Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 92

Hi all!
We started the day by watching 2 huge horses run, run, run.  Mark asked Wesley where the horses were?  IN THE BARN!!!  Eating the hay they won't eat for us!  PLUS...they NEVER want to go in the barn!!  But there were 2 geldings in there and Bob was making friends touching nose to nose.  Awwwwwwwww.  Then apparently teasing them because he could run off if he wanted and they were in stalls.  Well, they aren't anymore!  They got let out into half the pasture and Bob and Casey got fenced in the other half.  Now they're sad cause the other horses went to eating grass and Bob is still standing at the fence trying to be friends!  And his new friends get their barn!  Too funny!  They are so beautiful when they run!  We're so happy to see them rested and feeling good again!  Probably going to slow our roll a little so they stay more fresh and healthy.  Thanks for all of your prayers for Bob.  He is healing!
So Wesley was off to logging this morning.  Diana came out and brought us a fruit basket and Christmas card!  Thank you so much!  We miss fresh fruit.  So, we chatted for a bit and...RAIN!!  We already had the horses up and starting to pack and brush.  Diana said, you know you're welcome to stay another night if you want!  You can shower and if you have any laundry...we stayed!  Mark is feeling pretty poopy today.  I guess I shared that :( .  When Wesley got back we went in and had a great visit!  Very nice folks! 
I want to thank Hank and Jeannie for the hay they blessed us with last night,  again.  By name this time (sorry).
Diana has a prayer request for us.  Her dad will be 86 in February.  Her mom has alzheimers.  She is so bad she is in bed.  The request is for dad.  He and Diana are caring for mom and that's a huge job!  So, can we all pray for dad and Diana's strength, health, and perseverance!  Also, for the Lord to help with mom!
Rachel has asked for prayer for a friend of hers that lost her sister.  Her sister passed and she cannot afford to have her buried.  She is distraught!  She could surely use some prayer for her physical and emotional needs right now!
That's about all we got for a day off!  This must be the rainy season for all parts south of Michigan!  It sure comes often and stays long!
For today then, God bless and good night!  Love you all!  You are our blessings!
Comments:'re welcome and thank you.  So sorry for your friend.
Sharon...Still here and thank you for your prayers
Larry & Paula...Woo-Woo! on that back to work!!  Is it better? Or just good enough to go back to work?  Thank you for your prayers.
Jones...Thanks for everything!  We'll see you somewhere!
Cloe's...Thank you for your prayers!
Crickette...Thank you so much
Paula...Thank you!
Ok, talk to ya tomorrow!  Might actually make it through that town this time!

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