the same day!
When we got to our turn onto 164, we were passing the little minit mart on the corner and one young lady called out to come in and get a sandwich!  So we did!  Very reasonably priced, great food!  Anybody close should check it out!  By pass 68 & 164!
We met a few folks when we made the lunch stop (later, for the horses. Country Boy Store).  One was Anthony Robinson.  He stopped so the kids could come and see the horses!  That's great cause they love to be seen :)  His request is for his grangchildren and his wife, Paulette.
At the same stop we met Joe and Patricia Rogers.  They would like prayer for their family and their extended family for health and strength.  And sister, Janice Johnson, to stay strong!
When we stopped to ask about staying here tonight, we met Greg & Gill Watruba.  They asked for prayer for their family.
Also, we met Margaret and Leavell Cheathan.  Their prayer request is for the Lord to bless the new year coming in for everybody!
Rachel's mom needs prayer for her migraine and Rachel needs prayer for strength and health as she starts back to work.
Comments: you & mom covered.  And thank you!
Jones'...Thanks so much!  We meet people everyday that either know you guys or have heard of you!
Anon...Thanks so much!
So now we'll have dinner and a rest and start again tomorrow!  We are waiting for our friends from Michigan to head home from Memphis so we can hook up and see them for a minute!  That will be soooo awesome!!  We were tucked in so good when they went, they never even saw us!  That kinda stunk, in reality!
So, God bless you all, sleep well, and good night!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 99

First, thanks to all that commented on Casey's malady!  She's all good.  Whatever it was, it passed quickly and she's good!
Another great day for travel!  56 degrees!!  That is probably the ONLY reason we left our safe haven from last night.  Got to meet the Mayor this morning.  Danny Lacy and he called his friend Anthony (the Monk) and we sat down and checked out maps for the best next step.  Found a good way to go!  So, even with the invitation to stay as long as we liked, it was time to head out into the day!  Making hay while the sun is shining, so to speak.  We did make it 16 miles today so.......
We had one HUGE hill along the way and they kids did it without a hitch!  They are getting so good and so STRONG!
We met Margaret Johnson.  She asked for prayer for her family and for the Terry family! She had passed us and came back to ask what we were doing.   You know the rest :)
So, we got to the by pass around Hopkinsville and called Johnny to find out where we were going.  He was already on his way toward us!  Sure enough, within minutes they caught up to us!  We were only about 2 miles from our stop.  They lead us in and waited for us to get settled then took us to the Wood Shed for their famous B-B-Q.  Or a grilled cheese and fries depending on how you look at it!  The food was great and so was the company!  We finally got to meet Johnny's wife, Cindy.  Just as nice as him and Jason.  Great folks!  Thanks for all your help guys!  Then we went for a drive to check the route we were going to take.  Johnny agreed that the route we chose was a good one and we are actually almost to the road we picked.  So, we are all set for the start up tomorrow!  Almost to Tennessee!!!
Bob...Thanks!  Whatever it was, it passed quickly...Thank God.  But still good advice for the memory bank.
Larry, Paula, Gina, & Mark...Thanks.  She's all good again. Good to hear from you all again!!
Joan...Thanks for your prayers.  She's better now
Crickette...Awesome you saw the comment!  Prayers for your diabetes.  Good luck finding the book!
Benjamine...I sent you an e mail
So, that was our day.  Wind blown, tummies full, must be time for bed!
Godd night and God bless you all!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 98

Hi everbody! It was a beautiful day to travel in Kentucky! Sun shine and a little breeze. High in the (high) 40's. I got up early this morning...NO REALLY!!. Yeah-yeah I know must be a miracle! I went to bed early last night...actually the plan was to watch a DVD with Punkin, while laying in bed....great plan....I saw about 15 minutes of the movie. Chuckle-chuckle!! Hey it's the cold ( the crud) I tell ya! But I musta needed the sleep more than the entertainment.
   So Bob & Casey were fed and watered, dogs fed and watered, and the 2 cups of coffee in the tank by  7:30. We were goin' to have a record early start. Johnny and Jason came by to take us to breakfast this morning (as they did yesterday THANKS!), but I already had a bowl of cereal down and I was primed to move. So I begged off of breakfast, but did accept a ride to get a 20 pounder of propane and scout out front a little. Crawford is about 10 miles, but I got my eye on a stop about 16 miles out.
   We got back and said our good byes. Johnny has been a great help and great company along with his son Jason. They drive mules, and have built 7 or 8 wagons. They have really got it down pat at this point. I learned some great things from them and I'm sure we'll stay in touch when it comes time to make improvements (or the next wagon).
   I got the team harnessed and hitched up and another visitor rolled in. So we chatted for a while and headed out. We drove over to one of the gas stations on the corner and added about 15 lbs of air to our plugged tire. I don't think it was loosin' air... I just don't think it got 50lbs when it was fixed. We pulled out of the gas station and started down the road and I knew something wasn't right. Bob was pullin' right and Casey was doin' whatever she wanted. I gave them a minute to see if they would settle, but to no avail, I knew something was wrong. So punkin got down and walked around to make sure everything was snapped and buckled. "Yup everything looks good" she says. So we try it again...same thing. I KNOW something is wrong. Then Punkin spotted it. I had the continous line on Caseys reigns on the inside instead of the outside. So she (Deb) got down and fixed it. Ahhhh that's better. I knew something was wrong.
   Then it baffled me how I did that? It's not like I haven't had any practice...hmmmmm. Took me about a mile to figure it out. I always put the harnesses on from the right side. Did all that as usual....but I have started putting the reigns on at the side of the wagon. We don't have a step over type tongue so we each walk a horse up and Deb holds them while I hitch. I used to put their reigns on up there...but John and Jerry Jones showed me a better way to do it, on the side of the wagon. So when we step the up to get hitched all we have to do is switch the 2 inside reigns, unsnap off one horse and snap onto the other. Very cool stuff. Quick and easy. But I put Caseys reigns on wrong because I used to standing on the right side of the horse and doin' everything. And her being the left side horse.... does that make sense?? Well anyway suffice it to say that WILL NOT be happening again! Always learnin' something...The hard way of course. Nobody hurt...lesson well learned. Change the process...make adjustments!
It wasn't long down the road and we saw some folks pulled over and waiting for us.  When we stopped, they said they had passed us and knew who we were from T.V. and needed prayer!  How awesome is that?!  So we prayed for them right away at the wagon side and promised to add their requests to this blog so all of us can pray for them as well.  They were Dowll Parker, who needs a healing for his head and back, Linda Parker, who is a cancer survivor and is having a problem with her hip, and Anna Cotton is having heart problems.  I'm sure we can all hold them up for complete healings and the Lord will take it from there!
Next we met Rita Fleming.  She asks for prayer for her father's health.
At the same stop we met Doug Brow, he is very blessed.
And Mike Spears, who's father-in-law has cancer.  He needs prayer.
At this stop, we watered the horses so we were there for a minute.  Before we left, Rita came back!  She had talked to her brother, Danny Lacy.  He is the Mayor of Crofton and they invited us to stay the night (or as long as we need) at the park in town!  Parks don't usually work out for us at this time of year as they are deserted and the water is off. BUT...Rita said we could plug in and if she remembered right there was a hydrant.  Right on both accounts!!  The mayor had Rita open the new building for us so that we could go in and use the bathroom and fresh water!'s warm in there!  We are clean!
While we were setting up camp we met Richard Rogers and he went home and picked up Carly Crick so she could see the horses.  Rita made some calls and was able to reach Terry and Jane Bowman, who brought us a couple of bales of hay.  Terry is a retired coal miner.  There are aLOT of coal mines here, meaning...LOTS of miners.  Scary job from my point of view!
Jeana Crick and Amara Crick came to see the horses too!
We had a visit from Janice and Mike Gaulden.  Janice saw us on Rita's facebook.  They asked for prayer for Ashley Hanby who had a car accident on Christmas day.  She's ok but only by miracle!  Banged up bad, but making it!  Praise God!
Janice and Mike also found us 6 more bales of hay for the trailer!  Thank you so much!!  We were low!
So as we were writing tonight...Casey got her feed and ate it right up.  THEN...she walked away, got down on her front knees for a minute (like she was going to roll), got back up, stood with her back legs stretched way out in back of her (didn't pee), hung her head and laid her ears back and just stood there.  Stomped her feet, walked in a circle, then just stood there again!  I'm no vet and neither is Mark, but he came and got me to watch her with him to see the strange behavior.  Between us, we decided that banamine won't hurt so she got a full tube of that, except the part that couldn't come out cause she bit the tube.  Anybody that remembers can picture the face she made!!  Her and that tongue ;)  Seems to be acting like herself now but we'll definitely be watching her all night!  Any suggestions out there?  Ideas?
Crickette...Awesome!!  Thank you!
Cowboy Bob...Ah!  Thanks so much brother!  We will be seeing him tomorrow evening and we will SURELY tell him about this book! 
That's all for today!  Gonna try and get good sleep again.  We'll check on Casey every wake up to be sure she stays ok, and we'll talk to ya tomorrow!
God bless and good night!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 97

