Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 77

   Day 77 was a cool one, but we saw the sunshine for a couple of hours! We new it was goin' to be a short day (10 miles or so). So we left the race track early and headed for our next destination. We were goin' to over night at a gas station that is no longer in business...but some ladies from the Evansville fire dept. got it approved so we could stay at the 4H grounds. Nice place. No water or electric, but the horses tank we carry was full and we're runnin' on battery.  Great day that the Lord has made, and great day to be alive! Traffic was moderate on 41 and no incidents or accidents.
   We pulled Bob & Casey for a breath today and cameras sprung up around us. Both sides of the road. But across the street was the funniest....mostly because it was a State Police Station. You couldn't see through the tinted glass of the buildings windows, but you could see the flashes goin' off.
Tomorrow is a long drive through hostile territory...we're goin' to be passin' Evansville. The CITY...not exactly our cuppa tea. 15 miles of stress and lotsa stop lights. Hold us up in your prayers please.
Had another vivit from Rachel & family...thank you guys for your support!  Great to see you again!
  •    We met Jann & Charlie Kiesel. Charlie has a procedure (medical) in Tennessee. And please pray for their friend Debbie for life to be better.
  • Jeff & Linda ask that we pray for their grand baby who is 4 years old and has just been diagnosed with cancer.
  • For our grand daughter who has these spells where her heart speeds up tremendously. They are not sure how to treat her yet.
Rick...just the pass throughs, I think.
Paula...Thanks so much for all the help.  God bless
Shannon...we're getting there!  Wherever "there" is?  Kiss n hug those boys for Bob & Casey please!
P.S. Thanks for the GREAT cookies!
That's it for today!  That fresh air sure wears a guy out!  Time for bed already!
Good night and keep on praying!  Be blessed!


Rach said...

It was great to see you guys again too. Kind of feels like we are long lost friends.

I pray for good travel for you tomorrow. I also pray that the traffic will not be to bad. You both are an inspiration to me. I enjoy reading your blogs and keeping up with you. Glad that we finally got to meet!!!

If you would keep me in prayer. Been having headaches more and more recently not sure what is going on but they are not getting any better. Won't know anything till next month. Thank you.

I am headed to bed. Been a long day. Be safe.

Rachel and Family

Anonymous said...

There is a nice state park in Henderson,Ky.--Audubon State Park. It's located on the left about a mile or so after you cross the twin bridges. It is a little hilly after you get into the park, but about 1/4 of a mile of level road at beginning.

joan said...

I pray for your safe travels through Evansville. My daughter lives in Evansville. Give a kiss to Casey and Bob for me. Be safe.

Catt Photography said...

Glad to see you got to stay at the 4-H center....I think my Dad is on his way to see you in a bit before you head out....Good luck with the traffic and lights today...and I was also going to tell you about the park in Henderson, but someone beat me to safe travels...God Bless


Gina said...

I was glad to hear you made it safe to Tri-State speedway...Mark did you and Bob get to take any laps LOL. Tom and Loris are very good people and helped my brother years ago after my Dad passed away. (Don't know if Tom knew how much he helped us through that ) anyway, hope you continue to have a safe trip and come back for a visit. Gina