Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 79

What a day!!  Finally made it across that bridge!!  And immediately got pulled over!  Speeding??? you may ask??  No.  All good legally. Just too much traffic.  Had to sit a looooooooonnnnnnnng time to let them all pass.
That's when the news guy caught us!  eye witness news channel 7 & 25 ABC.  We only caught a second of it and I couldn't locate it on line to post the link so if anybody can????...please send it along, we'd love to see it.  Or not???  Press is not always flattering when it comes to issues of faith.
 So!  On with the business of the journey!  We met aLOT of nice folks today.  Donna Gibson needs prayer for her husband, Dan.  Dan has heart problems that leave the docs saying he could go at anytime.  They are signed up for a transplant donor, but....We better all pray for that donor to come through.  A good healthy heart.  Or we can pray for complete healing for that brothers heart!!
Ray Crane asks for prayer for the return of our Lord.
Bill Grain stopped along side the road, not for a prayer request but to get in behind us with his flashers for the trip over the bridge.  He was soon joined by a Kentucky Transportation dept. truck with his lights on!  We were safe and finally doing that darn bridge!  We have been anxious about that darn thing for weeks!  L.T. the kdot driver, would like us to pray for his family.
The news guys name was John.  Very nice man.  John Simpson.  His request was for prayer for his aunt, Patsy, that is having series of mini strokes.  Also for his mom who is elderly but the good Lord is looking after her.
Susan's prayer is for peace.
And un named angel asks for prayer for an un named patient.  She says he has nothing and nobody and now is very ill.  This brother needs to be lifted up.  Nobody should be ALL alone!
Kathy & Todd both have stage 4 cancer...healing
At one point while we were talking to a small gathering of folks, Mark you have a prayer request?  I got NO names, but this is what I, mother, father, grandkids, grandmother!  So, this one is for us to pray and God will know who needs what, cause He already knew before they said it.  Saying it out loud just put wheels on it!
Linda Floyd asks for prayer for her husband, Clinton.  He just had open heart surgery.  Let's help him get healed up and on with his life.
And Linda just asks for her strength in the Lord.
Joan would like prayer for her niece to have a safe trip.
Rachel needs prayer for her increasing headaches to cease and desist!
Now, back to that bridge (again).  The ponies did GREAT!  Never missed a step.  Boy is that thing long!!  Plus, the flooding makes it seem like wall to wall water!  Now, if we were in a John Wayne movie, we could have jumped on the backs of our horses and plunged into that water and come up swimming, horse and all!  I know it's true, cuz I seen it!  Just the other day!  And THAT'S why Mark loves me!!
So, we got through Henderson (almost), when Terry stopped us and asked if we needed a place to stay.  Of course, we were ready to be done.  2 towns and a mega bridge is enough for 1 day.
We'll need a vet tomorrow to check Bobs teeth.  He definitely has a problem.  Pray for us and him that that works out favorably.
It seems that although I read all the comments last night, I for got to address them.  Sorry about that!  So, I will tonight!
Comments from last night:
Rachel...good to see you again.  We had an awesome breakfast! Thanks
Anon...Thanks.  Going to try to get past Henderson.
Joan...Made it!  OK on the kisses.
Jenny...Your dad is awesome!  Took great care of us, AND brought us lunch on the road!  Thanks so much and prayers for blessings for him.
Comments for today:
Bob...Lost a bunch, all of a sudden!  Vet tomorrow hopefully!
Terri...we'll see how tomorrow goes for a vet
Mari...They were great!  Thanks so much!
Gina...LOL!  Met Tom.  GREAT guy!
Rach...Thanks so much and for the offer of dinner tonight!
Crickette...Amen to that! Thanks
Paula...we never know until the day begins!  We are just off alt. 41 tonight.
And with that, we are going to huddle in and get through the cold night!  Our prayers are with you all and God bless.  Good night.


Rach said...

Glad to hear from you guys and glad to hear that you are safe.

It was so good to get to meet you and getting to talk to you twice. You have defiantly touched our hearts.

We will continue to keep up with you on your blogs and keep in touch through phone.

Thank you for the prayers I appreciate them a great deal. Meds are helping a little just praying that I can get off them and they find out what is going on.

I hope that you have a great nights sleep and a good day of travel tomorrow. Thoughts and prayers are always with you.

Love always,
Rachel and Family

PS Please pray for a dear friend of mine who lost her grandfather today. Thank you.

Rach said...

Here is the web address that you wanted!

Paula Tieken said...

Here is the url that willlead you to your short interview while you were heading into KY.
I recoreded it so that my husband could watch.
I certainly wish I could have touched base with you while you were in Henderson, KY.
I will pray for your safe trip while you are on your Journey spreading the word!

pastor.jaime said...

KENTUCKY!!! Moving right along! Praying with you and for you. Love you guys!

Rick C. Hodgin said...

So many prayer requests... so many lives touched by what you're doing, Mark and Deb. :-)

There's an old joke between Indiana folk (Hoosiers) and Kentucky folk (Kentuckians, see, and perhaps it's mostly only funny from the Indiana side. :P ... :-)

It goes like this:

A Hoosier sees someone swimming over from Kentucky across the Ohio River. When he gets to Indiana he climbs up the bank headed toward the Hoosier. The Hoosier notices the Kentuckian is only wearing one shoe and says to him, "Hey buddy, tough swim! You alright? Looks like you lost a shoe on your way over," to which the Kentuckian replies, "Lost a shoe? No, sir. Found one. Right there climbing up the bank! Yes, sir, seems Indiana is full of all the great treasure I heard about!"

The moral of the story: Be wary of Kentuckians... or is it Hoosiers? :-) LOL!

Just kidding, of course. An old joke.

My prayers...