Topic of the!  One day of travel, then RAIN!  And a little snow.  The wind sure makes it feel colder than it should be!  Everything is mud again and we're down for the day.  We know that travel is not impossible in the rain, we also know that wet roads are the worst kind for the horses safety.  For a LOT of reasons!  Anyway, it sure doesn't hurt Bob's health to go slow for a while.  So, all's good.
Started our day going to breakfast with Johnny and his son Jason.  They drive mules.  Jason drives his to church or wherever.  He is in 6th grade!!  Johnny and he take week long "journeys" when they can and love it!
We would like to put in a prayer request for Johnny.  Johnny has diabetes.  He hardly walks anymore because he has so much trouble with his legs.  We would like to ask for prayer for his healing!  He enjoys the good parts of life too much to be slowed down by the enemy's garbage.  So, we would like to add him to the list.  Thanks
And an unspoken prayer for Joel and Melinda while they figure out their next step.
And for our friends Bob & Tammy.  The Lord knows their needs.
J Wade...Thank you!
Shannon...Congratulations!! And thank you!  That Dawsen is too cute!  That's Jaime that is pregnant!!
Joan...AWESOME PRAISE REPORT!!!!  Thank you.
Well, early night.  Dinner, maybe movie, and sleep! Or better yet...dinner, sleep through movie and be done with it!  We would like to take advantage of the no school busses and maybe get a little earlier start tomorrow.  Heading into Amish country and that always seems to go well.
So God bless all of you!  And good night!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 96

Finally left Madisonville!  We made it down to Nortonville, KY!
Pretty uneventful ride down 41, accept for the beautiful scenery!  Until........the train! 
As you Kentuckians probably know, the tracks run right next to the highway!  We saw 2 along the way but we were able to time it so they got past us before we got close.  We stopped to rest the ponies at 41 and 62 and here it came!!!  Talk about 2 dancing horses!!!!!!  Oh my goodness!  Bob was backed all the way up.  He was just about standing NEXT TO Mark!  And it was a long one!  FINALLY it passed.  I tried to water them after all the excitement and Bob was so upset he wouldn't even drink.  That poor guy :(
We did, however, meet plenty of great people along the way!  That's the best part of this whole journey!  Keeps us moving along!
We met Elizabeth, she would like prayer for her 2 daughters.
Curtis is very blessed but would like prayer for this country.
David Knight and his grand daughters, Addison & Calley, came to see us.  They are also very blessed.
Matt Corbett and Thomas Sisk are both very blessed.
Rev. Chris Wilson stopped to take pictures and his prayer request is for the children, the sick, the lost and the needy.
Jeff Rhye asks for prayer for his daughters salvation
Johnny and Jason stopped.  Jason is praying for better weather. 
We met Bobbie, Laura, Austin, & Kyle Crook.  Bobbie asks for God's direction.  Laura is asking for God's will with her mothers dimensia.  Austin asks for prayer for school.
Amber Dukes needs prayer for her dad.
James and Christina Sisk.  We would like to pray for the continued success of Christina's business.
We also ask for prayer for Rachel's health.  She really needs a healing!
The other day when we were penning up Bob and Casey, Bob saw a good bite of hay so he stopped dead in his tracks.  Mark stopped with him.  I saw them so I stopped.  Casey was still sniffing the grass so she took one more step.  Right on my toe.  You know, the toe that is now broken?  Yea, that's the one.  How can one little toe hurt so bad?  I thought I was just being a sissy because it wasn't even red or anything.  Then this morning it was suddenly black!  Thanks, girlfriend!  Just a little whining for ya!  I feel better now.
That's about it, I guess.  Johnny helped us find this stopping spot and is coming in the morning for breakfast.  That'll be great!  got some hay coming too!
J Wade...Thank you!  Merry Christmas to you too!
Marion...ALL awesome stuff.  Sounds like you guys had an awesome day at church!  And, thank you for prayers!  Love you guys
Rachel...Thank you for your continued prayers.  Stay well!
Jim Pearson...will do!
So, good night to all and God bless!
P.S.  Got to talk to our son tonight!  He is in the Army and stationed in NY.  Happens to be with family in IL today.  After 2 deployments, he struggles.  We just thank the Lord he is home and we got a chance to talk!
Also, skyped with our daughter in Baltimore.  She had a tubal reversal done last Christmas and called yesterday morning to tell us...they are pregnant!!  Yay!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 95

Merry Christmas everyone!  We sure appreciate each and everyone of you. Takin' the time to read and write during your holiday time with family and friends, is no small thing. And Deb, I, Bob, Casey, Bear & Sugar Ray all are grateful!
   We stayed put today. Bob & Casey would have probably been happier in 10-20 acres...but all things considered they are ok. The puppies had extra treats and Punkin is cookin' us up some great vittles. We are parked behind a church since last night. So we got to go in for a service today. The church is the Grace Warehouse an interdenominational church. I have a lotta cool things to comment on about this church which you folks are going to enjoy. In talking with the Pastor ( Gary Bennett ) he asked "what denomination church we attended at home?". We said we attended an assembly of God church and told him about our excellent church at home. We also said that we thought "denominations" were more like "divisions". And that if all the Christians of this world could unite in one voice praising God...I won't get on my soap box. But he replied that's why he named the church inter-denominational and not the typical non-denominational. I like is inclusive, not exclusive.
   The church has a huge youth program and we can see why. We got a small taste of it today when the pastor took us in a back room off the sanctuary where they had over turned drums, plastic and metal, and a whole bucket of drum sticks. A young persons dream I tell ya. We got a short concert by the Pastor and one other young man ( I apologize I don't remember his name) and suffice it to say COULD THEY GO! Not just noise...but great music and rhythms. This is a new and enthusiastic church with about 120 members. If you are church hunting and live in the area we would highly recommend it. We could feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit when we walked in. And were refreshed when we left. We are so grateful...we were blessed by our visit. His youth group also sent us out with some new tools...small bibles with just the new testament-psalms and proverbs. Pocket size.
   We dewormed the horses today, and will do it again in a few weeks to make sure we got any eggs that hatched cuz we didn't get um killed in this treatment. Now that Bob is eatin' better we don't want anything standing in the way of his weight gain. Today was sunny and in the 50's. Woulda been a great travel day but we are still battlin' this crud (cold-flu-whatever). And desperately needed to just sit. So we called family and a few friends, and relaxed. Tomorrow we head down Hwy 41 towards Clarksville, TN. In fact we'll be on 41 till we leave Kentucky.
   No new prayer requests except for  young man we met in church. I do not remember his name...cuz I didn't write it down...I am sorry. But he lost his Dad a week ago and God knows who he is. Please keep him in your prayers. And if you could remember Deb and I in your prayers, that we are to shake this "crud" we sure would be grateful.
Our Christmas gift from our daughter and son-in-law...
Yay!!!  Need LOTS of prayers.  This one is high risk!  But a blessing!!!
Bob...that's EXACTLY where we're going! (79)  Merry Christmas to you!
Joan...Merry Christmas to you! Thank you!
Marion...Merry Christmas our friends!  Miss n love ya!
Terri...Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you!
Crickette...Merry Christmas! And thank you!
Larry & Paula...Merry Christmas!  LOL!  Tell Hailey thanks!  Also, could you take a Merry Christmas to Gina & Mark for us? please?  Thanks!
John & Judy...Merry Christmas!!
Rachel...Merry Christmas to you and your whole family!  Thank you!  Prayers that your friends situation is pulling together!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
God bless!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

DAY 94

Most of you will be reading this in the AM...So a Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you. Thank you for takin' the time out of your busy holidays to read this. Well we left the sancuary of the Allen's and headed out to cross Madisonville. As with most things it wasn't worth all the stress. Bob & Casey relaxed all the way through. Just amazin' was their calmest day in a long time. Good pace...just relaxed. Lotsa traffic...but it didn't phaze anyone.
The sun was shining and it was 52 degrees, thank you Lord, as we headed for Hwy 41. We caught it (41) a couple of lights into town and followed it out. We will be on the hwy all the way to Clarksville TN. Or shortly before. We really don't want to do that city! But we have a tentative route planned.
We had an abulance screamin' up behind us today in town. So I grabbed a little tighter reign and prepared for the worst. But when he got about 30 yards from us and directly behind us, he shut off the sirens and coasted around us. God bless those folks...if your readin' this thanks for the courtesy.
Well tomorrow is Christmas and the birth of our Lord. How thankful can one a person be on that day? Seems in my heart like just not enough. Imagine comin' down from heaven, I mean HEAVEN, to this earth. Leaving our Father and wonders and glories of paradise. Leaving a place so magnificant and holy all the souls spend their days singing praises to out God. To come to earth and die a horrible, dishonorable death for a people who would scourge and despise him. To know all that in advance and STILL come...that is LOVE. And I for one am so humbled...that he thought of me, loved me, and died for me,  before I ever thought of him. truely thou art God...and truely you are love. Happy Birthday Jesus the Christ, our Lord & Savior.
We did meet lots of folks like we always do when we pass through a town!  Here they are...
Wallace Wood would like prayer for his finances.  He needs a car.
Teresa Duncan needs prayer for gout and diabetes.
Mildred Reynolds asks for prayer for all family conflicts, group homes, and nursing homes.
Raymond Swarringin for diabetes.
Josh Thompson asked for prayer for his family, his little girl, and his upcoming marriage.  Lord bless that!
And Samantha for her depression. 
Val Hogf prays for mankind itself!
Gerald Scott needs prayer for their finances.  He has became another victim of this economy.  A situation we can closely relate to.  Have faith Mr. & Mrs. Scott.  The Lord will truely care for ALL of your needs.  We are your proof!  Just let go and fall into His arms.  The Scott's also blessed us and brought us lunch to go!  Thank you
We met Jim Egbert and Arnie Boze.
Cheryl Ryan asks for prayer for her mom.  She is unable to walk and after an incident, is failing.  She never got over it.  She is 89 years old.
Prayers for Betty Cox, who is ill.
And Darryl needs blessings for finding Pastor Gary and securing us a place for the night!
My friend Don...Merry Christmas Brother. I miss ya. May God bless you and yours on this very special day.
And with that...God bless and good night!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 93

