Sunday, February 27, 2011

From; Deb

So yesterday, we finally got outside and made a couple of "for sure" decisions on the wagon renovations.  YAY!!  Took off some outside brackets to make the length 2 -3 feet longer.  That will help.  But the exciting part was just the doing it.  EXCITING!!!!!
Can't wait to be getting started but there is SOOOOOOO much to do in the way of organizing, downsizing, selling...this must be what the Lord gave us all this stuff for.  To cash it in on the Great Commission!!
But....once again, I must mention that we are accepting any and all donations to the cause.  We have to feed those horses and stay medicated.  We will rely on God Himself to provide.  And He will through all of the good people along the way.  We'll work for what we need, and barter when we can.  Going to have to take those chainsaws with us!
Time here in this world is becoming sooooooo short.  I believe the signs are all there.  All that's left is for Jesus to stand up and say...Let's do this!!!
Have a great day in the Lord :D
God bless!!

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