Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Days 237 & 238

Good morning! Hope everyone is doing well! I still haven't caught that catfish (Newman) but I DID hit him in the back with my bait, sinkers & bobber! He just swirled around and continued on. Didn't even leave the area!! This is going to be war before it's over! Mark caught a nice bass tho! Now, the other thing that got caught was a 5 1/2 foot long chicken snake!! GROSS! He was about 2 feet away from the neighbors little dog. UGH! I HATE snakes! And I don't really care which ones are the "good" ones! They are ALL serpents to me! Someone told us to put golf balls in the laying boxes in the chicken coop. So, if we get eggs everyday, the chicken snakes will eat the golf balls and eventually die from them. Anyone else ever hear anything like that? We also have a water moccasin (cottonmouth) living up here in the tree somewhere! We see him swimming across the pond every now and then. Booooooo!! I also had a chance to get in the wagon (it cooled down to the 70's) and get it all straightened up. It is now ready to be repacked. I can start with the winter stuff and get it all stored and packed in. Then...when the Lord says go, we're close to going! Everybody is getting antsy. Sugar Rae keeps escaping from the camper and one day she chewed everything in sight! That would include the wire to the phone charger :( Luckily I have a son that leaves things behind when he visits! He got a new phone and left the USB cord to his old one so I can use it! Even a bad signal is better than no signal at all! And to think we were going to go phone-less on this journey! We still meet people everyday and keep our eyes open for the God things. You know, the only works that are good works are the ones that come from God. The rest are just good deeds! That's a hard one to get settled in your brain. Not that there's anything wrong with good deeds! It's always awesome to help someone out! We love to bless people and since we don't have much, acts of kindness are about all we can share. But we sure do have fun doing THAT!! So, please continue to pray for the folks on the prayer requests and we'll be right here. Today, we are going to the spring for water. Did I tell you that? The water here, where we are, is REALLY bad! So,everyone saves gallon jugs and there are different places around that have natural spring water running from tubes/ pipes. Just go and fill your jugs. No cost. They aren't even public service areas. You just have to know where to go! We know about 3 of them now. And always good, fresh water! So, that's the big chore for the day! God bless and have a great day! Faith!


Terri said...

Acts of kindness are the best thing that anyone can share with another. You two are doing a wonderful job. If others would be so kind the world would be a better place.

It is always good to read how you are doing and to know you continue with your mission. You are winderful people and I count my blessings for get the opportunity to meet you both.

sandi said...

Prayers to all of you again and always. God Bless All.