Travel day!!!
Before we left, Diana came out to chat.  She would like to add Wesley's dad, Tommy Allen, to the prayer list for his health.  He lost his wife a couple of years ago and has had a rough time since.  She also asked if we would mind if she called the local paper.  We didn't mind.  Sometimes it helps when the people in the area know we're coming so they understand the traffic issues ahead of time.  So, we did an interview over the phone and the photographer was going to catch us on the road.
Wesley had one of his horses saddled up and rode for just a minute then brought him down on a lead.  Man!  Our horses could learn a thing or two!  That horse went where he went, turned where he turned and just because the lead was on!!  He didn't pull him around or have to make him slow down at all!  ust walked with that lead in his hand.  Awesome to watch!
 So, we made it all the way down the hill!  Then back up it!  Wesley & Diana caught up with us to show us our FLAT TIRE!!!  They brought a portable compressor and it filled it right up.  That's when Wesley saw the nail sticking out.  So, we had enough air to turn around at the mine and get repositioned in the drive.  Before we had the horses unhitched, Wesley and David (son) had that wheel off and on its way to be fixed.  He took it to Bob Lantrip!  He plugged it up and then came out to meet us!  Thank you so much, all of you!
Unfortunately, the time got later than we would like for approaching a city.  So, we stayed until tomorrow.  We try really hard to get the timing of a town as best we can, taking into account, day of the week, time of the day, etc.  Tomorrow will be rough, as all the last minute shoppers will be out.  We'll take 41 straight through and do the best we can to keep us all safe!
After we settled back in, the photographer did come and find us.  His name is Jim Pierson.  He's a great guy, took lots of pictures and said we'd be on the front page of the Messenger (Madisonville) tomorrow.  He would like us to pray for Lawrence.  God will know.
We got rested (both feeling pretty punky) ate a little and now are heading for bed so we can get a good start in the morning!  We sure do appreciate our hosts understanding and letting us hang around!
Keep on praying and God bless!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 92

Hi all!
We started the day by watching 2 huge horses run, run, run.  Mark asked Wesley where the horses were?  IN THE BARN!!!  Eating the hay they won't eat for us!  PLUS...they NEVER want to go in the barn!!  But there were 2 geldings in there and Bob was making friends touching nose to nose.  Awwwwwwwww.  Then apparently teasing them because he could run off if he wanted and they were in stalls.  Well, they aren't anymore!  They got let out into half the pasture and Bob and Casey got fenced in the other half.  Now they're sad cause the other horses went to eating grass and Bob is still standing at the fence trying to be friends!  And his new friends get their barn!  Too funny!  They are so beautiful when they run!  We're so happy to see them rested and feeling good again!  Probably going to slow our roll a little so they stay more fresh and healthy.  Thanks for all of your prayers for Bob.  He is healing!
So Wesley was off to logging this morning.  Diana came out and brought us a fruit basket and Christmas card!  Thank you so much!  We miss fresh fruit.  So, we chatted for a bit and...RAIN!!  We already had the horses up and starting to pack and brush.  Diana said, you know you're welcome to stay another night if you want!  You can shower and if you have any laundry...we stayed!  Mark is feeling pretty poopy today.  I guess I shared that :( .  When Wesley got back we went in and had a great visit!  Very nice folks! 
I want to thank Hank and Jeannie for the hay they blessed us with last night,  again.  By name this time (sorry).
Diana has a prayer request for us.  Her dad will be 86 in February.  Her mom has alzheimers.  She is so bad she is in bed.  The request is for dad.  He and Diana are caring for mom and that's a huge job!  So, can we all pray for dad and Diana's strength, health, and perseverance!  Also, for the Lord to help with mom!
Rachel has asked for prayer for a friend of hers that lost her sister.  Her sister passed and she cannot afford to have her buried.  She is distraught!  She could surely use some prayer for her physical and emotional needs right now!
That's about all we got for a day off!  This must be the rainy season for all parts south of Michigan!  It sure comes often and stays long!
For today then, God bless and good night!  Love you all!  You are our blessings!
Comments:'re welcome and thank you.  So sorry for your friend.
Sharon...Still here and thank you for your prayers
Larry & Paula...Woo-Woo! on that back to work!!  Is it better? Or just good enough to go back to work?  Thank you for your prayers.
Jones...Thanks for everything!  We'll see you somewhere!
Cloe's...Thank you for your prayers!
Crickette...Thank you so much
Paula...Thank you!
Ok, talk to ya tomorrow!  Might actually make it through that town this time!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 91

Moving again!  Not far but getting closer to another dreaded city.  We should be able to make it all the way through it tomorrow.
We are in/near Nebo, KY.  Staying with the Wesley Allen family for the night!  Expecting to see the Jones guys yet tonight, and had a visit from Ron (2 stops back).  He ran out to say hi and bring us the things we left behind...sorry...very forgetful. 
We started out a little late because we knew we were coming here and it was only 8 or 9 miles from where we were.
Bob and Casey were ready to travel.  Bob is eating good again, and John and Jerry watched and corrected a few things in our control system. (reins, bits, bridles).  Mark said WOW!  way more control and had a easy travel day.  Jerry actually came with us this am!  First he drove, then he rode.  This is what these guys do.  They buy & sell & train and pulling ponies. They do pulling competitions all the way down the Mississippi. They break them to harnesses so they know what they're looking for and what works.  Thanks so much for all your knowledge and the sharing of it. Papaw would be proud of you guys!  Mark really enjoyed the company and conversation.
So, off we went.  Back down 41A.  We stopped for a breath in Nebo at the Nebo Service center and they were all great too!  Got water for the horses and a suggestion for an overnight.  Thank you so much, but, like we said...we were heading here.
Lots of people stopped to take pictures while we were stopped and we talked to anybody that had the time.
Billy Parish was the 1st one to offer water and a rest spot.  When we asked if he had a prayer request, he said he'd pray more people would do what we're doing.  Us too Billy!
The Coomers just ask God for their daily needs and Shirley was on her way to have her shoulder looked at.  We'll pray that everything is fine there!
Amy Bowen asked for prayer for her niece that is having heart surgery next month, and for her Godson who is mentally disabled.  And, for peace on earth.
So, for a short day it was a good day.  Always is when we get to meet folks.
We are in coal mining country so we'll have those darn trucks to contend with for a bit again!  Had alot in southern IN too!  The good thing about traveling now is that even though there are trucks, the farmers are all done for the season.  The reason that is good is because unless you've never met a combine on a road without shoulders, you'll never know the challenge that can be with two dancing horses and NOWHERE to go!
We were blessed with 10 bales of hay this evening!  Thank you Lord! (we were down to 2)
And we want to say thank you to Bob S.  Thanks for your continued support!  Gotta meet some day!
So, for now...dinner and bed.  The Allen's offered spaghetti dinner when they get home, but we have thawed meat and with the frig space, we thaw it...we use it!  But we sure do appreciate the offer!   Thank you.
Thanks for following!  We sure appreciate you all!  I hope you are all seeing answers to your prayers daily!  Even miracles!  If you keep your eyes wide open, you'll see them everywhere!
Good night and God bless!
Oh, could you please pray for this flu/cold I have to be gone?  Thanks

Days 89 & 90

Hi there!  Sorry we haven't blogged, again!  We had two down days.  Both days were pretty uneventful but got re-upped on prescriptions one day and I (Deb) was very sick the second!  I thought I was gonna die!  Darn flu!!  Not stomach tho, thank God!  The bad cough, no sleep, everything hurts kind.  But...better now.
I do have a couple of prayer requests to post!
Joan is asking for prayer for the family of Pauline Sullivan.  She was killed in a car accident.  Lord please bring them all peace and comfort.
And the Jones family for health, happiness and to be safe!
Comments: it covered!
Cloe's...We love to learn!  We have been very fortunate this entire journey to have met all the great people that we have.
Jones'...We loved meeting all of you!  We sure learned good stuff.  The changes all worked out great!
Rachel...Providence, KY!  No snow here!!
Cindy Jones...Thank you
That's all for the off days.
Keep on believing and stay in prayer!
God Bless!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 88

