Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 96

Finally left Madisonville!  We made it down to Nortonville, KY!
Pretty uneventful ride down 41, accept for the beautiful scenery!  Until........the train! 
As you Kentuckians probably know, the tracks run right next to the highway!  We saw 2 along the way but we were able to time it so they got past us before we got close.  We stopped to rest the ponies at 41 and 62 and here it came!!!  Talk about 2 dancing horses!!!!!!  Oh my goodness!  Bob was backed all the way up.  He was just about standing NEXT TO Mark!  And it was a long one!  FINALLY it passed.  I tried to water them after all the excitement and Bob was so upset he wouldn't even drink.  That poor guy :(
We did, however, meet plenty of great people along the way!  That's the best part of this whole journey!  Keeps us moving along!
We met Elizabeth, she would like prayer for her 2 daughters.
Curtis is very blessed but would like prayer for this country.
David Knight and his grand daughters, Addison & Calley, came to see us.  They are also very blessed.
Matt Corbett and Thomas Sisk are both very blessed.
Rev. Chris Wilson stopped to take pictures and his prayer request is for the children, the sick, the lost and the needy.
Jeff Rhye asks for prayer for his daughters salvation
Johnny and Jason stopped.  Jason is praying for better weather. 
We met Bobbie, Laura, Austin, & Kyle Crook.  Bobbie asks for God's direction.  Laura is asking for God's will with her mothers dimensia.  Austin asks for prayer for school.
Amber Dukes needs prayer for her dad.
James and Christina Sisk.  We would like to pray for the continued success of Christina's business.
We also ask for prayer for Rachel's health.  She really needs a healing!
The other day when we were penning up Bob and Casey, Bob saw a good bite of hay so he stopped dead in his tracks.  Mark stopped with him.  I saw them so I stopped.  Casey was still sniffing the grass so she took one more step.  Right on my toe.  You know, the toe that is now broken?  Yea, that's the one.  How can one little toe hurt so bad?  I thought I was just being a sissy because it wasn't even red or anything.  Then this morning it was suddenly black!  Thanks, girlfriend!  Just a little whining for ya!  I feel better now.
That's about it, I guess.  Johnny helped us find this stopping spot and is coming in the morning for breakfast.  That'll be great!  got some hay coming too!
J Wade...Thank you!  Merry Christmas to you too!
Marion...ALL awesome stuff.  Sounds like you guys had an awesome day at church!  And, thank you for prayers!  Love you guys
Rachel...Thank you for your continued prayers.  Stay well!
Jim Pearson...will do!
So, good night to all and God bless!
P.S.  Got to talk to our son tonight!  He is in the Army and stationed in NY.  Happens to be with family in IL today.  After 2 deployments, he struggles.  We just thank the Lord he is home and we got a chance to talk!
Also, skyped with our daughter in Baltimore.  She had a tubal reversal done last Christmas and called yesterday morning to tell us...they are pregnant!!  Yay!


j wade said...

Thank You :) Congrats on the baby news..very exciting!! Be safe on your journey..i really enjoy keeping up with your blog!! God Bless you both!!

Shannon said...

CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting! We are expecting baby number 3 the end of May! We will pray for your daughter and baby.
Those trains scare me! They are so loud.
As always please give hugs to the team for the boys. (We had a couple horses walk down the road yesterday and Dawsen said that looks like Bob and Casey :)
May God Bless you,
The Lehew's

joan said...

Congratulations on the baby news. Good you got to talk to your son too. Tell him thanks for his great service to our country. Keep the Bob and Casey stories coming. Sorry to hear Casey broke your toe. Thank God for my answered son came home for Christmas with us. I look forward to your blog every morning. Safe travels to you. Love, Joan

crickette said...

Congraduations on the baby news! A reversal is not a small thing! My youngest had endrometrosis and had to have everything removed! They said it was a blessing that she had a boy before the endrometrosis was found!. They are now takeing foster parent classes!. Praying for you and yours! I also pray that the weather holds!

Anonymous said...

God Bless Mark & Deb
Your Always in my Heart!