Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 72

  63 degrees today. Thank you Lord. It was a great day for travelin'. So we did some miles. We set out to do 13...but it felt like more than that. We passed threw Washington and stayed right on Hwy 57 all day. We are about 35 miles from Evansville and 57 turns into interstate prior to that so we are goin' to have to decide whether to cross the Ohio...or head for Illinois.decisions...decisions...we gotta pray on this one!
   Had a couple of visitors this morning at the Flint brothers place. Jenny Catt stopped by first thing. She found us through a face book friend I think. I wonder how many face book pages Bob & Casey have crossed in 72 days??? Anyway we sure appreciated her stoppin' by while we had coffee. She's one of those girls who does Mountain Dew for breakfast...but we won't hold it again' her! Wink! Always great to meet new followers. She has a new grandbaby comin' in March and she has neighbors who have new twin lets just pray for those babies for good health and a long life. Thanks guys.
   We also met Mr.Wagler who has been following us from the beginning. Always very cool to meet those followers. He met us threw Bob Skelding...the true wagon teamster. (NOTE: Bob and casey complain to me they are travelin' in the shadows of Doc. Everyone we meet asks if we are you guys. I told them to quit complaining and be happy that Doc blazed a trail for them through these here parts. Bob I know ya check in on us and I gottya tell ya...ya got lots of friends around here and you are missed).  Please remember to drop us a line in comments and let us know how you are doin' from time to time. I was hitchin' up the team and startin' late as I didn't have much time to talk. Sorry about that.
   Phil & Paul fellows are the best...thanks for the great hospitality. May God bless you & smile upon you & yours.
    We enjoyed listenin' to the history of your farm & family. Thanks for sharing. You guys are the kind of folks that America is built on. And we were proud to meet you.You are the true backbone of this country!. After drivin' through the river bottoms I have gained new respect for you fellows and you're ability to farm that land. Talk about your challenges!
   Alright Larry & Lindas and friends... heads up....We finally did it. We went through the McDonalds drive threw. NO REALLY!!! Actually we did it to save Bob & Casey some serious stress. There was this construction goin' on in Petersburg at this stop light. Nothin' really major but it was a MESS! Lotsa traffic. But first and foremost there was one of Bob "monsters" in a tight squeeze that had death or dismemberment written all over it should we try to slide through. A huge cement truck makin' plenty of noise and spinin' like a top. Bob's ears were up and nostrils flared and  weweren't even within reach yet. So Deb (the navigator) sighted a Mc'y D lot around the we hit that and goin' to loop around the construction and get back onto the hwy. So we turned in....but there were parking blocks  blocking our escape! Trapped and forced into the drive through, we just went with it. As we passed next to the little compacts Bob seemed to arch his neck a little....feelin' pretty powerful I think next to those lil' bugs called cars. I wanted to get me and the puppies a double cheese but Punkin was cemented to her seat and just wasn't seein' the humor of the situation. She wouldn't go grab $3.00 or the camera. "Just get us outta here ok???" She's my stress cadet but I love her the mostest!
   Otherwise it was hills and curves all day. We spent plenty of time on the side of the road lettin' trucks pass us. we are between the coal mines and 2 power plants. 250 big trucks of coal everyday. Lots of trucks. Can't read that on the map when your planning a route tho. Just gotta deal and be patient. You only find that out after the fact....after you talk to one of the drivers from the mine! 
   We landed tonight at the Village Inn resteraunt. Betty Wright is our host & the owner. She not only got us water and electric but bought us dinner. God bless this woman. Especially since she did it after we pulled out back and immediately got stuck! The wagon sunk like it was in quicksand (all the rain you have heard us talkin' about) Bob & Casey laid into it but they were doin' nothin' but diggin a huge rut and getting no where. So we unhitched them before they tore it up too bad and she had some neighbors come by with a 4 wheel drive and pull us out. We used a 50ft tow strap and 2 chains so they didn't have to get close to the mess. Thanks so much fellows.    
   But we talked to a lot of great folks and lots of prayer needs. So please remember to pray for all the others' needs. God loves us all....thank goodness or my sinning self would be in big trouble... so lets pray for strangers needs like they were our own...from the heart with passion. Cuz chances are...somebody prayed for us for A LONG TIME...AND CHANCES ARE WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT! So let's pray warriors...
   People we met and people who requested prayer
  • We met Amanda Truitt...thanks for the blessing and the good comments Amanda. It was just inspirin' meeting you. Amanda would like us to pray for her husbands salvation...and they would like to praise God for his great new job. I love salvation prayers!
  • We met Jim Wiscaver...Jim is a horse man and had met Bob when he came through town. Jim has trouble with the veins in his legs and has to get these dibilitating shots in them that just cripple him for days. He asks that we talk to God about him being able to walk again.
  • Hattie Goodrich is also havin' trouble with her legs and ask that we pray for her.
  • Then we met Bob Grable and his wife Winnie...Bob is 80 years old. He flagged us in from the hwy and brought us out a 16x20 frame with pictures and newspaper articles on Bob the wagon master when he was through here. (Bob you sure have touched some lives. Well done). He then grabbed his camera and shot plenty of pics of Bob & Casey. Steppin' right out into the hwy and scarin' the snot out of me....did I tell ya he was 80??? But he pulled it off. They would like us to pray for Winnie's legs. She has arthritis and can hardly walk today. (can you see the enemy at work in this small community? 3 straight people with leg problems. We often see patterns like this in areas.)
  • We met Juanita Richardson...she asks that we pray that her childeren stay focussed on the Lord.
  • We had a chance to talk with Cliff & Winnie Dawson...sure nice to talk with you folks. Cliff has an outstanding testimony and enjoyed listenin'. The healing power of our Lord and miracles. He would appreciate it if we prayed for his wife and his continued good health.
  • Martha & Jerry Clark...ask that we pray for good health-her sister has cancer (healing)-and her daughter is in the hospital.
  • We met Susie Sams- she says "good wishes for the Holidays"
  • Terri & John Penturi. These great folks have adopted 12 childeren in their lives (how outstanding is that???) and are seeking Gods will about another one. they also ask that we ask God to "keep them in his will". Seems to me that they are doin' a great job at that! One of their Sons (adopted from Haiti) asks that we keep the country of Haiti in our prayers.
  • Steve, Brandi & Gwyn Cummins. He was the driver who told us about the 250 coal trucks a day comin' out of the mine.
  • Mike Williams is 51 years old and paralyzed from the waist down...please pray for him
  • Phyllis Phillips has renal failure 4th stage...Please-please pray for a miracle healing. Our God is a God of miracles...yesterday-today & tomorrow.
  • Charolette Malotte, please pray for relief of pain from bone cancer. Please Lord send her the comfort like only you can.
  • Mike Malotte, he is having a defibulator and pacemaker put in Tuesday Morning. please keep him in your prayers.
  • Don Warner & family, he is in the hospital with very bad condintion. Please keep him in your prayers.
Darknezz...Thanks!  This journey IS awesome!
Jennifer M...Glad you found us! Welcome to our journey!
Jim...HaHa!  Right!
Joan...Thanks for the pics!  You're right, I think Casey WAS sticking her tongue out at you! LOL
Jenny...was nice to meet you too!  Thanks for the pics
Rachel...Yup!  Still moving along!
Momma Truitt...Thanks so much.  Glad we met you!
Well, that's today!  Was a great one!  Did we mention that it was 63?  That's what the sign said anyway!  Nice!  No mittens or ear muffs!!  Woo-Woo!!!
so, good night and God bless!  We'll see ya tomorrow!



Bob Skelding said...

Hi Mark and Deb,

It sounds like you're meeting the same great people I did in southern Indiana - God Bless them!

The coal truck drivers are pretty good and keep each other informed on your where abouts.

Since you're there and Bob is doing better with the traffic, your best bet if probably to cross the Ohio on the 41 bridge from Evansville to Henderson, KY. Both sides of the bridge are in Kentucky, so call the Henderson County Sheriff's Department and see if you can get an escort. Colnel Crafton of the Sheriff's deparment road behind me for the crossing when I was through - real nice man. The bridge is 4-lane, so even though it's long it's not too bad. Take care and safe travels, Bob

Rick C. Hodgin said...

Spent some time in a hospital today for my mom. I saw so many people there looking helpless, lost, confused, like they'd all but thrown in the towel. So many there in need of prayer. Witham Hospital in Lebanon. I did meet a very helpful and caring nurse named Sara. She made our time in the treatment room very positive. Please keep her in your prayers as well.

Taking your rig through McDonald's drive-thru... sounds like something I would do. LOL! :-)

God bless you both. :-) And thank you for your wonderful story-filled blog. Most enjoyable and uplifting to read!

Rach said...

Glad to hear from you guys. Glad that travel has been good and that the weather has been good as well.

Wow McDonald's drive thru... I bet that is something that they are going to forget.

I hope that you will go through Evansville. I am looking forward to meeting and talking to you both.

I pray for a safe trip for you today. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


Chelsa said...

I live right down the road from the Village Inn (on Division). I passed ya'll on my way home from work Friday evening. My husband had actually sent me a picture when he passed you first about an hour before me! Then I get on FB this morning and see a link to a news article and come across your blog.

The Flint family is a lifelong friend of mine :) Paul's niece Natalie and I went through school together :)

May the Lord Bless you on your journey!