   Today was a learning day. We didn't travel, which wasn't easy for me (snow is chasing us ya know). But we are going to try and get my prescriptions filled, so we stayed put. But we also had a chance to learn some team driving things and harness adjustments. John (the Dad) & Jerry (Son) Jones learned pulling and driving horses from John's Dad. And they are already setting up Jerry's 2 yr old!  He is too cute!
So, did a little wagon organizing and a little light sled driving and a lot of learning! Not a bad day!  we met a bunch of good people through Jerry...they all come to visit him, cause he's a great guy.  When they say that someone is born and bred for something, that's John & Jerry!
You should see their pulling ponies!  They pulled a cart first then moved up to a light sled.  After that, they were hitched to the heavy sled and they were just jumping to go!  Just like the big guys!!  These guys pull up to 8 times their weight!  Awesome to watch!
No new prayer requests today from new people.  Just a couple of our own.
Please continue to pray for:
Denise's health.
Unsaved family members.
Chuck in WI to recover from his heart attack.
And all that are already on our list.
Plus for each other.
Bob would like everybody to know that he was the biggest horse in the lot today.  He's so prideful. And Casey had a great day right up until she stuck her nose on the fence.  Then she stood out in the middle of their pen and pouted til Mark went in and gave her a hug around her neck.  Other than that, they started on vitamin E today. And Bob ate his food right up tonight.
Rachel...good to hear from you!  Thanks!
Terri...thanks for the encouragement!  You are so faithful!
Jones'...Thanks for all the new knowledge.  Can't learn too much, ever!!
And with that, we bid you goodnight and God bless!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Days 86 & 87

So, day 86 was prep day!  Getting ready to hit the road again.  We had a wonderful break and are so thankful to Ron and Deborah for the opportunity to have it!  For all they shared with us, we are grateful!  God bless you guys and we hope He answers all of your prayers.
Saturday is here and it's a beautiful, sunny day!  We are looking for some alphalfa hay and can't seem to find any.  Anyway, the horses came right up to the feed bucket so we didn't end up chasing them across 30 acres! HA!  That wouldn't happen, I'm pretty sure!!
So, off we went!  looking for a short day to get back in the swing of the road.  Ended up doing about 10 miles.  Perfect. 
We met some folks when we stopped for a water break.  We met Cindy Jones.  Her request is for prayer for her family through these times.  She also offered us a place for the night and that is where we are now!
With her was Edna Cline, she asks for prayer for her health.
 At the same time a truck pulled in and it was Mark & Ann Morse. And Jonathan Sambro. They had seen us when we were in Henderson.  They brought us hot coffee and cookies, apples for the guys (that we'll eat), and a Christmas card.  Thanks so much you guys!  Needed that hot drink for sure! All asked for prayer for their families.
Just as we turned on the road to come over to the Joneses barn, we met David Jameson and Jim Woodring.  Both a couple of horse guys.  Chatted for a bit with them.  They both have breast cancer surviving moms!  They are going to one day do a journey of their own and raise money for breast cancer research! Awesome!
The Jones have about 20 ponies here.  They break them to ride and drive.  They are just  the cutest little things!!
That's actually about it for this day.  Very quiet day on the road. Horses did great for their 1st day back at it.
So, for now...we're going to sit, relax, and watch cartoons!
Goodnight and God bless you all!  Thanks for following and holding up all this prayer!
Bob...we're back at it and we all enjoyed the break!
Rachel...You too!
Greg & Teresa...Thank you so much!  We do know Ludington!  Our daughter lived in Muskegon for a time!
Rick...GBU as well!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Days 84 & 85

All I'm tryin' to do is get a hair cut...but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Next time ya'll see me I'll be lookin' like my throw-back days. So if I appear to be unkempt and not my usual tidy self (as seen in previous pictures)...please forgive me. Wink!
   Well we plan to finish up laundry and cleanin' our guest house tomorrow and back on the road Saturday morning. As long as it isn't raining we'll drag everything out of the wagon and repack. We spent today restockin' on crimped oats-calf manna-and beet pulp. Still haven't found a good alfalpha hay...but we have some pellets if need be. We also got Bob's medication for the 1st 30 days of treatment (ouch!). We're just tickled pink it's workin'. Bob is eatin' like-a horse (snicker-snicker! couldn't help was just tooooo easy). Got some other shoppin' done was so much easier in a pick-up. Thanks to Ron & Debbie for the use of the vehicle. It has been at our disposal since we got here. I can not express to these folks how appreciative we are for all they have done. Goin' shoppin' with Bob & Case is kinda like tryin' to take the...whatever, it's not easy!!
   Speakin' of the ponies...ya know they have 30 acres to play in...but they are only using about 5 of it. Why you might ask??? Because on the one fence line there are other horses. Bob's either in love (which I doubt know given the equipment evaluation) or they are steady talkin' trash brother-to-brother. I had to walk out to give them their oats. Normally they come runnin' when I call. Not this time. They scoot up behind a few trees and hug the fence nose to nose with the other horses. 25 acres of good grass sittin' there totally ignored. Ron and I have decided they are steady talkin' trash about their owners and how they work the snot outta them. Makin' um walk all the way accross the country. And the other horses are probably tellin' them they're crazy for doin' it...just sneak across the fence line Brother...all we do is get saddled up once in a while...good feed...plenty of pasture....we're not draggin' no stupid wagon any where!!
   But then again maybe their just swappin' weather stories...Michigan winters-vs-Kentucky ice and tornado's. Anyway...can't nothin' good come of any of this. Somethin' serious is gettin' discussed for 25 acres of good grass to get ignored. Must be serious...& can't be good. I believe if we stay much longer we would have an insurrection on our hands.
   So did I tell you we are gettin' it back together tomorrow and leavin' on Saturday? Chuckle-chuckle!! Here's my Punkin girl answerin' some comments. Good night and God bless ya'll.
Prayer requests and comments:
  • Joan asks for prayer for her brother, God will know what that means
  • Mari"s brother, Kary, needs our continued prayer.  He has been hospitalized for extremely high blood sugar.
Cowboy Bob...Awesome!  On your way soon.
Rachel...You're welcome and thanks
Crickette...Thank you coming
Creek Lane Belgians...Thanks for the great tips! We're trying a new combination. Thanks for following, we are at:
Well that's it for today.  I (Deb) did get to go to bible study last night with Debbie and it was great!  I love it when we get a chance for church!
So, goodnight and we'll see ya tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day's 82 & 83

Ahhh, sorry we didn't blog yesterday. But Bob & Casey got turned loose in about 30 acres to run. Sugar Ray and Bear are lounging in a guest house along with Punkin & I. And after steak-corn on the cob and a great salad, I collapsed mentally & physically. apology accepted? Tanks!
   Day 82...Vic & Nancey Brown were great hosts. Vic came by this morning and drove me up to view a fairly sizable hill so I could ascertain if the ponies were capable of the challenge. I felt they were but it would be a challenge. (in reality they trotted all the way up it...they amaze me sometimes. We are so proud of them). Everybody had a good rest & Bob is back on his feed...that's probably why everyone is feelin' better!
   Before we left Gary & Sherry Atherton came by to talk and get some pictures of the horses. They and the Browns blessed us with plenty of can goods. The Athertons also brought us our second Christmas card (was actually from their church who said Merry Christmas and we are praying for you) Thanks so much. And thanks so much to the Browns. May God bless each of these folks. We are so thankful to them. The Atherton's ask that we pray for their Pastor and for their new (& yet to appear) great grand baby. Mom is having some trouble so please pray for the Mom and the Little Life.
   So we left off knowing we had about a 12 mile day (I think we actually did closer to 15). But we did some challenging hills the first 6 miles. Did some pretty sizable ones and had to let the horses blow a couple of times. We came by a welding shop right before "water tower" hill and a gentleman everyone calls BBradshaw asked if the horses needed a drink. So I swung them in across the road. Punkin gave them a good drink and sprayed them down on their necks and chests. Cooled them down nicely. Bradshaw asks that we pray for his grand babies and his neck & back. You got it Brother. He told us a story about how when they were building water tower hill's road (alt41 tryin' to grade it down) the steam engine being used to transport & grade the road. But the steam engines couldn't haul the equipment up top the top. So a neighbor told them his pair of draft mules could pull anything up to the top they needed. They said show us and you gotta job. He showed um..and got the job. Just some local color. I love this stuff. End of mentioned earlier the dynamic duo aced the hill at a trot!
    We had a destination in mind when we left out on day 82. We were heading for the other side of Dixon on alt.41. Beautiful ride but kinda hilly. But then again that's Kentucky...rollin' hills. We had met Ron & Deborah the day before when they offered us a place to hold up a spell. But they were to far away. So we gave them a jingle when we got almost to Dixon. As I said earlier they set us up greatly. Bob & Casey are in more pasture than they can wander, and Punkin and I are resting up in their guest house with the puppies. Our first night away from the wagon. Seems a little strange, to be in a real house...but I keep telling myself to relax and enjoy a few days. Let Bob & Casey relax and unwind and eat-eat-eat. We are so thankful, I should be able to get some wagon repairs done during our respite. But day of rest.Ahhhhhhhhh.
  1. Sidney & Gale Steib (he was Santa come to visit!!) ask that we pray for physical-spiritual-and mental health for them. Gale was telling us that she bakes a birthday cake every Christmas for Christ. Very cool!
  2. Ashley would like prayer for her family. God knows.
  3. Reba McGroo (sp?) would like prayer for her Daughter...she has leukemia.
  4. Rachel's Grandmother has pneumonia, please pray for a speedy recovery.
Comments: (here's Punkin)
  • Mandi, No problem. That's what we do. Love ya!
  • Jaime, LOL thanks-love you.
  • Paula, sorry we missed you. Text story-no video
  • John & Judy, We hope & pray that we are helping and blessing...but we feel like we are the ones being blessed.
Thank you all. God bless you each & everyone of you and yours. God is everything.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 81

