Saturday, December 17, 2011

Days 86 & 87

So, day 86 was prep day!  Getting ready to hit the road again.  We had a wonderful break and are so thankful to Ron and Deborah for the opportunity to have it!  For all they shared with us, we are grateful!  God bless you guys and we hope He answers all of your prayers.
Saturday is here and it's a beautiful, sunny day!  We are looking for some alphalfa hay and can't seem to find any.  Anyway, the horses came right up to the feed bucket so we didn't end up chasing them across 30 acres! HA!  That wouldn't happen, I'm pretty sure!!
So, off we went!  looking for a short day to get back in the swing of the road.  Ended up doing about 10 miles.  Perfect. 
We met some folks when we stopped for a water break.  We met Cindy Jones.  Her request is for prayer for her family through these times.  She also offered us a place for the night and that is where we are now!
With her was Edna Cline, she asks for prayer for her health.
 At the same time a truck pulled in and it was Mark & Ann Morse. And Jonathan Sambro. They had seen us when we were in Henderson.  They brought us hot coffee and cookies, apples for the guys (that we'll eat), and a Christmas card.  Thanks so much you guys!  Needed that hot drink for sure! All asked for prayer for their families.
Just as we turned on the road to come over to the Joneses barn, we met David Jameson and Jim Woodring.  Both a couple of horse guys.  Chatted for a bit with them.  They both have breast cancer surviving moms!  They are going to one day do a journey of their own and raise money for breast cancer research! Awesome!
The Jones have about 20 ponies here.  They break them to ride and drive.  They are just  the cutest little things!!
That's actually about it for this day.  Very quiet day on the road. Horses did great for their 1st day back at it.
So, for now...we're going to sit, relax, and watch cartoons!
Goodnight and God bless you all!  Thanks for following and holding up all this prayer!
Bob...we're back at it and we all enjoyed the break!
Rachel...You too!
Greg & Teresa...Thank you so much!  We do know Ludington!  Our daughter lived in Muskegon for a time!
Rick...GBU as well!


Rach said...

Glad that things are going good. It is great to hear from you.

I hope and pray that you have a safe day tomorrow.

Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love Rachel and Family

The Jones' said...

We enjoyed having ya'll and hope our discussions on vitamins help with your journey. Safe travels and God bless.

Terri said...

You continue to be awesome! Just can't thank you enough for your work. It's a hard life out there on the road (I did it for two weeks in the mountains, just me, the dog and the team) and you just keep going. It's so great!

Keep up the great work! So many people are being touched and more prayers then any of us realize are being said.