Thursday, May 31, 2012

Days 246, 247, 248, 249, 250, 251, 252 & 253

Hi! Sorry for the HUGE delay! The first couple of days there just wasn't any new news. Then we had a flurry of fun stuff! We had a missionary at church on Sunday. We went to lunch with him and his family after morning service. Mmmmm... Chinese! Anyway, they have sold everything and are traveling in a 5th wheel camper. We saw some similarities in their story and ours so we really wanted to spend some time chatting. Then on Monday, Brother Bill showed them where we are and they came down and asked if we wanted to cook out in the evening! We had a great time! They taught us how to play "Skipbo" (Linda & Larry, no wonder you play that! It was a blast!) and we visited until midnight. They are traveling the U.S. and then bound for Papua, New Guinea. They are actually missionaries to the missionaries. The HUGE difference between our stories is, of course the New Guinea part, but...they also have 2 little ones! 2 years and a 6 month old! Good thing God is great!! Please, keep them and their travels and ministry in your prayers. They are, Stacy and Katrina Meadows, along with Desirae, and Charity. Thanks! On Monday, some men that Mark met through Tom Dixon, brought over a small buckboard! For exercising purposes. Then on Tuesday, Tom trailered his horse over and we hitched up and went for an experiment ride! The little wagon has no brakes so we were a little leary of the route we would take because there are hills everywhere in this area. But after a 4 month layover, Bob and Casey did great! The wagon has chains in front instead of the heavy wood (yoke) like the covered wagon. It worked just fine for them. Even tho it was very hot out, they weren't really working. The wagon only weighs about 300 lbs. So, basically, they were just out for a walk. They remembered everything they were supposed to do. They held back on the downhills and stopped in the shade on the uphills and never even breathed hard! We were so proud of them. Tom rode his horse along with us and they didn't even mind that! Hanging around in a pasture next to 3 other horses must have helped. Luckily, we crossed the railroad tracks JUST before a train came so we didn't have to test THAT monster! I have a feeling that might have been a bad thing. THEN!!!!! Bob and Casey got new summer haircuts! They are CLEAN! It took a minute to get used to but they are lookin' good!! As soon as we get our camera back (lent out) we'll surely post their pictures. They are soooo much more comfortable. They sweat so bad under there plus, there were a couple of ticks that we never would have found! They are so cute! But they really do look like a couple of kids that just got their summer buzz cut! Other than that, we just keep on keeping on. Comments: Sandi and Crickette...thank you for your continued prayers. We hope that everyone of you have an excellent day! God bless and stand! Faith

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 245

Hi there! Not much new today. I went over to TSC and got the kids some piranha. Thanks, again, Terri. They will be so much more comfortable. And I couldn't resist getting them their favorite apple treats while I was there! And the co-op for oats n weet feed... It's a never ending cycle! But they are happy:) It's church night! That's an awesome thing! I have a couple more prayer requests! Sharen, to be done once and for all with the biopsies! Crickette, to be healed and well! All tests giving exact results! And for Jackie's mom. She is 97 years old and had to have her leg removed. Last I heard, she was in recovery. Comments: Crickette...praying for you! Stay well! That's it for now. Y'all have a great day! God bless!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Days 243 & 244

Good morning! Hope all is well! It is here. Bob and Casie took themselves for a stroll last night! That darn Casie! She is an escape artist. Even tho the gate to the pen was chained and tied, she got through it. Know how????? She lifted it off the hinges!! Unfortunately for her, it only lead to another pasture, which lead to another pasture! Problem? The gate of the 3rd pasture was open. So they walked around down here by us then into the neighbors yard, where, once again, they were fooled into being caught with the oat buckets. Ahhhhh... some things never change. Thank you Lord! Today is work inside day so I'll be busy all day! So much to do always. I would like to ask for prayer for John. He will be battling demons this next week and it's not going to be easy or pretty. And for Crickette to get well from conflicting meds. Thank you. Comments: Terri...thanks so much! I'll get some today. Poor guys:( Crickette...I wish you would have asked for prayer sooner! We could have helped! Glad you're getting better:) That's it for now! I hope you all have an awesome day! God bless

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 242

Hello again! It has been a beautiful Sunday! The music on the hill last night was awesome! The Dalton Gang from Tennessee was there. The church band played! And Jack quartet sang! Then some good preaching and what a great night we had!! Then we had a relaxing afternoon. We were thinking about people having to work on Sundays and that when we were kids, nothing was even open on Sundays! Anyway, we decided that we aren't shopping on Sundays anymore. Just a personal choice ;) This morning in church, we had a guest preacher. He was talking about what faith is. He said it's not jumping off into the dark hoping for God to help. He said it's hearing what God tells you to do and doing it. Then he mentioned Noah building the boat and Abraham leaving Ur. Sounded kind of familiar!! I think we might have gotten that part right! Thank you Lord!! Just an act of obedience. Well, that's about it. Bob and Casie got moved today. The flies are eating them up!! Anybody know of any sure fire repellent? Haven't had much luck with these sprays and now it's horse flies! Thanks in advance for any tips on that! We were asked to prayer for Shondas' cousin. She overdosed and is in a coma. Her mom is to arrive at the hospital tomorrow and they are hoping her voice will help. Comments: was a beautiful day! We missed the grads at church tonight :( God bless everyone and keep the faith! Good night!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Days 239, 240 & 241

