Sunday, December 4, 2011

Joans pics (Joyce's house & John's house)


Rach said...

I am so glad that we got to meet you today.
You are an inspiration to me and have helped to keep me going recently.
I hope that you get a good nights sleep and can get back to traveling soon.
Have a great night.

Rachel and Family.

Rick C. Hodgin said...

Beautiful pics. Brings us kind of alongside you in your journey. Bob and Casey... they not only love the camera, but are very photogenic too. Nice looking animals. :-)

Mark, Deb,

Someone wrote me that you were a type of inspiration to them. She saw my Facebook link to your blog, and will likely soon be in contact with you. She specifically asked me for prayer, and I'd like to place her before this ministry of doers and desirers... She's a devout sister, "divorced" from an unsaved spouse. Her family has turned away from her (and toward money and sin). She can't find a job (3 years now). And due to the devout nature of her walk, often feels like an alien, alone in this world, even at her church (save a sister there who's dear to her).

Please lift her up in your prayers. She is not alone, but this world is very hard on a believer, as the enemy is always trying to knock us down. She has the victory in Christ, and is in need of encouragement.

Thank you. :-)

CLOE'S said...

Love the pictures and so glad you and the "critters" are doing so well on this amazing journey. Wish we were headed south to see family soon, but sadly not so am sure we will only know how you are by the journaling.
Blessings always - John and Judy Cloe