Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 88

   Today was a learning day. We didn't travel, which wasn't easy for me (snow is chasing us ya know). But we are going to try and get my prescriptions filled, so we stayed put. But we also had a chance to learn some team driving things and harness adjustments. John (the Dad) & Jerry (Son) Jones learned pulling and driving horses from John's Dad. And they are already setting up Jerry's 2 yr old!  He is too cute!
So, did a little wagon organizing and a little light sled driving and a lot of learning! Not a bad day!  we met a bunch of good people through Jerry...they all come to visit him, cause he's a great guy.  When they say that someone is born and bred for something, that's John & Jerry!
You should see their pulling ponies!  They pulled a cart first then moved up to a light sled.  After that, they were hitched to the heavy sled and they were just jumping to go!  Just like the big guys!!  These guys pull up to 8 times their weight!  Awesome to watch!
No new prayer requests today from new people.  Just a couple of our own.
Please continue to pray for:
Denise's health.
Unsaved family members.
Chuck in WI to recover from his heart attack.
And all that are already on our list.
Plus for each other.
Bob would like everybody to know that he was the biggest horse in the lot today.  He's so prideful. And Casey had a great day right up until she stuck her nose on the fence.  Then she stood out in the middle of their pen and pouted til Mark went in and gave her a hug around her neck.  Other than that, they started on vitamin E today. And Bob ate his food right up tonight.
Rachel...good to hear from you!  Thanks!
Terri...thanks for the encouragement!  You are so faithful!
Jones'...Thanks for all the new knowledge.  Can't learn too much, ever!!
And with that, we bid you goodnight and God bless!


joan said...

Deb and Mark,
Every morning I check for you blog. Tis the highlight of my day. I have a prayer request...for the family of Pauline Sullivan. She was killed in a car accident. Thank you. Love Joan

Rach said...

I was wondering were you guys are at exactly? Wow snow we have not seen but a little here and for some reason two of them here want more of it. I think that they are crazy.

Glad that things are going good. Poor Casey. Glad to hear that Bob ate his food.

Keeping you in our prayers. Have a safe travel today.

Love always,
Rachel and Family

CLOE'S said...

Good day - is not learning something new each day wonderful?? You are so fortunate to have met up with some pretty wise and willing families that have kept this journey on its way safe and sound. Pray today is another good day on the "road to MS" and keep ahead of the snows!!
Stay safe and warm - Blessings always - John and Judy

Anonymous said...

Mark and Deb
We have loved having you as our guests here in Providence Ky.
John told me that he has really enjoyed showing you some of the things his father taught him and he carries on the family tradition by teaching anyone who wants to learn about ponies and horses. We hope your journey will be easier with the things him and Jerry have taught you. Keep our family in youir prayers. My request is that the Lord watches over my family and friends, to keep us Happy, Healthy and Safe. Our family has been blessed by meeting you
Cindy, John,Brianna, Jerry, Mickie, Jayson, Jody and Amnda
Providence Kentucky

Anonymous said...

I have posted the pictures I have taken on my facebook.
Cindy Jones