Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 81

   81 and counting...seems like only yesterday I was wrestling with Bob & Casey from the seat of a borrowed cart trying to stay out of the ditches and work them up to 10 miles a day. Swelterin' in 90 plus heat and wonderin' what I got myself into.
   But look at the dynamic duo (Bob & Casey) now. Dancin' and prancin' through the hills of Kentucky. If their Moms & Dads could only see them now! How proud they would be! So we did about 15 miles today. Few more than we planned but that's the way it is out here sometimes. Findin' a place for all the kids isn't always easy. But here we are landed and sound. God is great!
   Well hats off and thanks to Terry and his neighbors for all the great hospitality.  And we keep his neighbor, Jo Ann Speaks and her whole family in our prayers!  We thank her, too, for her prayers for us. 
    So ya know we broke our evener again a few days back. Got a couple of lag bolts into the old oak before my wife snapped the heads off. No really. I've never told ya'll this ...but this woman is to be feared. She's got power I tell ya! And not just spiritually. This woman could put a'hurting on a badger. So anyway...I di-gress. The evener has been limpin' along just barely hanging together. And we pulled in to give the horses a blow & a quick drink and Pastor Gary Ashby stopped to see us. He asked if we needed hay or anything else. I said we were stocked pretty good right now. And he tells me that he has drafts and a wagon and all kinds of cool stuff we both could appreciate. So we talked for a while and he invited us in for the night. But he was a little outta our reach for today. So as he was leavin' he asked again ...I got harness and whatever you need...HEY my slow brain finally snapped into drive and remember the evener. He said sure I got one...keep goin' and I'll catch ya down the road. And he did. He not only brought an evener he brought one geared up. Plus he brought an extra center board in case his brakes. So I traded him an extra we had.It was too small for us...but we kept it in case of a roadside emergencey. He said it was perfect for his heflingers. How cool is that??? God is good. This man of faith brought us a dozen farm fresh eggs and a blessing to boot. And we are so thankful. I love it when God puts a plan together. We are so greatful. The pastors prayer request is that we pray that his church becomes spiritually stronger. More spiritual. Holy spirit please touch his church members and light them up with your light, with your life, and a vision of the spiritual realm battling around them. To be more sensative to your prodding & guiding. That we all listen for Gods voice and his will. And have the faith & courage to step out.
Down the road from Henderson, we met the Buddy's.  They pray for us and we'll all pray for Ryan and his family!
Christy Dowell prays for peace and the economy!
Hazel Cook stopped to give us a piece of cake and asks for prayer for her husband, Kenny.  His health is very bad.
Jody's friend has a pinched nerve or slipped disc, whichever...they need to find and fix it soon to avoid further damage.
John Tucker wants prayers for his grandson, Gabriel.  He is asking that God have and hold that little guy for all his life!
Tammy would like prayer for her 87 year old friend, Skipper's health.
J Wade...Thank you so much!
Paula...We were on Alt 41 from 11:30 on.  We landed just south of Poole.
Jenny...Thanks for looking for that link.  I can't find it either!  It was WEHT 7/25 that stopped.  Thank you for the good wishes!  Warm up this week!!
Rachel...Thanks.  We hope Bob gets fat too!  He eat good tonight!
Judy...Casey hasn't lost anymore hair.  Hot her some bio tugs!  She is now up 3 links in her tugs and is helping more!
Charlie & Jann...Thanks!  I hope they post the video soon!  We'd like to see it!
Well, that's Sunday!  Moving along slow but sure!  Thanking the Lord for everything, every step of the way!
Thanks for praying with us!  God bless!
Good night!


Anonymous said...

Thank you guys for the prayers few days back guys.
Love, Mandi

Rach said...

Glad to hear the day went good.

Glad to hear about the pastor and his help with extra parts. The is a major blessing.

I hope that you get a good nights sleep and I pray for a good day for your travel tomorrow.

If I could ask for prayer for my grandma. She got admitted to the hospital and will be in there till either Tuesday or Wednesday. She has pneumonia in both lungs. She is doing better now that she has the right meds and is on oxygen. Pray for a speedy recovery. Thank you.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

PS Green Bay won!!!!!

pastor.jaime said...

She's tough as nails! Ha ha...good thing there was a back up...she doesn't know her own strength sometimes. JK...anyways, love you guys.

Paula Tieken said...

Here is the link to the site showing your entrance into Henderson ... I sent it to you the day that you all came through Henderson. Let me know if this link works.

I was in Poole & Dixon(just south of Poole) on Sunday.
Praying for you all as you continue to spread the word

CLOE'S said...

I am not sure you realize how much your journey is affecting so many, but then maybe you do!! It is a joy to read each day your experiences and the awesome way GOD is leading so many to help you along the way!! But then without FAITH in GOD where would we be???
Sun shining and comfortable here - pray you are seeing and feeling the same. Happy Trails to you!!

Mari Schwarz said...

Of course you wife is strong,, she has to be t do this journey ith ya!! I'm glad u got things fixed! God is there to help u along your path!! You both are such a inspiration to so many.. I'm asking for prayers for my Brother( Kary Young) again, He was admited to the hospital last night, for Extreamly high blood sugar,, it was 800.. it's now 190,, but he's not able to keep his food down, He is in Gods hands I know he will take care of him! Love u both very much,,, Keep on Praying.. Love