Hi all! Hope everything is going well! We are good. No new varmint sightings!! That's a good thing!! No big fish catching either :( Some day!!! Moving horses to newer grass and going to the hill we lived on for a while to hear some good singing and preaching! Doesn't get much better than that! No new prayer requests. Comments: Sandi...Thanks. Blessings to you as well. Terri...Thanks. Been thinking about the road and the fine folks we met. I was just thinking of the day we met you! God bless you girlfriend! That's it for today. God bless you all and have a great day! Faith

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Days 237 & 238

Good morning! Hope everyone is doing well! I still haven't caught that catfish (Newman) but I DID hit him in the back with my bait, sinkers & bobber! He just swirled around and continued on. Didn't even leave the area!! This is going to be war before it's over! Mark caught a nice bass tho! Now, the other thing that got caught was a 5 1/2 foot long chicken snake!! GROSS! He was about 2 feet away from the neighbors little dog. UGH! I HATE snakes! And I don't really care which ones are the "good" ones! They are ALL serpents to me! Someone told us to put golf balls in the laying boxes in the chicken coop. So, if we get eggs everyday, the chicken snakes will eat the golf balls and eventually die from them. Anyone else ever hear anything like that? We also have a water moccasin (cottonmouth) living up here in the tree somewhere! We see him swimming across the pond every now and then. Booooooo!! I also had a chance to get in the wagon (it cooled down to the 70's) and get it all straightened up. It is now ready to be repacked. I can start with the winter stuff and get it all stored and packed in. Then...when the Lord says go, we're close to going! Everybody is getting antsy. Sugar Rae keeps escaping from the camper and one day she chewed everything in sight! That would include the wire to the phone charger :( Luckily I have a son that leaves things behind when he visits! He got a new phone and left the USB cord to his old one so I can use it! Even a bad signal is better than no signal at all! And to think we were going to go phone-less on this journey! We still meet people everyday and keep our eyes open for the God things. You know, the only works that are good works are the ones that come from God. The rest are just good deeds! That's a hard one to get settled in your brain. Not that there's anything wrong with good deeds! It's always awesome to help someone out! We love to bless people and since we don't have much, acts of kindness are about all we can share. But we sure do have fun doing THAT!! So, please continue to pray for the folks on the prayer requests and we'll be right here. Today, we are going to the spring for water. Did I tell you that? The water here, where we are, is REALLY bad! So,everyone saves gallon jugs and there are different places around that have natural spring water running from tubes/ pipes. Just go and fill your jugs. No cost. They aren't even public service areas. You just have to know where to go! We know about 3 of them now. And always good, fresh water! So, that's the big chore for the day! God bless and have a great day! Faith!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Days 231, 232, 233, 234, 235 & 236

Hi there! Sorry for the no posts! I'm adding 2 today because I started one last Tuesday and didn't post it. So, if it looks like it's not wasn't. Sorry for that. We've been busy!! There are alot of things going on down here this time of year, Plus, Mark has been helping a young man that we met with some issues. We did finally get that chicken coop live-able. Still have to make a permanent house door and their laying boxes, but the yard is all done, including wire over the top so the hawks don't get them! They are so cute in there! They follow Mark around like little kids. We have lots of prayer requests! Bill's mom Brenda passed away. Please pray for the family to have peace and comfort. Gary's sister is battling addictions and bondage. Tony, for his health. Joel and Melinda are pregnant! SURPRISE!! Pray that that sinks in ;) John needs prayer for addictions. Sharen for more cancer tests! Last time!!! OK? David will be starting a new page in life. Pray that there is comfort there. David is also having his other knee replaced! The last one went well and recovery was miraculous! Thank you for those prayers! Nate, moving on and away from family with his new family. Comments: Crickette...Still fishin'! Rachel...When we first met, your move seemed like a long way off. Now it's already time! Enjoy! Sandi...Thanks Cheryl...We better call that boy! It's been a while! We're still in MS. Margie...Thanks Don...yes, no, NO!, yes, yes. LOL! We're doing good. The catfish does NOT have any interest in being caught and now a bunch of ducks moved in so I haven't even seen him in days! Bob and Casie are good. They are eating grass, hay, oats...gonna start back mixing in sweet feed and see if the weight improves more. Thanks to all of you that continue to follow even when I don't hold up my end. I really will try to do better! God bless and have a great day!

Days 225, 226, 227, 228, 229 & 230

Good morning! Well, the chicken coop is almost done. What a project THIS has been! When you build wagons, you don't have to worry about predators going under over over or through! Just keep the rain out and store your stuff! But...I think they're safe now. We are still meeting so many nice people here. Sunday, we went to a place that they call 1st Monday. 1st Monday happens the Saturday and Sunday before the 1st Monday of each month. It is a HUGE auction and flea market. By the time we got there they were pretty much packed and leaving, tho. I think because it was so darn hot that people just didn't come out. Next time we'll try Saturday, early!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Days 222, 223 & 224

Good morning! It's been a couple of days again. Not a lot going on. We were on the search for hay (again). The one guy ran out and it's that time of year! End of the old and waiting to bale the new. Good thing the guys are in the big pasture! But we found some (Thank you Lord!) So bread making and hay chasing is the order of the day! I never did catch that huge cat fish. He is now my nemesis! He acts like a big old muskee! You can hit him in the head with your bait and he ignores you. Hmmmmm....maybe a she??? I think it's spawning time. Anyway, time to go feed everybody and get this day rolling! We sure appreciate you all! Comments: Crickette...That's what I've heard about fresh chicken. Being a vegetarian, I'll have to take Marks word for it. :) Sandi...Thank you Terri...HEY!! Long time, no hear! Thank you so much! Joan...AWESOME!!!! God bless and have a great day!