Thursday, December 15, 2011

Days 84 & 85

All I'm tryin' to do is get a hair cut...but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Next time ya'll see me I'll be lookin' like my throw-back days. So if I appear to be unkempt and not my usual tidy self (as seen in previous pictures)...please forgive me. Wink!
   Well we plan to finish up laundry and cleanin' our guest house tomorrow and back on the road Saturday morning. As long as it isn't raining we'll drag everything out of the wagon and repack. We spent today restockin' on crimped oats-calf manna-and beet pulp. Still haven't found a good alfalpha hay...but we have some pellets if need be. We also got Bob's medication for the 1st 30 days of treatment (ouch!). We're just tickled pink it's workin'. Bob is eatin' like-a horse (snicker-snicker! couldn't help was just tooooo easy). Got some other shoppin' done was so much easier in a pick-up. Thanks to Ron & Debbie for the use of the vehicle. It has been at our disposal since we got here. I can not express to these folks how appreciative we are for all they have done. Goin' shoppin' with Bob & Case is kinda like tryin' to take the...whatever, it's not easy!!
   Speakin' of the ponies...ya know they have 30 acres to play in...but they are only using about 5 of it. Why you might ask??? Because on the one fence line there are other horses. Bob's either in love (which I doubt know given the equipment evaluation) or they are steady talkin' trash brother-to-brother. I had to walk out to give them their oats. Normally they come runnin' when I call. Not this time. They scoot up behind a few trees and hug the fence nose to nose with the other horses. 25 acres of good grass sittin' there totally ignored. Ron and I have decided they are steady talkin' trash about their owners and how they work the snot outta them. Makin' um walk all the way accross the country. And the other horses are probably tellin' them they're crazy for doin' it...just sneak across the fence line Brother...all we do is get saddled up once in a while...good feed...plenty of pasture....we're not draggin' no stupid wagon any where!!
   But then again maybe their just swappin' weather stories...Michigan winters-vs-Kentucky ice and tornado's. Anyway...can't nothin' good come of any of this. Somethin' serious is gettin' discussed for 25 acres of good grass to get ignored. Must be serious...& can't be good. I believe if we stay much longer we would have an insurrection on our hands.
   So did I tell you we are gettin' it back together tomorrow and leavin' on Saturday? Chuckle-chuckle!! Here's my Punkin girl answerin' some comments. Good night and God bless ya'll.
Prayer requests and comments:
  • Joan asks for prayer for her brother, God will know what that means
  • Mari"s brother, Kary, needs our continued prayer.  He has been hospitalized for extremely high blood sugar.
Cowboy Bob...Awesome!  On your way soon.
Rachel...You're welcome and thanks
Crickette...Thank you coming
Creek Lane Belgians...Thanks for the great tips! We're trying a new combination. Thanks for following, we are at:
Well that's it for today.  I (Deb) did get to go to bible study last night with Debbie and it was great!  I love it when we get a chance for church!
So, goodnight and we'll see ya tomorrow!


Rach said...

Glad to hear from you guys and glad all is going well. Thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Love always,
Rachel and Family

Rick C. Hodgin said...

Praying... GBU.