   81 and counting...seems like only yesterday I was wrestling with Bob & Casey from the seat of a borrowed cart trying to stay out of the ditches and work them up to 10 miles a day. Swelterin' in 90 plus heat and wonderin' what I got myself into.
   But look at the dynamic duo (Bob & Casey) now. Dancin' and prancin' through the hills of Kentucky. If their Moms & Dads could only see them now! How proud they would be! So we did about 15 miles today. Few more than we planned but that's the way it is out here sometimes. Findin' a place for all the kids isn't always easy. But here we are landed and sound. God is great!
   Well hats off and thanks to Terry and his neighbors for all the great hospitality.  And we keep his neighbor, Jo Ann Speaks and her whole family in our prayers!  We thank her, too, for her prayers for us. 
    So ya know we broke our evener again a few days back. Got a couple of lag bolts into the old oak before my wife snapped the heads off. No really. I've never told ya'll this ...but this woman is to be feared. She's got power I tell ya! And not just spiritually. This woman could put a'hurting on a badger. So anyway...I di-gress. The evener has been limpin' along just barely hanging together. And we pulled in to give the horses a blow & a quick drink and Pastor Gary Ashby stopped to see us. He asked if we needed hay or anything else. I said we were stocked pretty good right now. And he tells me that he has drafts and a wagon and all kinds of cool stuff we both could appreciate. So we talked for a while and he invited us in for the night. But he was a little outta our reach for today. So as he was leavin' he asked again ...I got harness and whatever you need...HEY my slow brain finally snapped into drive and remember the evener. He said sure I got one...keep goin' and I'll catch ya down the road. And he did. He not only brought an evener he brought one geared up. Plus he brought an extra center board in case his brakes. So I traded him an extra we had.It was too small for us...but we kept it in case of a roadside emergencey. He said it was perfect for his heflingers. How cool is that??? God is good. This man of faith brought us a dozen farm fresh eggs and a blessing to boot. And we are so thankful. I love it when God puts a plan together. We are so greatful. The pastors prayer request is that we pray that his church becomes spiritually stronger. More spiritual. Holy spirit please touch his church members and light them up with your light, with your life, and a vision of the spiritual realm battling around them. To be more sensative to your prodding & guiding. That we all listen for Gods voice and his will. And have the faith & courage to step out.
Down the road from Henderson, we met the Buddy's.  They pray for us and we'll all pray for Ryan and his family!
Christy Dowell prays for peace and the economy!
Hazel Cook stopped to give us a piece of cake and asks for prayer for her husband, Kenny.  His health is very bad.
Jody's friend has a pinched nerve or slipped disc, whichever...they need to find and fix it soon to avoid further damage.
John Tucker wants prayers for his grandson, Gabriel.  He is asking that God have and hold that little guy for all his life!
Tammy would like prayer for her 87 year old friend, Skipper's health.
J Wade...Thank you so much!
Paula...We were on Alt 41 from 11:30 on.  We landed just south of Poole.
Jenny...Thanks for looking for that link.  I can't find it either!  It was WEHT 7/25 that stopped.  Thank you for the good wishes!  Warm up this week!!
Rachel...Thanks.  We hope Bob gets fat too!  He eat good tonight!
Judy...Casey hasn't lost anymore hair.  Hot her some bio tugs!  She is now up 3 links in her tugs and is helping more!
Charlie & Jann...Thanks!  I hope they post the video soon!  We'd like to see it!
Well, that's Sunday!  Moving along slow but sure!  Thanking the Lord for everything, every step of the way!
Thanks for praying with us!  God bless!
Good night!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 80

Good evening!
Didn't move today.  Waited for a vet to come and see Bob's teeth.  Teeth are all good so we"re going to try some meds to help settle his tummy.  Could be ulcers.  We'll get him fixed up good.  Gotta get him fat!
We did get a request for prayer today!  Lori Harper justt found out that she has cancer.  Not something any of us want to hear.  But now, since that news,  her husband has passed away from a massive heart attack!  They weren't just married, they were the best of friends!  She is feeling so alone and afraid.  Please can we all lift her up to the Lord in our prayers?  She certainly needs alot of comfort and a healthy dose of healing to go with it.  Let her grieving be short and her memories be long!
Jenny...still can't find the TV version!  But thanks!
Rachel...prayer fixes everything!
Bob...Thanks for the good info!  We'll use all of that!  The 100 mile deal sounds awesome!  We could use a week ourselves!
Paula...Thanks, and thanks for your prayers
Pastor Jaime...Thanks.  Love you!!
Rick...yes so many needs for prayer.  That's why we need all of you!!  and..........oh my ;)
That's all for today.
God bless andgood night!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 79

What a day!!  Finally made it across that bridge!!  And immediately got pulled over!  Speeding??? you may ask??  No.  All good legally. Just too much traffic.  Had to sit a looooooooonnnnnnnng time to let them all pass.
That's when the news guy caught us!  eye witness news channel 7 & 25 ABC.  We only caught a second of it and I couldn't locate it on line to post the link so if anybody can????...please send it along, we'd love to see it.  Or not???  Press is not always flattering when it comes to issues of faith.
 So!  On with the business of the journey!  We met aLOT of nice folks today.  Donna Gibson needs prayer for her husband, Dan.  Dan has heart problems that leave the docs saying he could go at anytime.  They are signed up for a transplant donor, but....We better all pray for that donor to come through.  A good healthy heart.  Or we can pray for complete healing for that brothers heart!!
Ray Crane asks for prayer for the return of our Lord.
Bill Grain stopped along side the road, not for a prayer request but to get in behind us with his flashers for the trip over the bridge.  He was soon joined by a Kentucky Transportation dept. truck with his lights on!  We were safe and finally doing that darn bridge!  We have been anxious about that darn thing for weeks!  L.T. the kdot driver, would like us to pray for his family.
The news guys name was John.  Very nice man.  John Simpson.  His request was for prayer for his aunt, Patsy, that is having series of mini strokes.  Also for his mom who is elderly but the good Lord is looking after her.
Susan's prayer is for peace.
And un named angel asks for prayer for an un named patient.  She says he has nothing and nobody and now is very ill.  This brother needs to be lifted up.  Nobody should be ALL alone!
Kathy & Todd both have stage 4 cancer...healing
At one point while we were talking to a small gathering of folks, Mark you have a prayer request?  I got NO names, but this is what I, mother, father, grandkids, grandmother!  So, this one is for us to pray and God will know who needs what, cause He already knew before they said it.  Saying it out loud just put wheels on it!
Linda Floyd asks for prayer for her husband, Clinton.  He just had open heart surgery.  Let's help him get healed up and on with his life.
And Linda just asks for her strength in the Lord.
Joan would like prayer for her niece to have a safe trip.
Rachel needs prayer for her increasing headaches to cease and desist!
Now, back to that bridge (again).  The ponies did GREAT!  Never missed a step.  Boy is that thing long!!  Plus, the flooding makes it seem like wall to wall water!  Now, if we were in a John Wayne movie, we could have jumped on the backs of our horses and plunged into that water and come up swimming, horse and all!  I know it's true, cuz I seen it!  Just the other day!  And THAT'S why Mark loves me!!
So, we got through Henderson (almost), when Terry stopped us and asked if we needed a place to stay.  Of course, we were ready to be done.  2 towns and a mega bridge is enough for 1 day.
We'll need a vet tomorrow to check Bobs teeth.  He definitely has a problem.  Pray for us and him that that works out favorably.
It seems that although I read all the comments last night, I for got to address them.  Sorry about that!  So, I will tonight!
Comments from last night:
Rachel...good to see you again.  We had an awesome breakfast! Thanks
Anon...Thanks.  Going to try to get past Henderson.
Joan...Made it!  OK on the kisses.
Jenny...Your dad is awesome!  Took great care of us, AND brought us lunch on the road!  Thanks so much and prayers for blessings for him.
Comments for today:
Bob...Lost a bunch, all of a sudden!  Vet tomorrow hopefully!
Terri...we'll see how tomorrow goes for a vet
Mari...They were great!  Thanks so much!
Gina...LOL!  Met Tom.  GREAT guy!
Rach...Thanks so much and for the offer of dinner tonight!
Crickette...Amen to that! Thanks
Paula...we never know until the day begins!  We are just off alt. 41 tonight.
And with that, we are going to huddle in and get through the cold night!  Our prayers are with you all and God bless.  Good night.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 78

