Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 242

Hello again! It has been a beautiful Sunday! The music on the hill last night was awesome! The Dalton Gang from Tennessee was there. The church band played! And Jack quartet sang! Then some good preaching and what a great night we had!! Then we had a relaxing afternoon. We were thinking about people having to work on Sundays and that when we were kids, nothing was even open on Sundays! Anyway, we decided that we aren't shopping on Sundays anymore. Just a personal choice ;) This morning in church, we had a guest preacher. He was talking about what faith is. He said it's not jumping off into the dark hoping for God to help. He said it's hearing what God tells you to do and doing it. Then he mentioned Noah building the boat and Abraham leaving Ur. Sounded kind of familiar!! I think we might have gotten that part right! Thank you Lord!! Just an act of obedience. Well, that's about it. Bob and Casie got moved today. The flies are eating them up!! Anybody know of any sure fire repellent? Haven't had much luck with these sprays and now it's horse flies! Thanks in advance for any tips on that! We were asked to prayer for Shondas' cousin. She overdosed and is in a coma. Her mom is to arrive at the hospital tomorrow and they are hoping her voice will help. Comments: was a beautiful day! We missed the grads at church tonight :( God bless everyone and keep the faith! Good night!


Terri said...

I have made up all sorts of concoctions for fly spray and bought many others. The best stuff I have found and continue to use is a product called Paranha. It lasts and it seems to be effective.

crickette said...

I had a urernary trac infection and the dr. prescribed a antiobiotic that conflicted with my other meds. Next thing I knew, I was in the hospital!. I am better now , on the mend Thank you God! Prayers work! Im glad you all are doing ok. My prayers are with you!