Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jenny's pic's (Flint farm)

That Casey is a card, isn't she??
I was not able to resize these, sorry.


joan said...

Hi Deb and Mark. Still raining. Hope you are staying dry. Yes those horses of you do keep you on your toes. Casey must love to stick her tongue out.

This will be my moms first Christmas in Heaven. She gets to spend Christmas with my dad once again. Please pray that my siblings and I can be happy they are together.

Anonymous said...

HI Deb & Mark

Lisa again from MI ( I need to make a real profile as a follower!) I see Casey is up to "laughing" again, as she did in my yard after playing with the bird feeder. Can I ask a prayer request? My friend Sarah and her husband Scott have been through an ongoing ordeal trying to get a tumor under control in his hand. Each surgery and skin graft is accompanied by excrutiating pain. This just recurred AGAIN after you left. Thankfully they have a BLESSING of son Jay to keep them focused on what's important and Happy in life. see: