Saturday, December 24, 2011

DAY 94

Most of you will be reading this in the AM...So a Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you. Thank you for takin' the time out of your busy holidays to read this. Well we left the sancuary of the Allen's and headed out to cross Madisonville. As with most things it wasn't worth all the stress. Bob & Casey relaxed all the way through. Just amazin' was their calmest day in a long time. Good pace...just relaxed. Lotsa traffic...but it didn't phaze anyone.
The sun was shining and it was 52 degrees, thank you Lord, as we headed for Hwy 41. We caught it (41) a couple of lights into town and followed it out. We will be on the hwy all the way to Clarksville TN. Or shortly before. We really don't want to do that city! But we have a tentative route planned.
We had an abulance screamin' up behind us today in town. So I grabbed a little tighter reign and prepared for the worst. But when he got about 30 yards from us and directly behind us, he shut off the sirens and coasted around us. God bless those folks...if your readin' this thanks for the courtesy.
Well tomorrow is Christmas and the birth of our Lord. How thankful can one a person be on that day? Seems in my heart like just not enough. Imagine comin' down from heaven, I mean HEAVEN, to this earth. Leaving our Father and wonders and glories of paradise. Leaving a place so magnificant and holy all the souls spend their days singing praises to out God. To come to earth and die a horrible, dishonorable death for a people who would scourge and despise him. To know all that in advance and STILL come...that is LOVE. And I for one am so humbled...that he thought of me, loved me, and died for me,  before I ever thought of him. truely thou art God...and truely you are love. Happy Birthday Jesus the Christ, our Lord & Savior.
We did meet lots of folks like we always do when we pass through a town!  Here they are...
Wallace Wood would like prayer for his finances.  He needs a car.
Teresa Duncan needs prayer for gout and diabetes.
Mildred Reynolds asks for prayer for all family conflicts, group homes, and nursing homes.
Raymond Swarringin for diabetes.
Josh Thompson asked for prayer for his family, his little girl, and his upcoming marriage.  Lord bless that!
And Samantha for her depression. 
Val Hogf prays for mankind itself!
Gerald Scott needs prayer for their finances.  He has became another victim of this economy.  A situation we can closely relate to.  Have faith Mr. & Mrs. Scott.  The Lord will truely care for ALL of your needs.  We are your proof!  Just let go and fall into His arms.  The Scott's also blessed us and brought us lunch to go!  Thank you
We met Jim Egbert and Arnie Boze.
Cheryl Ryan asks for prayer for her mom.  She is unable to walk and after an incident, is failing.  She never got over it.  She is 89 years old.
Prayers for Betty Cox, who is ill.
And Darryl needs blessings for finding Pastor Gary and securing us a place for the night!
My friend Don...Merry Christmas Brother. I miss ya. May God bless you and yours on this very special day.
And with that...God bless and good night!


Bob Skelding said...

Merry Christmas Mark and Debbie,

I happy to see that things are going well for you. I see you're now back on the route I took south. There are some minor hills, but not too bad. About a day's journey to the south, near the town of Crofton is a small community of Amish folk. While they still drive a buggy to church, they are "Tractor Amish" and move about quite a bit on farm tractors. When I came through southern Kentucky three years ago, I was able to cut across the Fort Cambell Reservation and save myself a lot of time and traffic, bypassing Clarksville altogether. Inquire with the locals south of Hopkinsville; they'll let you know if the base is open. If you're heading out on US 79 West, towards Dover, this will save about a day of travel. Good Luck and Merry Christmas, Bob

joan said...

Merry Christmas Mark andDeb. I wish you safe travels.

marion said...


Terri said...

I am so glad to see things are going well and you continue to roll along and pray for so many. The world needs your service and the Lord sure picked a couple of loving and caring folks to do it. Bless you.

Wishing you a Merry and Safe Christmas!

Crickette said...

Merry Christmas! May the lord bless you and keep you safe!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you!!!! Glad things went well and your back going again!!! Well you wanted to know if Larry was 100% or just good enough with the ankle well I think he went back a little early but we couldn't hold him any longer :) he still has pain but thank the good Lord he can work again!! Also our daughter Hailey wanted me to pass along she got a farm set for Christmas with a covered wagon and horses and she has named the people Mark and Deb and the horses Bob and Casey in you honor :) hope you all have a blessed day!!
Love and prayers always
Larry Paula and the girls!!

CLOE'S said...

Merry Christmas to you both and of course the "critters". Yes HE is an AWESOME GOD and HE continues to watch over all of you and the "Journey". Stay safe and warm.
Blessings always
John and Judy

Rach said...

Merry Christmas to you both.
We just got back in town from being with family. Thought of you both a lot.
Thank you for the prayers for my friend and her situation I appreciate it.Not sure how she is doing at this point.
Well, I hope that you both stay safe and have a safe New Year.
Rachel and Family