Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 71

   17 miles today and a few good hills. How's that for a days work for a couple of ponies. But first let's finish up last night. It was pizza night around the campfire...well sorta. Joan and family brought pizza and we camped out in her van (with the heat on) and talked & chowed. Pizza was great and the conversation & company even better! Thanks folks!
   The owner of the "for sale" property we stayed on was John Shawhan. He came by this morning and talked for a minute. Very nice gentlemn, and a good man. He asks that we pray for the health of his family. We thank you for your kindness and a place to rest, John. Please hold John up to our Lord in prayer.
   So we're walkin' down Hwy 57...mindin' our own business...not botherin' nobody...when we had an incident. Not a huge incident mind ya...just a little one that made us laugh. Traffic gave us a break...the sun was shinin' wind...40 plus degrees...and we see a small frito's bag in the road. We wait for Casey to get squirrely...but she just steps on it and moves on. GREAT! deb comments on how that is progress for her and the bag flips onto Bob's ankle. Both feet into the air instantly! Then both feet on the ground diggin'! So much for progress!
   Well we walked into one of my nightmares today. CONSTRUCTION!! It was the type that goes down to one lane...with a flag "person" on each end. People were blowin' by us head first into on comin' traffic again today. So the fine young lady operatin' the flag is watchin' them all force their way around when we get to her she flags us thru alone...that's right just us. She said "don't worry about them they're just being obnoxious...have a good evening". So they held traffic from both ways while we crossed the 1/2 mile stretch. Good thing they did too...Bob & Casey got exposed to a huge backhoe diggin' and swingin'. Took everything we had to not have a run away at that point...and we were just getting started! Dump trucks dumpin'...skidsteers boppin' and weavin'...and noise-noise-noise!! Suffice it to say a good time was had by all. I'll just consider that my replacement for my annual stress test...& since I'm still breathin I musta passed. I do now seem to have this little twitch...nothin' serious...I just gotta be careful drinkin' coffee with my right hand...I had a near miss with my evening coffee...almost wore it. But I'll make adjustments & recover. Shouldn't take me more than a few years to get over it. Ohhhhhhhh ok........FEAR NOT!!!  I was JESTING!!  About the twitch that is...the construction really did happen.
   We finished the day about 4 miles south of Washington. The town was a mess. Lotsa traffic. We pulled in a lot to let traffic around us and an officer pulled up next to us ta talk. Turns out he heard we were comin' and was planted there to be sure traffic wasn't giving us a hard time. How cool is that? He is a Washington Police officer (Brandon Humphreys) and a great guy. He asks that we pray for his Grandpa's health. Thanks for your help Off. Humphreys. I asked him if he could escort us across the Ohio river...but he said that was a little out of his jurisdiction. chuckle-chuckle!
But before that, we met David and Roseanne Halter.  They request prayer for their grandsons and grand daughters.
Kelly Overton, a photographer with the Washington Times Harold, stopped us and we had a great chat with him.
Ben & Marion Osbourne stopped to talk with us.  They just want God to keep them alive.
At the same time Shane Granger to check us out.  He is going through some personal things but he says he's ok.
Then when we got south of town, Wayne & Mary Batchelor were waiting in their car at the end of the drive.  Their neighbor called and told them we were headed their way.  They only asked for good health and for us to have a safe journey.  They told us that we could probably stay at the Flint's farm about 2 miles down the road.  Then they went down and set it all up for us!  They met us at the end of the Flint's driveway!  Thanks so much to them!  They also came and gave me a ride back to the Walmart that I missed the entrance to!  VERY thankful for that because we needed to stop for Marks meds and I blew it.  The Lord always makes a way!
When we goot settled the family came to see us and all had requests for prayer.  They are:
Phil & Marcella Flint.  They said Happy trails and be safe!  Also added prayer for grandson to be born in 19 days and their daughter, Amy, who is on bedrest.
Carla, Logan, Hallie, & Erin wished us well and they enjoyed seeing us and hearing about our journey.  Asked for prayer for grandmother and grandfather, both with cancer.
Johnny, Amy, Hayleigh, & Addisno Cummins said for us to be safe and careful.  This is the Amy that is due in 19 days.  Let's keep her in our prayers for a great delivery and a healthy little guy!
And Paul & Cathy Flint said for us to be safe on our long journey!
Also, a prayer for Chuck Betts in Wisconsin to have a full recovery and a long and healthy life!
That's about everyone that we met today.  Sometimes people stop just to take pictures and we don't get their names before they take off again!
So, on to our responses to our comments:
Rick...Prayers for your mom!  We stay very focused most of the time.  Yes welding, all steel!
Rachel...we will be praying for all of the wagon travelers everyday from now on.
Joan... would love to see more pictures!  Thanks for your company last night and we did sleep well!
Terri...thanks for sticking with us!!
Ok.  It's late and we're pooped out!  Good night and God bless you all!  We are praying that all of your prayers are answered.


DarkneZZ said...

Awesome adventure. God bless you all.

Jennifer M. said...

This is such an Awesome story! I passed you guys yesterday on 57 S. in Washington (in the big yellow school bus lol)! I came home and was telling my husband about seeing you and that I would love to know your story! Then I woke up this morning and someone posted a link! I pray for safe travels for your family, good health and all of Gods blessings!
God Bless each and everyone of you :)

Anonymous said...

Greetings and sanitations. You guys make me laugh. Thank you for sharing. Fritos bag hahaha been there.
When you have a good place and time tie bags pie tins etc to the horse halter/ Hames etc so they become boring around here it's called sacking out. Oh and a Childs cap gun at grain time is good idea. Calmly brush horsy and pull the trigger at random times. remember you are horse training every second the horse can see/hear/smell you.
Never share footprints. Jim.

Rick C. Hodgin said...

Jim, what does "never share footprints" mean? Don't let the horse stand on your feet? :-)

Rach said...

Glad to hear that all went good minus the construction.

I hope that you have a great day of travel today. I missed seeing your blog last night because my computer glitched out on me. But, seeing in this morning when I checked on things was great.

Thoughts and prayers are with you.


Jenny Catt said...

It was wonderful to meet you this morning....I hope you have safe travels along your way. May God bless you and keep you safe and provide for you along your journey.

Momma Truitt said...

It was good to meet you guys today!! We were the ones driving the red Neon and we met you outside of Petersburg. God Bless you guys!!

Daniel Helfen said...

You all are an inspiration! Glad you had a blessed time going through my home town. God speed to you!