Hi there!
Well, today was the day.  No more putting it off.  Gotta get through Evansville!  The plan was to get out early and make it safely to Billy's.  BUT... before we knew it, we had a visitor!  Jenny Catt's dad!  He said we could stay closer to 41!  At the super Flea Market lot!  So, we talked to him and he said he'd drive and see for sure how to go and that Jenny could call and ask if there was electric and he'd be back.
Sure enough!  Only 12 miles to go!  That was great news!
Bob was pretty antsy for the first 5 miles!  But he finally walked along like he didn't care.
LOTS of traffic on 41!!  Thank goodness most of it was 3 lanes which was awesome!  Pretty standard trip.  People shocked to see us in line at the traffic lights!  LOL!  Cameras...EVERYWHERE!
We crossed an old "fancy" bridge with the whole iron cover or whatever you call it.  Pretty cool!  Horses didn't even caree.
Along the way we met Pam.  She would like prayer for all of the needs out there.  And there are MANY!
Then we stopped to chat with Rena.  She is going through a very difficult divorce after a long marriage and asks for prayer for her and her 2 children, Rena and Roosevelt.
We stopped for Bobbie Gray, who brought a precious little girl out to see the horses.  She asked for prayer for her and her family, her kids.
So, we turned a few blocks short of our directions.  Must have been God that made that choice!  We talked to soooo many nice folks at that corner!  When we went back to driving, a school bus full of little ones passed us and oh my goodness!!!!!  The squeals and screams of excitement that we heard come out of that bus were enough to make the whole trip worth while!  They were all so excited!  I guess city kids don't see big horses everyday on their way home from school!  Very cool!
So, we made it to the flea market and have electric and water.  Bob Savage was very nice.  I don't know his partners name but he is also very nice.  They offered us everything.  And went and bought the guys some carrots, which they will eat now.  Still hate apples though.  Bob has lost weight.  We now have him on weight builder and are hoping for some short days and let his fat catch up with him.  He's eating good, more than he was, just lookin lean and sleek.  But winter is coming and he could use some body weight to keep him warm.
So, that was our day.  We're going to turn in and get some good sleep.
We thank you all for following and pray that the Lord just covers all of you prayer warriors with His blessings! Thanks!  The bible says that when two or more come into agreement, your prayers will be answered.  That's the Word, and we can stand firmly on it!
Good night and God bless!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 77

   Day 77 was a cool one, but we saw the sunshine for a couple of hours! We new it was goin' to be a short day (10 miles or so). So we left the race track early and headed for our next destination. We were goin' to over night at a gas station that is no longer in business...but some ladies from the Evansville fire dept. got it approved so we could stay at the 4H grounds. Nice place. No water or electric, but the horses tank we carry was full and we're runnin' on battery.  Great day that the Lord has made, and great day to be alive! Traffic was moderate on 41 and no incidents or accidents.
   We pulled Bob & Casey for a breath today and cameras sprung up around us. Both sides of the road. But across the street was the funniest....mostly because it was a State Police Station. You couldn't see through the tinted glass of the buildings windows, but you could see the flashes goin' off.
Tomorrow is a long drive through hostile territory...we're goin' to be passin' Evansville. The CITY...not exactly our cuppa tea. 15 miles of stress and lotsa stop lights. Hold us up in your prayers please.
Had another vivit from Rachel & family...thank you guys for your support!  Great to see you again!
  •    We met Jann & Charlie Kiesel. Charlie has a procedure (medical) in Tennessee. And please pray for their friend Debbie for life to be better.
  • Jeff & Linda ask that we pray for their grand baby who is 4 years old and has just been diagnosed with cancer.
  • For our grand daughter who has these spells where her heart speeds up tremendously. They are not sure how to treat her yet.
Rick...just the pass throughs, I think.
Paula...Thanks so much for all the help.  God bless
Shannon...we're getting there!  Wherever "there" is?  Kiss n hug those boys for Bob & Casey please!
P.S. Thanks for the GREAT cookies!
That's it for today!  That fresh air sure wears a guy out!  Time for bed already!
Good night and keep on praying!  Be blessed!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 74, 75, 76

Hi Folks...back in communication! Sprint had us shut down. Said we passed our limit on the amount of information we can send while using other companys' towers. So they shut us down. So I'm thinkin' to myself...."ok self lets use some deductive reasoning & figure this out. Sprint does not have enuff towers to effectively give us what they sold us...nation wide broadband with an air card. So they use other better established companies towers (ie:their competitors) to provide us the service they sold us. And then they shut us down towards the end of the billing period, which they are paid in advance for, and send us an email explaining this 1 day before they shut it off. Ofcourse you can PAY more money and get a better service...HHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....NOT! Because excuse me if I'm wrong...but I beleieve we could give our $ to a better equiped provider, and be a bit better off.
   So any way...sorry we were gone for a few days. We are back! They have broke all existin' records for precipitation down here on the Southern Indiana border. Last record year was 2006. So no travel for 2 days. Got 3-4 inches of rain in the general vacinity around us, over 2 days. So needless to say we laid up. Mud-water & rain. Finally had to bust out the blankets for the ponies when the temp dropped on top of everything else. Plus, Lindsay (Gina's daughter) really wanted those horses in the barn!  So we warmed them up with their fancy duds. Had lots of great visitors. Started with Rachel, her Mom-Dad ( Sharon & Randy Boyer )& Brother (Michael). They have been followers for a long time. And it was so cool to finally meet them. They hunted us down to give us our 1st Christmas card. We hadda great visit. It is always so cool to meet our followers. Unfortunately it was raining so our visitin' was confined to our wagon....6 people & 2 dogs. I have to guiltily admit that I had just finished a good nap so I had the best seat in the house. (the bed along with Bear & Sugar Ray). Sorry about the close quarters Folks!
   We also met met Paula & Larry and their 2 girls. Good horse people. They blessed Bob & Casey with a trailer full of hay and picked us up some weight builder for Bob at the feed store. Then Larry realy rescued us. One of us ...forgot to tie the fencer back onto the wagon when we broke camp at our last stop. 3 DAYS AGO! So he ran back to check & see if we were rollin' 7's, or at least hittin' our #...(oops!) I mean lucky. And sure enuff here he came...jumped out with a fencer & a smile. You were the hero on this day Bro. We would have been in a serious pickle without that. At the very least an expensive one! Bob & Casey woulda hung around a day or 2 without it. But eventually they woulda wanted the greener grass on the other side of the fence.
   Mark & Gina were the great hosts. Two showers in 2 days. We spent some hours around the kitchen table and coffee'd up with some great conversation. We are so thankful the Lord put you in our lives. Thanks for the pasture for Bob & Casey too. It might have been wet...but they weren't in the little pen we offer them nightly. Not only did they give us shelter from the storm they set us up for the next few nights! God please bless each of these folks and all their freinds who assisted us. Thanks guys!
   So the decision has finally been made...after much care and consideration...lot's of peoples help...prayer and research. We are crossing into Kentucky at Evansville on hwy 41. Seems you are required to do coggins every 30 days for IL!  We just hit 90 days on Saturday so crossing into IL would be no bueno at this point. So we arrived on 41 today and made it a few miles down. traffic is heavy but there are 2 lanes and lotsa shoulder. Bob hadda nice quiet day on the back roads...which was cool cuz the next three days will be busy.
   We had a companion for about 5 miles today. There was a dog...probably a collie mix who thought it was his job to scout for us. We tried everything to shoo him home but to no avail. He would lead Bob & Casey for a while...then run along side...a quick check behind us (to rile up Bear and Sugar watchin' him outta the window...then back out front. He was amazin' to watch work and of course I called him scout (watch out Bob mathews you could be replaced). But we were closin' in on hwy 41 and we didn't want him hit by a car. So when a man stopped to chat we told him where we thought the lived...he tried callin' ol' Scout...but to no avail. Scout saw that trap comin' a mile a way and scooted down the road. We actually wittnessed him last on the other side of 41. Amazin' dog. Hope he doesn't get hit. Too good of a dog to go out like that. Don't tell Punkin this...but I sure enuff enjoyed that dogs company.
   So anyway off to Evansville...and the big bridge. Sure has been a long stretch through Indiana. Great folks...just seems like we zig-zagged this state for a long time! We are goin' to try hwy 60 in Kentucky shootin' as far west as we can. We are over nightin' at the Tri State Speedway , with our hosts Tom & Loris Helfrich. Got to talk to Tom for minute know...when he drove over a cattle stock tank, half full, on a ... fork lift!! Dropped right in Bob & Casey's back yard. He is a great guy and I look forward to talkin' with him tomorrow.
We didn't travel for 2 days but we did collect some prayer requests!  Glad to see we have lots of pray-ers to help with the ever growing list!  That's awesome!
We could all pray for Lindsey Hill for health, healing, & love.
Tim Gains asks for prayer for his aunt and uncle, Tommy & Shirley Taylor, for comfort and health.
Also prayers for Lisa and her illness.
Don Riley (dad) has liver cancer and needs prayers for continued healing.  The Lord has already healed him most of the way.  No other explanation!
John & Rosemary Conner would like prayer for their family & children that they all live to know Christ!
And prayer for Paula & Larry.
Rick asks for prayer for his friend Diane Spence.  Diane needs a job!  And really needs some good christian friends to surround her and hold her up!  Lord, please don't let her feel so all alone.
Lisa would like prayer for her friends Sarah and Scott.  They need a complete healing for this darn tumor!  And they thank the Lord for their son!  The perfect diversion from it all :)
We want to pray for Joan and her siblings to be happy that their folks are together again in Heaven, even though they miss them here terribly. (1st year without mom)
I would like to add our niece Mandi.  Her birth father has made the worst choice ever and if we could just hold her up.
Rick...they are hams!
Marsan...Thanks for the great pics!
Tedi...Thank you guys!
Clarence & Brenda...Nice to meet you.  Good luck and God bless
Chelsea...Thank you.
John & Judy...Thanks for keeping up with us!
Lisa...HEY STRANGER!!  Will do...did
Jenny...thanks for more pics
Mari...He did
Bob...getting closer.
I think that's all for today.  Stay tuned...there's more to come!
But, for today...thats all.
Good night and God bless you all.
Talk to ya tomorrow!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 73

   We are in triple digits of followers. Thanks for YOUR prayers and support. We couldn't do this without you. Well we got started later than we wished...but for good reason. We had VISITORS! Jenny Catt and her son David. David loves workin' on the area farms and huntin'. He is a great young man & it was a pleasure meetin' him. We also met Jennifer Miley and her sons Jacob, Jared, Jaden. And Mary Schwarz and her fine son Dametrie(sp?). We fed carrots to Bob & Casey and took lots of pictures of horses  and boys. Good fun!
   Well we did 12 miles today. Talked with lots of folks again, which always makes for a great day. We traveled hwy 57 south and actually turned west onto hwy 64. 57 turns into freeway soon and this gives us the option of catchtin' hwy 1 into Illinois or takin' hwy 41 south into Evansville to cross the Ohio river into kentucky.Stll ponderin' and seekin' advice.
   Remember way back when, when I talked about things I was concerned about bumpin' into on the road...and how the horses would react? Well just to refresh your memeries one of them was ..."what if we run fire trucks, ambulance, sirens blarin'...yada-yada-yada. Well we HIT IT TODAY!!! Ambulance full blast-sirens-lights- the works...comin' right at us . Can you imagine how Bob reacted?? Yup that's what we thought. Know what we got? We got Nothin'! He couldn't have cared less. Casey either. Just pulled over and stood there lookin' bored and annoyed at all the noise. Punkin' and I were in shock. we looked at each other, knowing' exactly what the other was thinkin'. Then we hadda good chuckle. How uneventful. How dull & mundane of them not to react badly. Where's our adrenline rush and good copy for the blog?. These two get any more domesticated and I might have to trade them in for a more challengin' pair!
   And that's the way our day went. It was in the 20's last night...but hit the mid-50's today. But rain is on the way. Supposed to get another 3 inches over the next 2 days. Don't know where they are goin' to put it. All the bottom lands are flooded around the rivers and I hear that the Ohio is 2 inches from flood in certain parts of the state. Glad the crops are in. No trucks from the mine today, but we did pass the mines! What a diffence. The roads were much quieter. Today was truely a blessing from the Lord. It is December and 50 plus degrees.
So along the way, these are the people we met and the prayers we would like to add to the ever growing list.
Jennifer M...peace and comfort for their family, and help to stay in Gods will.
Vicky Lloyd (Jennifer's mom)...for guidance and to stay in His will.
Mari Schwarz...prays for the world to be a better place. And prayer for her brother, Kary Young, who is a severe diabetic and not doing well.  Their mother passed away 2 yrs ago from complications of diabetes.
We met Clarence Line as I (Deb) was running back to rescue a 50 lb bag of horse feed that escaped from the trailer.  He pulled up and told me to throw it on his car so I didn't have to carry it all the way.  Clarence is opening a new business in Montgomery in 2 weeks and would like prayer for the success of that business.  It will be called Little Houston's BBQ and it sure sounds good.  We can put some wheels on that prayer by checking it out!
Ton Hill needs prayer for her family.
Robin & Roger Sermershein have a 16 yr old neice, Abigail Watson, that has an inoperable tumor.  As we were talking to this group of people, an officer pulled up and broke it up because traffic was backing up on us.  Due to that, as we passed Abigail's house and didn't see anyone outside, we drove on.  But not without praying the entire length of the property.  Please pray for this young lady.  Robin told us of a website that is for terminal and very ill people.  It's address is .
Mandy has a friend, Cheryl Sims, who is very ill and in need of prayer.
Carol has terminal cancer.  She is 2 yrs into it.  So we prayed with her and told her that all of you would too!  Thanks
Mike Hart had a terrible car accident and broke his back.  He is in Amber Nursing Home and I think some prayers for healing would work out great for him!
Don Long asked for prayer for Amanda.  Lord, he says you'll know what he means!  His father also needs prayer for health.
A mom is asking for prayer for her 2 daughters, both diagnosed with Chrones disease.  They are Melany Wells and Amber Hagaman.  Both have children.
The Hornbrooks would like prayer for their family.
The Messersmith's ask for prayer for those that need salvation.
Kathy needs prayer for their finances and her son.
We met Alexa Kluemper.
Gina Hill, who is also our host, asks for prayer for more guidance for the upcoming year.
Caleb Schooler and his dad Terry are the nice folks that called ahead and made arrangements with Gina for us to stay.  Caleb also gave Mark some venison sausage and salsa.  Football we come!
Rick would like prayer for the many people in Witham Hospital in Lebanon.  Lord, give them hope and joy!  And thank you Lord for a good nurse that cares about people at the same hospital.  Bless you Sara!  And always, prayers for your mom, Rick.
 That's the day!  Lots of nice, great people.
My friend back home said she wouldn't have believed that we were going to meet so many people that would help us along on our journey.  Thanks to all for restoring her faith in the REAL people of America!
Dan H...Thank you.  We were blessed
Rick...thanks for the good prayer scouting!
Bob...You are legend!!  Thanks for the crossing tips and more!  Did you go all the way thru Evansville?  Or pick up 41 further south?  It looks HUGE!!
Ok, we're ready to hit the hay.  Looks like rain for tomorow so we may be out for the duration.  Ah, we'll talk to you all anyway.  You're great!
Good night and God bless

