Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Days 89 & 90

Hi there!  Sorry we haven't blogged, again!  We had two down days.  Both days were pretty uneventful but got re-upped on prescriptions one day and I (Deb) was very sick the second!  I thought I was gonna die!  Darn flu!!  Not stomach tho, thank God!  The bad cough, no sleep, everything hurts kind.  But...better now.
I do have a couple of prayer requests to post!
Joan is asking for prayer for the family of Pauline Sullivan.  She was killed in a car accident.  Lord please bring them all peace and comfort.
And the Jones family for health, happiness and to be safe!
Comments: it covered!
Cloe's...We love to learn!  We have been very fortunate this entire journey to have met all the great people that we have.
Jones'...We loved meeting all of you!  We sure learned good stuff.  The changes all worked out great!
Rachel...Providence, KY!  No snow here!!
Cindy Jones...Thank you
That's all for the off days.
Keep on believing and stay in prayer!
God Bless!

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