Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Days 243 & 244

Good morning! Hope all is well! It is here. Bob and Casie took themselves for a stroll last night! That darn Casie! She is an escape artist. Even tho the gate to the pen was chained and tied, she got through it. Know how????? She lifted it off the hinges!! Unfortunately for her, it only lead to another pasture, which lead to another pasture! Problem? The gate of the 3rd pasture was open. So they walked around down here by us then into the neighbors yard, where, once again, they were fooled into being caught with the oat buckets. Ahhhhh... some things never change. Thank you Lord! Today is work inside day so I'll be busy all day! So much to do always. I would like to ask for prayer for John. He will be battling demons this next week and it's not going to be easy or pretty. And for Crickette to get well from conflicting meds. Thank you. Comments: Terri...thanks so much! I'll get some today. Poor guys:( Crickette...I wish you would have asked for prayer sooner! We could have helped! Glad you're getting better:) That's it for now! I hope you all have an awesome day! God bless

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crickette said...

It seems that I am going to need prayer and lots of it!. It wasnt conflicting meds after all , although that did cause some of my problems. I had to have a doppler and a lung scan today and tomorrow I will have a EKG done. The doctor thinks I might have a blood clot moving around! Please pray for me! by the way, our pastor is well and They had church last sunday, I was too ill to attend.