Monday, December 16, 2013

Hello out there!?

Hi everyone! We are still here in Corinth, MS!! Bob and Casey are excellent with the exception of Casey being waaaaay over weight! We picked up a tri-color paint, mare. We had a tri-color visitor and are hoping for a baby tri-color! We also rescued a filly. She was on her second time being starved. She looks good now tho and is broke to cart and ride. She has a beautiful natural gait, old time. Anyway, I guess I'll let it go at that for now and wait to see if anyone is still following! Deb

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31, 2012

HEY!!!! It's been a long while! I have serious internet issues down here! We are still at Corinth, MS. We were blessed with a great place to rent at a great price! There are 8 horses out here. 2 were here when we got here. They are Booger (he's 30) and Buttercup (she's 17). So we care for them. 3 horses are Tom's (a friend) and of course Bob & Casey. Still having a time with Bob's weight. He'll put some on and the next thing you know...back to the hips n ribs. Any suggestions? We could sure use a load of good alphalfa hay! It won't grow down here. Made him good and fat and healthy before. He does NOT enjoy the pellets!!! Anyway, the 8th horse is a little filly that we rescued. She's probably a little over a year old and she was starving. We call her Baby Girl. She's getting better every day. You can still see ribs but her backbone no longer protrudes!! She's just tiny. When she's all better, she'll make a great riding horse. So, we hope that you all still pray for us and the journey. We still get plenty of prayer requests and ask that you just keep all of the people we come in contact with in your prayers as well. God knows who they are. Our grandson Isaac was born the 29th. Funny, they picked the name Isaac months ago and he hit land the same day as the hurricane! My daughter said she hopes it's not prophetic about his behavior! He's having some trouble with fluid in his lungs and has to stay in NICU for a bit, so prayers for him would be appreciated. Thank you. Got to get to chores now. The hens just started laying so they are getting plenty of my attention. Their little eggs are just the cutest. God bless and I'll try to get back on as soon as I can. Faith! P.S. So far we have only had sprinkles and breezes from the hurricane. Thank you for your concern. I'll let you know if there is any trouble from that!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 7th

Hi! Me again! Still working on uploading pictures. Two problems...1. They all have to be resized and that takes time. 2. I'm having a heck of a time getting a good signal. But I'll get it done! I have a prayer request from Tony & Shonda. Tony's mom had a stroke yesterday and is in pretty bad shape. No left side movement, slurred speech, some damage to the brain, etc...They have asked for prayer for a full recovery for her. Thanks. Comments: Terri, Crickette, & Rachel...thanks for the encouraging words and I'll still get to the blog whenever possible. It's not over til it's over! God bless you all. Please keep holding us up in prayer, and all the others! Faith

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5th

Hi all! Well, we got all moved over to our new place! Exciting but, lots of work! Mark was so excited to have space that he set up a wagon ride for the 4th and then ended up having to work! But...5 wagons and 3 riders came anyway. We went ahead and rode for about 3 1/2 hours leaving Bob & Casey behind in the barn. When the gear started coming out for the other horses, Bob stayed WAY back in his stall. I think he was glad to see us all drive away without him. There were 3 teams of mules in the mix and what a nice peaceful ride it was. I took LOTS of pictures so I'll be posting them as I resize and edit. We are renting a farm that has a 9 stall barn, 10 fenced acres, a HUGE shed (60 feet), and 3 catfish ponds! With living quarters!!! And we didn't even find it! It found us! God just always watches over us! I have a prayer request from MI. Our good friends Larry and Linda need rain!! So, if everyone could pray with us for rain in Perry, MI so the beans don't burn up in the field, it would be greatly appreciated! Comments: Mike...HEY!!! Nice to hear from you!! We think of you guys every time we see chickory coffee (which is often down here)! Glad all is good for you and I'll try to get back to blogging more as we get more settled. Crickette...All is well here. How are you doing? Better? Joan...Big kisses to both! Thanks Rachel... glad you love the new place! We love ours too! I need to go shovel stalls so I'll keep everyone posted on our progress here! God bless! Faith

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27, 2012

Hi all! Just a quick update. We'll be moving again shortly. Hopefully in the next couple of days. A little farther south but still considered Corinth, I think. Anyway, 10 acres, 2 catfish ponds (I never did catch Newman!), barn...and very affordable. God just never stops blessing and caring for us! I miss getting messages from you all! Rachel and Crickette, I got yours! Thanks for staying in touch. Rachel, enjoy the new beginning! God bless you all! Faith

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Days 246, 247, 248, 249, 250, 251, 252 & 253

Hi! Sorry for the HUGE delay! The first couple of days there just wasn't any new news. Then we had a flurry of fun stuff! We had a missionary at church on Sunday. We went to lunch with him and his family after morning service. Mmmmm... Chinese! Anyway, they have sold everything and are traveling in a 5th wheel camper. We saw some similarities in their story and ours so we really wanted to spend some time chatting. Then on Monday, Brother Bill showed them where we are and they came down and asked if we wanted to cook out in the evening! We had a great time! They taught us how to play "Skipbo" (Linda & Larry, no wonder you play that! It was a blast!) and we visited until midnight. They are traveling the U.S. and then bound for Papua, New Guinea. They are actually missionaries to the missionaries. The HUGE difference between our stories is, of course the New Guinea part, but...they also have 2 little ones! 2 years and a 6 month old! Good thing God is great!! Please, keep them and their travels and ministry in your prayers. They are, Stacy and Katrina Meadows, along with Desirae, and Charity. Thanks! On Monday, some men that Mark met through Tom Dixon, brought over a small buckboard! For exercising purposes. Then on Tuesday, Tom trailered his horse over and we hitched up and went for an experiment ride! The little wagon has no brakes so we were a little leary of the route we would take because there are hills everywhere in this area. But after a 4 month layover, Bob and Casey did great! The wagon has chains in front instead of the heavy wood (yoke) like the covered wagon. It worked just fine for them. Even tho it was very hot out, they weren't really working. The wagon only weighs about 300 lbs. So, basically, they were just out for a walk. They remembered everything they were supposed to do. They held back on the downhills and stopped in the shade on the uphills and never even breathed hard! We were so proud of them. Tom rode his horse along with us and they didn't even mind that! Hanging around in a pasture next to 3 other horses must have helped. Luckily, we crossed the railroad tracks JUST before a train came so we didn't have to test THAT monster! I have a feeling that might have been a bad thing. THEN!!!!! Bob and Casey got new summer haircuts! They are CLEAN! It took a minute to get used to but they are lookin' good!! As soon as we get our camera back (lent out) we'll surely post their pictures. They are soooo much more comfortable. They sweat so bad under there plus, there were a couple of ticks that we never would have found! They are so cute! But they really do look like a couple of kids that just got their summer buzz cut! Other than that, we just keep on keeping on. Comments: Sandi and Crickette...thank you for your continued prayers. We hope that everyone of you have an excellent day! God bless and stand! Faith