Monday, May 14, 2012

Days 231, 232, 233, 234, 235 & 236

Hi there! Sorry for the no posts! I'm adding 2 today because I started one last Tuesday and didn't post it. So, if it looks like it's not wasn't. Sorry for that. We've been busy!! There are alot of things going on down here this time of year, Plus, Mark has been helping a young man that we met with some issues. We did finally get that chicken coop live-able. Still have to make a permanent house door and their laying boxes, but the yard is all done, including wire over the top so the hawks don't get them! They are so cute in there! They follow Mark around like little kids. We have lots of prayer requests! Bill's mom Brenda passed away. Please pray for the family to have peace and comfort. Gary's sister is battling addictions and bondage. Tony, for his health. Joel and Melinda are pregnant! SURPRISE!! Pray that that sinks in ;) John needs prayer for addictions. Sharen for more cancer tests! Last time!!! OK? David will be starting a new page in life. Pray that there is comfort there. David is also having his other knee replaced! The last one went well and recovery was miraculous! Thank you for those prayers! Nate, moving on and away from family with his new family. Comments: Crickette...Still fishin'! Rachel...When we first met, your move seemed like a long way off. Now it's already time! Enjoy! Sandi...Thanks Cheryl...We better call that boy! It's been a while! We're still in MS. Margie...Thanks Don...yes, no, NO!, yes, yes. LOL! We're doing good. The catfish does NOT have any interest in being caught and now a bunch of ducks moved in so I haven't even seen him in days! Bob and Casie are good. They are eating grass, hay, oats...gonna start back mixing in sweet feed and see if the weight improves more. Thanks to all of you that continue to follow even when I don't hold up my end. I really will try to do better! God bless and have a great day!

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