Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 74, 75, 76

Hi Folks...back in communication! Sprint had us shut down. Said we passed our limit on the amount of information we can send while using other companys' towers. So they shut us down. So I'm thinkin' to myself...."ok self lets use some deductive reasoning & figure this out. Sprint does not have enuff towers to effectively give us what they sold us...nation wide broadband with an air card. So they use other better established companies towers (ie:their competitors) to provide us the service they sold us. And then they shut us down towards the end of the billing period, which they are paid in advance for, and send us an email explaining this 1 day before they shut it off. Ofcourse you can PAY more money and get a better service...HHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....NOT! Because excuse me if I'm wrong...but I beleieve we could give our $ to a better equiped provider, and be a bit better off.
   So any way...sorry we were gone for a few days. We are back! They have broke all existin' records for precipitation down here on the Southern Indiana border. Last record year was 2006. So no travel for 2 days. Got 3-4 inches of rain in the general vacinity around us, over 2 days. So needless to say we laid up. Mud-water & rain. Finally had to bust out the blankets for the ponies when the temp dropped on top of everything else. Plus, Lindsay (Gina's daughter) really wanted those horses in the barn!  So we warmed them up with their fancy duds. Had lots of great visitors. Started with Rachel, her Mom-Dad ( Sharon & Randy Boyer )& Brother (Michael). They have been followers for a long time. And it was so cool to finally meet them. They hunted us down to give us our 1st Christmas card. We hadda great visit. It is always so cool to meet our followers. Unfortunately it was raining so our visitin' was confined to our wagon....6 people & 2 dogs. I have to guiltily admit that I had just finished a good nap so I had the best seat in the house. (the bed along with Bear & Sugar Ray). Sorry about the close quarters Folks!
   We also met met Paula & Larry and their 2 girls. Good horse people. They blessed Bob & Casey with a trailer full of hay and picked us up some weight builder for Bob at the feed store. Then Larry realy rescued us. One of us ...forgot to tie the fencer back onto the wagon when we broke camp at our last stop. 3 DAYS AGO! So he ran back to check & see if we were rollin' 7's, or at least hittin' our #...(oops!) I mean lucky. And sure enuff here he came...jumped out with a fencer & a smile. You were the hero on this day Bro. We would have been in a serious pickle without that. At the very least an expensive one! Bob & Casey woulda hung around a day or 2 without it. But eventually they woulda wanted the greener grass on the other side of the fence.
   Mark & Gina were the great hosts. Two showers in 2 days. We spent some hours around the kitchen table and coffee'd up with some great conversation. We are so thankful the Lord put you in our lives. Thanks for the pasture for Bob & Casey too. It might have been wet...but they weren't in the little pen we offer them nightly. Not only did they give us shelter from the storm they set us up for the next few nights! God please bless each of these folks and all their freinds who assisted us. Thanks guys!
   So the decision has finally been made...after much care and consideration...lot's of peoples help...prayer and research. We are crossing into Kentucky at Evansville on hwy 41. Seems you are required to do coggins every 30 days for IL!  We just hit 90 days on Saturday so crossing into IL would be no bueno at this point. So we arrived on 41 today and made it a few miles down. traffic is heavy but there are 2 lanes and lotsa shoulder. Bob hadda nice quiet day on the back roads...which was cool cuz the next three days will be busy.
   We had a companion for about 5 miles today. There was a dog...probably a collie mix who thought it was his job to scout for us. We tried everything to shoo him home but to no avail. He would lead Bob & Casey for a while...then run along side...a quick check behind us (to rile up Bear and Sugar watchin' him outta the window...then back out front. He was amazin' to watch work and of course I called him scout (watch out Bob mathews you could be replaced). But we were closin' in on hwy 41 and we didn't want him hit by a car. So when a man stopped to chat we told him where we thought the lived...he tried callin' ol' Scout...but to no avail. Scout saw that trap comin' a mile a way and scooted down the road. We actually wittnessed him last on the other side of 41. Amazin' dog. Hope he doesn't get hit. Too good of a dog to go out like that. Don't tell Punkin this...but I sure enuff enjoyed that dogs company.
   So anyway off to Evansville...and the big bridge. Sure has been a long stretch through Indiana. Great folks...just seems like we zig-zagged this state for a long time! We are goin' to try hwy 60 in Kentucky shootin' as far west as we can. We are over nightin' at the Tri State Speedway , with our hosts Tom & Loris Helfrich. Got to talk to Tom for minute tonight...you know...when he drove over a cattle stock tank, half full, on a ... fork lift!! Dropped right in Bob & Casey's back yard. He is a great guy and I look forward to talkin' with him tomorrow.
We didn't travel for 2 days but we did collect some prayer requests!  Glad to see we have lots of pray-ers to help with the ever growing list!  That's awesome!
We could all pray for Lindsey Hill for health, healing, & love.
Tim Gains asks for prayer for his aunt and uncle, Tommy & Shirley Taylor, for comfort and health.
Also prayers for Lisa and her illness.
Don Riley (dad) has liver cancer and needs prayers for continued healing.  The Lord has already healed him most of the way.  No other explanation!
John & Rosemary Conner would like prayer for their family & children that they all live to know Christ!
And prayer for Paula & Larry.
Rick asks for prayer for his friend Diane Spence.  Diane needs a job!  And really needs some good christian friends to surround her and hold her up!  Lord, please don't let her feel so all alone.
Lisa would like prayer for her friends Sarah and Scott.  They need a complete healing for this darn tumor!  And they thank the Lord for their son!  The perfect diversion from it all :)
We want to pray for Joan and her siblings to be happy that their folks are together again in Heaven, even though they miss them here terribly. (1st year without mom)
I would like to add our niece Mandi.  Her birth father has made the worst choice ever and if we could just hold her up.
Rick...they are hams!
Marsan...Thanks for the great pics!
Tedi...Thank you guys!
Clarence & Brenda...Nice to meet you.  Good luck and God bless
Chelsea...Thank you.
John & Judy...Thanks for keeping up with us!
Lisa...HEY STRANGER!!  Will do...did
Jenny...thanks for more pics
Mari...He did
Bob...getting closer.
I think that's all for today.  Stay tuned...there's more to come!
But, for today...thats all.
Good night and God bless you all.
Talk to ya tomorrow!


Rick C. Hodgin said...

Lots of prayer requests. Praying...

PS - What does it mean to "do coggins" in IL every 30 days?

Paula said...

Glad to hear you all made it safely to your destination!! This family will never forget you guys you left footprints on our hearts! We will look forward to keeping up with you! If your ever back in this area again remember our door and pasture is always open! I hope you saved our number :)
Love and Prayers!
Larry, Paula and the girls!

Rach said...

We are glad to hear from you. Was getting kind of worried.

Glad that you got some travel in today.

Glad that you choose to come through Evansville that is awesome.

You have our numbers if there is anything that we can do please let us know. We have a few things to give you so let us know when you are in the area.

Hope that you have a good nights sleep. I pray for safe travel tomorrow.

Rachel and Family

Rick C. Hodgin said...

Found info on Coggins: http://asci.uvm.edu/equine/law/horselaw/eia.htm

Every horse in IL has to be tested every 30 days? Or just those passing through?

Shannon said...

So good to see that you all are truckin' into the south. Hopefully you will get some nicer weather! We really enjoy reading your blog to see how far you've made it. Pretty darn far from us!
Prayers for you all,
Love the Lehews

Catt Photography said...

Glad to see you guys back on here...was getting worried about you.

Jenny and Family