Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 80

Good evening!
Didn't move today.  Waited for a vet to come and see Bob's teeth.  Teeth are all good so we"re going to try some meds to help settle his tummy.  Could be ulcers.  We'll get him fixed up good.  Gotta get him fat!
We did get a request for prayer today!  Lori Harper justt found out that she has cancer.  Not something any of us want to hear.  But now, since that news,  her husband has passed away from a massive heart attack!  They weren't just married, they were the best of friends!  She is feeling so alone and afraid.  Please can we all lift her up to the Lord in our prayers?  She certainly needs alot of comfort and a healthy dose of healing to go with it.  Let her grieving be short and her memories be long!
Jenny...still can't find the TV version!  But thanks!
Rachel...prayer fixes everything!
Bob...Thanks for the good info!  We'll use all of that!  The 100 mile deal sounds awesome!  We could use a week ourselves!
Paula...Thanks, and thanks for your prayers
Pastor Jaime...Thanks.  Love you!!
Rick...yes so many needs for prayer.  That's why we need all of you!!  and..........oh my ;)
That's all for today.
God bless andgood night!


j wade said...

I just wanted to pray that God keeps both of u safe during your journey..You stayd at my family farm..Paul Flint is my dad :))I have soo much enjoyed reading your blog it shows me how many good people are left in this world..i had almost given up hope on people..but u seem to find great special prayer request except for u both to have a safe journey, and that Bob feels better soon..take care and God Bless :)

Paula Tieken said...

Wish we had known where you were today. We were down alt41 as far as dixon today. Maybe we could have met you and taken you to eat. Maybe brought some hay and feed.

Catt Photography said...

Good evening...I have searched all over and posted on 14news to see if they are going to post the video, but havent heard back from them yet (they had a video on their news last night) if and when it pops up, I will let you know. I have also scanned the other local stations and no luck there yet either. Glad Bob's Vet checkup went well. Hope you get a good nights sleep and try to stay warm, looks like the cold weather has set in pretty good right now.

Rach said...

Glad to hear from you.

I hope that things start to look better for Bob. Hopefully he will start to get some fat on him.

I agree prayer fixes everything. Been doing a lot of that recently.

Well, I hope that you have a good nights sleep and I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

Love always,
Rachel and Family

CLOE'S said...

Wow Bob sure has had his diffculites. We pray the medication will help him begin to feel better and put on that weight. John wondered if maybe some of the weight loss is due to Casey not pulling her full load. We noticed she does slack off and allow Bob to work much harder. How is the area where the hair was rubbed off on Casey? We talked with several people about your journey yesterday and they are sure adding you to their prayers along with us. Stay safe and warm

Anonymous said...
this was all I could find about your interview with local TV station, no video just report.

Charlie and Jann Kiesel