Rachel...Thanks, we'll keep you updated

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 72

  63 degrees today. Thank you Lord. It was a great day for travelin'. So we did some miles. We set out to do 13...but it felt like more than that. We passed threw Washington and stayed right on Hwy 57 all day. We are about 35 miles from Evansville and 57 turns into interstate prior to that so we are goin' to have to decide whether to cross the Ohio...or head for Illinois.decisions...decisions...we gotta pray on this one!
   Had a couple of visitors this morning at the Flint brothers place. Jenny Catt stopped by first thing. She found us through a face book friend I think. I wonder how many face book pages Bob & Casey have crossed in 72 days??? Anyway we sure appreciated her stoppin' by while we had coffee. She's one of those girls who does Mountain Dew for breakfast...but we won't hold it again' her! Wink! Always great to meet new followers. She has a new grandbaby comin' in March and she has neighbors who have new twin lets just pray for those babies for good health and a long life. Thanks guys.
   We also met Mr.Wagler who has been following us from the beginning. Always very cool to meet those followers. He met us threw Bob Skelding...the true wagon teamster. (NOTE: Bob and casey complain to me they are travelin' in the shadows of Doc. Everyone we meet asks if we are you guys. I told them to quit complaining and be happy that Doc blazed a trail for them through these here parts. Bob I know ya check in on us and I gottya tell ya...ya got lots of friends around here and you are missed).  Please remember to drop us a line in comments and let us know how you are doin' from time to time. I was hitchin' up the team and startin' late as I didn't have much time to talk. Sorry about that.
   Phil & Paul fellows are the best...thanks for the great hospitality. May God bless you & smile upon you & yours.
    We enjoyed listenin' to the history of your farm & family. Thanks for sharing. You guys are the kind of folks that America is built on. And we were proud to meet you.You are the true backbone of this country!. After drivin' through the river bottoms I have gained new respect for you fellows and you're ability to farm that land. Talk about your challenges!
   Alright Larry & Lindas and friends... heads up....We finally did it. We went through the McDonalds drive threw. NO REALLY!!! Actually we did it to save Bob & Casey some serious stress. There was this construction goin' on in Petersburg at this stop light. Nothin' really major but it was a MESS! Lotsa traffic. But first and foremost there was one of Bob "monsters" in a tight squeeze that had death or dismemberment written all over it should we try to slide through. A huge cement truck makin' plenty of noise and spinin' like a top. Bob's ears were up and nostrils flared and  weweren't even within reach yet. So Deb (the navigator) sighted a Mc'y D lot around the we hit that and goin' to loop around the construction and get back onto the hwy. So we turned in....but there were parking blocks  blocking our escape! Trapped and forced into the drive through, we just went with it. As we passed next to the little compacts Bob seemed to arch his neck a little....feelin' pretty powerful I think next to those lil' bugs called cars. I wanted to get me and the puppies a double cheese but Punkin was cemented to her seat and just wasn't seein' the humor of the situation. She wouldn't go grab $3.00 or the camera. "Just get us outta here ok???" She's my stress cadet but I love her the mostest!
   Otherwise it was hills and curves all day. We spent plenty of time on the side of the road lettin' trucks pass us. we are between the coal mines and 2 power plants. 250 big trucks of coal everyday. Lots of trucks. Can't read that on the map when your planning a route tho. Just gotta deal and be patient. You only find that out after the fact....after you talk to one of the drivers from the mine! 
   We landed tonight at the Village Inn resteraunt. Betty Wright is our host & the owner. She not only got us water and electric but bought us dinner. God bless this woman. Especially since she did it after we pulled out back and immediately got stuck! The wagon sunk like it was in quicksand (all the rain you have heard us talkin' about) Bob & Casey laid into it but they were doin' nothin' but diggin a huge rut and getting no where. So we unhitched them before they tore it up too bad and she had some neighbors come by with a 4 wheel drive and pull us out. We used a 50ft tow strap and 2 chains so they didn't have to get close to the mess. Thanks so much fellows.    
   But we talked to a lot of great folks and lots of prayer needs. So please remember to pray for all the others' needs. God loves us all....thank goodness or my sinning self would be in big trouble... so lets pray for strangers needs like they were our own...from the heart with passion. Cuz chances are...somebody prayed for us for A LONG TIME...AND CHANCES ARE WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT! So let's pray warriors...
   People we met and people who requested prayer
  • We met Amanda Truitt...thanks for the blessing and the good comments Amanda. It was just inspirin' meeting you. Amanda would like us to pray for her husbands salvation...and they would like to praise God for his great new job. I love salvation prayers!
  • We met Jim Wiscaver...Jim is a horse man and had met Bob when he came through town. Jim has trouble with the veins in his legs and has to get these dibilitating shots in them that just cripple him for days. He asks that we talk to God about him being able to walk again.
  • Hattie Goodrich is also havin' trouble with her legs and ask that we pray for her.
  • Then we met Bob Grable and his wife Winnie...Bob is 80 years old. He flagged us in from the hwy and brought us out a 16x20 frame with pictures and newspaper articles on Bob the wagon master when he was through here. (Bob you sure have touched some lives. Well done). He then grabbed his camera and shot plenty of pics of Bob & Casey. Steppin' right out into the hwy and scarin' the snot out of me....did I tell ya he was 80??? But he pulled it off. They would like us to pray for Winnie's legs. She has arthritis and can hardly walk today. (can you see the enemy at work in this small community? 3 straight people with leg problems. We often see patterns like this in areas.)
  • We met Juanita Richardson...she asks that we pray that her childeren stay focussed on the Lord.
  • We had a chance to talk with Cliff & Winnie Dawson...sure nice to talk with you folks. Cliff has an outstanding testimony and enjoyed listenin'. The healing power of our Lord and miracles. He would appreciate it if we prayed for his wife and his continued good health.
  • Martha & Jerry Clark...ask that we pray for good health-her sister has cancer (healing)-and her daughter is in the hospital.
  • We met Susie Sams- she says "good wishes for the Holidays"
  • Terri & John Penturi. These great folks have adopted 12 childeren in their lives (how outstanding is that???) and are seeking Gods will about another one. they also ask that we ask God to "keep them in his will". Seems to me that they are doin' a great job at that! One of their Sons (adopted from Haiti) asks that we keep the country of Haiti in our prayers.
  • Steve, Brandi & Gwyn Cummins. He was the driver who told us about the 250 coal trucks a day comin' out of the mine.
  • Mike Williams is 51 years old and paralyzed from the waist down...please pray for him
  • Phyllis Phillips has renal failure 4th stage...Please-please pray for a miracle healing. Our God is a God of miracles...yesterday-today & tomorrow.
  • Charolette Malotte, please pray for relief of pain from bone cancer. Please Lord send her the comfort like only you can.
  • Mike Malotte, he is having a defibulator and pacemaker put in Tuesday Morning. please keep him in your prayers.
  • Don Warner & family, he is in the hospital with very bad condintion. Please keep him in your prayers.
Darknezz...Thanks!  This journey IS awesome!
Jennifer M...Glad you found us! Welcome to our journey!
Jim...HaHa!  Right!
Joan...Thanks for the pics!  You're right, I think Casey WAS sticking her tongue out at you! LOL
Jenny...was nice to meet you too!  Thanks for the pics
Rachel...Yup!  Still moving along!
Momma Truitt...Thanks so much.  Glad we met you!
Well, that's today!  Was a great one!  Did we mention that it was 63?  That's what the sign said anyway!  Nice!  No mittens or ear muffs!!  Woo-Woo!!!
so, good night and God bless!  We'll see ya tomorrow!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 71

   17 miles today and a few good hills. How's that for a days work for a couple of ponies. But first let's finish up last night. It was pizza night around the campfire...well sorta. Joan and family brought pizza and we camped out in her van (with the heat on) and talked & chowed. Pizza was great and the conversation & company even better! Thanks folks!
   The owner of the "for sale" property we stayed on was John Shawhan. He came by this morning and talked for a minute. Very nice gentlemn, and a good man. He asks that we pray for the health of his family. We thank you for your kindness and a place to rest, John. Please hold John up to our Lord in prayer.
   So we're walkin' down Hwy 57...mindin' our own business...not botherin' nobody...when we had an incident. Not a huge incident mind ya...just a little one that made us laugh. Traffic gave us a break...the sun was shinin' wind...40 plus degrees...and we see a small frito's bag in the road. We wait for Casey to get squirrely...but she just steps on it and moves on. GREAT! deb comments on how that is progress for her and the bag flips onto Bob's ankle. Both feet into the air instantly! Then both feet on the ground diggin'! So much for progress!
   Well we walked into one of my nightmares today. CONSTRUCTION!! It was the type that goes down to one lane...with a flag "person" on each end. People were blowin' by us head first into on comin' traffic again today. So the fine young lady operatin' the flag is watchin' them all force their way around when we get to her she flags us thru alone...that's right just us. She said "don't worry about them they're just being obnoxious...have a good evening". So they held traffic from both ways while we crossed the 1/2 mile stretch. Good thing they did too...Bob & Casey got exposed to a huge backhoe diggin' and swingin'. Took everything we had to not have a run away at that point...and we were just getting started! Dump trucks dumpin'...skidsteers boppin' and weavin'...and noise-noise-noise!! Suffice it to say a good time was had by all. I'll just consider that my replacement for my annual stress test...& since I'm still breathin I musta passed. I do now seem to have this little twitch...nothin' serious...I just gotta be careful drinkin' coffee with my right hand...I had a near miss with my evening coffee...almost wore it. But I'll make adjustments & recover. Shouldn't take me more than a few years to get over it. Ohhhhhhhh ok........FEAR NOT!!!  I was JESTING!!  About the twitch that is...the construction really did happen.
   We finished the day about 4 miles south of Washington. The town was a mess. Lotsa traffic. We pulled in a lot to let traffic around us and an officer pulled up next to us ta talk. Turns out he heard we were comin' and was planted there to be sure traffic wasn't giving us a hard time. How cool is that? He is a Washington Police officer (Brandon Humphreys) and a great guy. He asks that we pray for his Grandpa's health. Thanks for your help Off. Humphreys. I asked him if he could escort us across the Ohio river...but he said that was a little out of his jurisdiction. chuckle-chuckle!
But before that, we met David and Roseanne Halter.  They request prayer for their grandsons and grand daughters.
Kelly Overton, a photographer with the Washington Times Harold, stopped us and we had a great chat with him.
Ben & Marion Osbourne stopped to talk with us.  They just want God to keep them alive.
At the same time Shane Granger to check us out.  He is going through some personal things but he says he's ok.
Then when we got south of town, Wayne & Mary Batchelor were waiting in their car at the end of the drive.  Their neighbor called and told them we were headed their way.  They only asked for good health and for us to have a safe journey.  They told us that we could probably stay at the Flint's farm about 2 miles down the road.  Then they went down and set it all up for us!  They met us at the end of the Flint's driveway!  Thanks so much to them!  They also came and gave me a ride back to the Walmart that I missed the entrance to!  VERY thankful for that because we needed to stop for Marks meds and I blew it.  The Lord always makes a way!
When we goot settled the family came to see us and all had requests for prayer.  They are:
Phil & Marcella Flint.  They said Happy trails and be safe!  Also added prayer for grandson to be born in 19 days and their daughter, Amy, who is on bedrest.
Carla, Logan, Hallie, & Erin wished us well and they enjoyed seeing us and hearing about our journey.  Asked for prayer for grandmother and grandfather, both with cancer.
Johnny, Amy, Hayleigh, & Addisno Cummins said for us to be safe and careful.  This is the Amy that is due in 19 days.  Let's keep her in our prayers for a great delivery and a healthy little guy!
And Paul & Cathy Flint said for us to be safe on our long journey!
Also, a prayer for Chuck Betts in Wisconsin to have a full recovery and a long and healthy life!
That's about everyone that we met today.  Sometimes people stop just to take pictures and we don't get their names before they take off again!
So, on to our responses to our comments:
Rick...Prayers for your mom!  We stay very focused most of the time.  Yes welding, all steel!
Rachel...we will be praying for all of the wagon travelers everyday from now on.
Joan... would love to see more pictures!  Thanks for your company last night and we did sleep well!
Terri...thanks for sticking with us!!
Ok.  It's late and we're pooped out!  Good night and God bless you all!  We are praying that all of your prayers are answered.