Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 100!!!!

   Well we thought we were goin' to see baloons and confetti and streamers and hoop-la and stuff on our 100th anniversary...but alas twernt to be! But it was a great day just the same. It's just kinda a personal mile stone for us, and GREAT testimony to God's faithfulness. We left the stockyard a little late. We took the time to do an interview for the Hopkinsville (Hop-town one of the locals call it) paper this morning. A fine young man came out to do the interview. He was raised not far from our Michigan home. His name is Benjamin Joubert and he wanted prayer for future uncertainties for him and his family for the next 3-4 months.
   We had some last minute visitors and picture taking goin' on after the team was harnessed and hitched. Bob took the opportunity to rub his bridle on Casey a couple of times and pull one ear out. He's been doing' the trick as long as I have known him. It's like he knows when I'm not paying attention to him. So finally I got the step stool out of the wagon and climbed up a couple of steps to adjust his top strap, again. And finally we were off.
   This is one beutiful part of our country here in Kentucky. The rolling hills will awe you, and bring you even closer to God. We are off hwy 41 and jumped onto hwy 164. We want to scoot around Clarksville and Fort Cambell. So we will follow this west until we hit hwy 139 and go south again. Kinda nice to be on some small hwy's and back roads again. There was actually some time (when the wind wasn't gusting) when all you could hear was clip-clop of the horses feet. Been a while since we had a day like this. Nice day.
   We started a new habit today. No matter how late we start we are unhitching the horses and giving them an hour to drink and eat along side the wagon. We really didn't have to today, since we only did 12-13 miles....but we thought it was important to start establishing the habit today. So the horses enjoyed their anniversary day too!
We made it to Peedee.  We are at Rob and Christa's house.  Great for the horses and us.  And believe it or not...they are from Michigan too!  That's twice in the same day!
When we got to our turn onto 164, we were passing the little minit mart on the corner and one young lady called out to come in and get a sandwich!  So we did!  Very reasonably priced, great food!  Anybody close should check it out!  By pass 68 & 164!
We met a few folks when we made the lunch stop (later, for the horses. Country Boy Store).  One was Anthony Robinson.  He stopped so the kids could come and see the horses!  That's great cause they love to be seen :)  His request is for his grangchildren and his wife, Paulette.
At the same stop we met Joe and Patricia Rogers.  They would like prayer for their family and their extended family for health and strength.  And sister, Janice Johnson, to stay strong!
When we stopped to ask about staying here tonight, we met Greg & Gill Watruba.  They asked for prayer for their family.
Also, we met Margaret and Leavell Cheathan.  Their prayer request is for the Lord to bless the new year coming in for everybody!
Rachel's mom needs prayer for her migraine and Rachel needs prayer for strength and health as she starts back to work.
Comments: you & mom covered.  And thank you!
Jones'...Thanks so much!  We meet people everyday that either know you guys or have heard of you!
Anon...Thanks so much!
So now we'll have dinner and a rest and start again tomorrow!  We are waiting for our friends from Michigan to head home from Memphis so we can hook up and see them for a minute!  That will be soooo awesome!!  We were tucked in so good when they went, they never even saw us!  That kinda stunk, in reality!
So, God bless you all, sleep well, and good night!


Rach said...

Thank you for the prayers.

Glad that you got a good day of travel in.

I hope that you have a good nights sleep and everything goes good tomorrow.

Thoughts and prayers are with you!

Love always,
Rachel and Family

Cindy Martin said...

Hello and Happy 100th Day. I'm learning all the time. How can I send you pictures I took on day 99. I put them on facebook. Are you all on facebook? Happy Trails and good night. Jason and Johnny said HI...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 100!!! Safe travels! Miss you guys!
love , Sharen

joan said...

Happy 100th day! That is great. I wish you the best on the next 100. I feel so blessed to have met you. Be safe. Love Joan.

Rach said...

Happy New Year! I hope that you have a great day.

I am down again do to a headache and pain. We shall see where this takes me.

Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

Nita said...

Just checkin' in on you two ♥ Bless you, keep warm, well-fed, and dry!
Love you from Indiana,
~Nita and the gang