Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day's 82 & 83

Ahhh, sorry we didn't blog yesterday. But Bob & Casey got turned loose in about 30 acres to run. Sugar Ray and Bear are lounging in a guest house along with Punkin & I. And after steak-corn on the cob and a great salad, I collapsed mentally & physically. apology accepted? Tanks!
   Day 82...Vic & Nancey Brown were great hosts. Vic came by this morning and drove me up to view a fairly sizable hill so I could ascertain if the ponies were capable of the challenge. I felt they were but it would be a challenge. (in reality they trotted all the way up it...they amaze me sometimes. We are so proud of them). Everybody had a good rest & Bob is back on his feed...that's probably why everyone is feelin' better!
   Before we left Gary & Sherry Atherton came by to talk and get some pictures of the horses. They and the Browns blessed us with plenty of can goods. The Athertons also brought us our second Christmas card (was actually from their church who said Merry Christmas and we are praying for you) Thanks so much. And thanks so much to the Browns. May God bless each of these folks. We are so thankful to them. The Atherton's ask that we pray for their Pastor and for their new (& yet to appear) great grand baby. Mom is having some trouble so please pray for the Mom and the Little Life.
   So we left off knowing we had about a 12 mile day (I think we actually did closer to 15). But we did some challenging hills the first 6 miles. Did some pretty sizable ones and had to let the horses blow a couple of times. We came by a welding shop right before "water tower" hill and a gentleman everyone calls BBradshaw asked if the horses needed a drink. So I swung them in across the road. Punkin gave them a good drink and sprayed them down on their necks and chests. Cooled them down nicely. Bradshaw asks that we pray for his grand babies and his neck & back. You got it Brother. He told us a story about how when they were building water tower hill's road (alt41 tryin' to grade it down) the steam engine being used to transport & grade the road. But the steam engines couldn't haul the equipment up top the top. So a neighbor told them his pair of draft mules could pull anything up to the top they needed. They said show us and you gotta job. He showed um..and got the job. Just some local color. I love this stuff. End of story...as mentioned earlier the dynamic duo aced the hill at a trot!
    We had a destination in mind when we left out on day 82. We were heading for the other side of Dixon on alt.41. Beautiful ride but kinda hilly. But then again that's Kentucky...rollin' hills. We had met Ron & Deborah the day before when they offered us a place to hold up a spell. But they were to far away. So we gave them a jingle when we got almost to Dixon. As I said earlier they set us up greatly. Bob & Casey are in more pasture than they can wander, and Punkin and I are resting up in their guest house with the puppies. Our first night away from the wagon. Seems a little strange, to be in a real house...but I keep telling myself to relax and enjoy a few days. Let Bob & Casey relax and unwind and eat-eat-eat. We are so thankful, I should be able to get some wagon repairs done during our respite. But 1st...one day of rest.Ahhhhhhhhh.
  1. Sidney & Gale Steib (he was Santa come to visit!!) ask that we pray for physical-spiritual-and mental health for them. Gale was telling us that she bakes a birthday cake every Christmas for Christ. Very cool!
  2. Ashley would like prayer for her family. God knows.
  3. Reba McGroo (sp?) would like prayer for her Daughter...she has leukemia.
  4. Rachel's Grandmother has pneumonia, please pray for a speedy recovery.
Comments: (here's Punkin)
  • Mandi, No problem. That's what we do. Love ya!
  • Jaime, LOL thanks-love you.
  • Paula, sorry we missed you. Text story-no video
  • John & Judy, We hope & pray that we are helping and blessing...but we feel like we are the ones being blessed.
Thank you all. God bless you each & everyone of you and yours. God is everything.


cowboybob813 said...

I am glad to see all is well our repairs are coming along well camper is on the wagon horses in the pasture with the cows God has a plan he just doesn't let us know what it is God Bless and have a good night Cowboybob

cowboybob813 said...

I am glad to see all is well our repairs are coming along well camper is on the wagon horses in the pasture with the cows God has a plan he just doesn't let us know what it is God Bless and have a good night Cowboybob

Rach said...

Glad to hear from you guys. Glad that you got a good nights rest. Glad that the horses got a big pasture to be in. I bet they enjoyed that. It is good that you will get some repairs done.

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Get some well needed rest you need it.

Thank you for the prayers for my grandma she will be out of the hospital tomorrow. Long road of recovery for her though.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

crickette said...

I am glad you both have a chance to enjoy a relaxing few days! God sees to it that his people are comfortable! Praying for a safe , easy journey!

joan said...

Hi Deb and Mark. I'm still following your blog. Check it everyday. Been praying for you and your safety. Keep Bob and Casey stories coming. I need to ask for prayers for my son. God will know what I mean. Thank you.
Take care,

Sally York said...

Hi, Mark & Deb! Remember me? I'm the Argus-Press reporter who woke you up one morning not long before you left, and you were gracious enough to talk to me without an appointment.

I'm writing now because I'm doing a story about community risk-takers for our special year-end edition. I plan to include a recap of your story, and was hoping to give our readers an update. Any way I can call you on your cell phone for a really brief interview?

If you could send me your number via my email address, syork@argus-press.com, that would be great. If you could do it today, even better.

Hard to believe you guys have been on the road for almost 90 days! I'm going to read your blog in depth as soon as I finish this note.

Looking forward to talking to you! Sally York

Creek Lane Belgians said...

Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much we enjoy following you on your journey...and that we are often touched by those you are requesting prayers for, and DO pray for them as well :)
After reading of the trouble you are having keeping weight on your horse...I would like to offer just a bit of advice on what we find works best for us and our drafts for feeding. (mind you, everyone has different opinions..this is just ours) the biggest thing I recommend to many is to add Flax seed to your feeding
program...ground flax is the best as it is better processed by the horse, but whole flax will work, just not as well. We have had amazing results with some rescue horses, some with poor feet...or just to make them shine and look great...flax has many benefits!
The big thing to remember with drafts: HIGH FAT...LOW CARBOHYDRATES!! And I know of many who would not agree with me on this next one...but I know many who do agree...we feed VERY high quality hay...with alot of alfalfa...quality hay is so very important. And remember that horses were made to graze most of the day and night....so as much as you can...keep hay in front of them...keep those guts moving :) We like to feed free choice hay. Not sure if you are stopping during the day for them to have "lunch" and "coffee breaks" but it is a good idea to do if you are not. Sorry this is so long :)
I hope that you guys have a blessed Christmas...and continue to be safe.

Sally York said...

Mark and Deb, Here's a draft of the intro to the article, so you have an idea of what it's about:

SHIAWASSEE COUNTY — Their adventures inspire us, provoke us and force us to evaluate the way we live our own lives. They know they might fail, but that chance is outweighed by an unshakeable faith in what they’re doing.
Unwilling to settle for the safe path or the easy way out, risk-takers stretch the limits of what is possible, for themselves and for all of us.
They can be found everywhere, including in this community. During the past year, Shiawassee County residents — current and former — have scaled a mountain, run across the Upper Peninsula, slept in the snow for the sake of the homeless, bicycled from Texas to Sault Ste. Marie, recovered from cancer only to compete in a marathon — even set out in a horse-drawn covered wagon to spread the word of God across America.


Bob Skelding said...

Hi Mark and Deb,

I'm glad to see you are getting some rest for yourself and the team. By now, you'll notice they are starting to get a calm look in their eyes. A few days in a pasture without the stress of the road will do them wonders. Like the horses, I hope you enjoy your downtime. Take care, Bob