Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Realization ; By Mark

This blog is not about preaching, there are Pastors-Priests-and Ministers for that. But we have learned two things that have set us on this journey and they should be shared from the start.                                     1) The great commission...the action plan...are we doing all we can to share the LOVE OF GOD" with the world? Or are we hoarding it to ourselves and only sharing with those who "need him the most or need to get saved" and those who might not laugh or ridicule us and blow us off. When the love of God truly is for all to share.Are we doing all we can to spread that word?
2)And are we truly trusting God to meet our daily needs? (Matthew 6:31-34) Do we need a pension? Do we absolutely have to have a 401K. If we don't will we automatically become a burden to those who love and care for us, when we are old? Won't God feed and clothe us everyday (Mathew 6:25-30 )? His word says it will! So do we believe or not? Do we need hundreds of thousands of $ in the bank? Hasn't God remained true all of my life...even while I denied his existence? Why would God not care for us now while we carried out the great commission? Took us months of frustration before we accepted that!
That is a very hard one for me as a man...I am the provider for my family and it is my responsibility as the head of my house! Then God whispered "am I not your father?" Didn't Jesus say "come to me like the children? Where is my faith? And once again I had made this whole thing (providing) about me and not about God.  Didn't God put his children in the desert and give them manna daily (that would rot daily so they could not save it) (Exodus 16:3-4). So God, with love said to depend upon Him and have faith. I always knew all these thing...but now I have to take flight and cut the lines to the parachute!


Anonymous said...

Very thought provoking. I'm hoping I will have time each day to catch up to where you are today. I would love to see what the inside of your carriage looks like. I find this whole thing amazing. My hubby and I plan on doing such a thing w/a camper rv when the kids are off to college. I will pray for you two every day!! High five Jesus!!

Great-Grandpa 13 said...

The level of your faith is immeasurable by human standards. What you have posted, thus far, is very thought provoking. I cannot but ponder, "How strong will our faith be if all our ""conveniences"" break down and we have to rely on God for our provision:" This question will be asked by those of us who take our faith for granted. God be with you on your Journey!

Rick C. Hodgin said...

Could not agree more.