Thursday, May 31, 2012

Days 246, 247, 248, 249, 250, 251, 252 & 253

Hi! Sorry for the HUGE delay! The first couple of days there just wasn't any new news. Then we had a flurry of fun stuff! We had a missionary at church on Sunday. We went to lunch with him and his family after morning service. Mmmmm... Chinese! Anyway, they have sold everything and are traveling in a 5th wheel camper. We saw some similarities in their story and ours so we really wanted to spend some time chatting. Then on Monday, Brother Bill showed them where we are and they came down and asked if we wanted to cook out in the evening! We had a great time! They taught us how to play "Skipbo" (Linda & Larry, no wonder you play that! It was a blast!) and we visited until midnight. They are traveling the U.S. and then bound for Papua, New Guinea. They are actually missionaries to the missionaries. The HUGE difference between our stories is, of course the New Guinea part, but...they also have 2 little ones! 2 years and a 6 month old! Good thing God is great!! Please, keep them and their travels and ministry in your prayers. They are, Stacy and Katrina Meadows, along with Desirae, and Charity. Thanks! On Monday, some men that Mark met through Tom Dixon, brought over a small buckboard! For exercising purposes. Then on Tuesday, Tom trailered his horse over and we hitched up and went for an experiment ride! The little wagon has no brakes so we were a little leary of the route we would take because there are hills everywhere in this area. But after a 4 month layover, Bob and Casey did great! The wagon has chains in front instead of the heavy wood (yoke) like the covered wagon. It worked just fine for them. Even tho it was very hot out, they weren't really working. The wagon only weighs about 300 lbs. So, basically, they were just out for a walk. They remembered everything they were supposed to do. They held back on the downhills and stopped in the shade on the uphills and never even breathed hard! We were so proud of them. Tom rode his horse along with us and they didn't even mind that! Hanging around in a pasture next to 3 other horses must have helped. Luckily, we crossed the railroad tracks JUST before a train came so we didn't have to test THAT monster! I have a feeling that might have been a bad thing. THEN!!!!! Bob and Casey got new summer haircuts! They are CLEAN! It took a minute to get used to but they are lookin' good!! As soon as we get our camera back (lent out) we'll surely post their pictures. They are soooo much more comfortable. They sweat so bad under there plus, there were a couple of ticks that we never would have found! They are so cute! But they really do look like a couple of kids that just got their summer buzz cut! Other than that, we just keep on keeping on. Comments: Sandi and Crickette...thank you for your continued prayers. We hope that everyone of you have an excellent day! God bless and stand! Faith


Rachel Boyer said...

Sorry that is has been so long. Got caught up in life and things happened.
We are all doing good and settling in Colorado and loving it.
Had an experience and a half on our way here. We ended up leaving later than we wanted to. We left Saturday June 3 at 3:30 in the afternoon. When we got to Missouri we stopped for dinner. Went to get all up and going the moving truck wouldn't start. So, we waited on someone to come fix it and that took three hours. So, we slept in the van while we waited. Once it was fixed we were up and going again. Got to the rest stop and slept. I think that it was around 3 in the morning when we settled down. Got up and going around 8 am. When we stopped I was sure to get some caffeine. Monday was a pretty good day of travel. Other than having a headache because I didn't get enough sleep. We stopped that night at another rest stop to sleep. Woke up Tuesday morning and got the dogs walked and fed and the cats. Then got up and going like normal. Got through the construction and had a lady waving me down as they passed the van to tell my that the back door was open. Since mom and I packed the van really good we lost nothing. my poor cat though had the look of terror on her face. We got the van all shut up and got going and finally made it to my sisters house.
We are all doing good and loving Colorado. We got to look at the land that we bought and I can't wait to get the house on there and get things going. It is going to be a lot of fun.
I am still having my headaches still not sure what is going on with them but we aren't going to give up on finding out what is going on and what is causing them. I am on some new meds and they have helped me appetite and I have gained weight and sleeping well.
Glad to hear that all is going good with you. Now that we are more settled down I will be on more often. We never stopped thinking and praying for you both.
I am going to get off here though.

Thoughts and prayers are always with you.

Love always,
The Boyer Family.

crickette said...

Heres praying that everything is right with you! I miss reading of your experiences!