Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 93

Travel day!!!
Before we left, Diana came out to chat.  She would like to add Wesley's dad, Tommy Allen, to the prayer list for his health.  He lost his wife a couple of years ago and has had a rough time since.  She also asked if we would mind if she called the local paper.  We didn't mind.  Sometimes it helps when the people in the area know we're coming so they understand the traffic issues ahead of time.  So, we did an interview over the phone and the photographer was going to catch us on the road.
Wesley had one of his horses saddled up and rode for just a minute then brought him down on a lead.  Man!  Our horses could learn a thing or two!  That horse went where he went, turned where he turned and just because the lead was on!!  He didn't pull him around or have to make him slow down at all!  ust walked with that lead in his hand.  Awesome to watch!
 So, we made it all the way down the hill!  Then back up it!  Wesley & Diana caught up with us to show us our FLAT TIRE!!!  They brought a portable compressor and it filled it right up.  That's when Wesley saw the nail sticking out.  So, we had enough air to turn around at the mine and get repositioned in the drive.  Before we had the horses unhitched, Wesley and David (son) had that wheel off and on its way to be fixed.  He took it to Bob Lantrip!  He plugged it up and then came out to meet us!  Thank you so much, all of you!
Unfortunately, the time got later than we would like for approaching a city.  So, we stayed until tomorrow.  We try really hard to get the timing of a town as best we can, taking into account, day of the week, time of the day, etc.  Tomorrow will be rough, as all the last minute shoppers will be out.  We'll take 41 straight through and do the best we can to keep us all safe!
After we settled back in, the photographer did come and find us.  His name is Jim Pierson.  He's a great guy, took lots of pictures and said we'd be on the front page of the Messenger (Madisonville) tomorrow.  He would like us to pray for Lawrence.  God will know.
We got rested (both feeling pretty punky) ate a little and now are heading for bed so we can get a good start in the morning!  We sure do appreciate our hosts understanding and letting us hang around!
Keep on praying and God bless!


Anonymous said...

Mark & Deb,
Merry Chrisrmas!! Hope you guys have a great holliday season on the road. Be safe in your travels. We sure enjoy reading your updates every day. My Christmas wish is that you enjoy continued good health and hospitality in your journey. keep the faith.
Don G

Jim Pearson said...

Bob and Deb...

Thanks for putting up with all the picture taking for the story we ran in The Messenger on Christmas Eve.

I went to email you a copy of the story and the two pictures we ran, but I realized that your email address isn't on your card. Please drop me a email at and I'll reply with the story a pictures.

You both have a safe and inspirational trip.

Jim Pearson