Sunday, February 27, 2011

From; Deb

So yesterday, we finally got outside and made a couple of "for sure" decisions on the wagon renovations.  YAY!!  Took off some outside brackets to make the length 2 -3 feet longer.  That will help.  But the exciting part was just the doing it.  EXCITING!!!!!
Can't wait to be getting started but there is SOOOOOOO much to do in the way of organizing, downsizing, selling...this must be what the Lord gave us all this stuff for.  To cash it in on the Great Commission!!
But....once again, I must mention that we are accepting any and all donations to the cause.  We have to feed those horses and stay medicated.  We will rely on God Himself to provide.  And He will through all of the good people along the way.  We'll work for what we need, and barter when we can.  Going to have to take those chainsaws with us!
Time here in this world is becoming sooooooo short.  I believe the signs are all there.  All that's left is for Jesus to stand up and say...Let's do this!!!
Have a great day in the Lord :D
God bless!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

From; Deb

HEY!!!!  I JUST HAD AN AWESOME THOUGHT!!!!!  If we are losing the house anyway (i.e. nobody is buying it)  I can sell the refrigerator, stove, & washer/dryer!!  Maybe that will generate some "get going" money!!!  Any and all donations will be appreciatively accepted ;)
OH!!!!!!  Anyone need a stove, refrigerator (we have 2 for sale) or a stacked washer/dryer????
God Bless

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Welcome followers!!!!  LOL.  Good deal.  Now you can keep track of us :)  Love ya all! 
Not much new in the way of information for today.  Too cold to go out & work on the wagon.  We did make a trip to town for a Dr. appt.  Our Dr. is GREAT!  He has been such a blessing to us.  Always helpful, a voice of reason.  We love him :)
Other than that, we are learning how to downsize and package.
More later
God bless

Monday, February 21, 2011

Noah??? By; Mark

When my wife, who I love & adore, first came into agreement on this I expected some folks to look at us like we were Noah, back in the day. You know...building an arc out in the middle of the desert. But we haven't really encountered to much of that. The funniest response we have gotten to date has been "SHUT-UP!!!". Which totally cracked me up!
I noticed the "lack" of response by some people...but upon further conversation some days turned out to be concern. So for all those who are concerned relax. God commanded us to have courage. He didn't ask. Love to all of ya!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

From; Deb

Made some GREAT contacts at church today!!!  Funny how God puts everything together!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

From; Deb

Quiet day.  Did a quick tour of the attic.  Hard to believe the things we save and all the stuff there is to get rid of!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

From; Deb

We, unfortunately, cannot keep our house :(  But it's all just stuff, right?  Back when things were starting to look bleak, Mark and I agreed that if the Lord wanted it all, then we were willing.  It's all His to begin with and who are we to covet and hoard?  He'll keep an ever watching eye on every hair on our heads.  Faith. 

From; Deb

Soooooo...this morning we are off to the lawyer.  Bankruptcy is no longer an option but a necessity.  We'll let you know how THIS goes!  Have a great day in the Lord :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

From; Deb

We have been walking in the wilderness for so long now.  Going around & around that same old mountain.  Walking in the will is going to be wonderous!!

The Realization ; By Mark

This blog is not about preaching, there are Pastors-Priests-and Ministers for that. But we have learned two things that have set us on this journey and they should be shared from the start.                                     1) The great commission...the action plan...are we doing all we can to share the LOVE OF GOD" with the world? Or are we hoarding it to ourselves and only sharing with those who "need him the most or need to get saved" and those who might not laugh or ridicule us and blow us off. When the love of God truly is for all to share.Are we doing all we can to spread that word?
2)And are we truly trusting God to meet our daily needs? (Matthew 6:31-34) Do we need a pension? Do we absolutely have to have a 401K. If we don't will we automatically become a burden to those who love and care for us, when we are old? Won't God feed and clothe us everyday (Mathew 6:25-30 )? His word says it will! So do we believe or not? Do we need hundreds of thousands of $ in the bank? Hasn't God remained true all of my life...even while I denied his existence? Why would God not care for us now while we carried out the great commission? Took us months of frustration before we accepted that!
That is a very hard one for me as a man...I am the provider for my family and it is my responsibility as the head of my house! Then God whispered "am I not your father?" Didn't Jesus say "come to me like the children? Where is my faith? And once again I had made this whole thing (providing) about me and not about God.  Didn't God put his children in the desert and give them manna daily (that would rot daily so they could not save it) (Exodus 16:3-4). So God, with love said to depend upon Him and have faith. I always knew all these thing...but now I have to take flight and cut the lines to the parachute!

The beginning

Stay tuned for the details of the greatest journey we've ever started!!

Journey for Jesus

   Well, our journey actually began some time ago.  We have done some AWESOME things along the way, as well as some "not so AWESOME" things.
   Long story short, we were under the impression that we had become victims of the Michigan automotive industry.  Jobless & broke.  We were those things, but NOT victims.  We were being re-shaped for a more perfect career, trade,...journey. 
   With all of our manufacturing experience, from the ground all the way to human resources and general managers, we were sure that those were the jobs we should be looking for.  We couldn't understand WHY the Lord would leave us in this wilderness for so darn long.  Again, being re-shaped.  It didn't take long to figure out that all of our acquired "toys", would have to go.  Motorcycles, boats, furniture (lol), stuff.