Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 78

Hi there!
Well, today was the day.  No more putting it off.  Gotta get through Evansville!  The plan was to get out early and make it safely to Billy's.  BUT... before we knew it, we had a visitor!  Jenny Catt's dad!  He said we could stay closer to 41!  At the super Flea Market lot!  So, we talked to him and he said he'd drive and see for sure how to go and that Jenny could call and ask if there was electric and he'd be back.
Sure enough!  Only 12 miles to go!  That was great news!
Bob was pretty antsy for the first 5 miles!  But he finally walked along like he didn't care.
LOTS of traffic on 41!!  Thank goodness most of it was 3 lanes which was awesome!  Pretty standard trip.  People shocked to see us in line at the traffic lights!  LOL!  Cameras...EVERYWHERE!
We crossed an old "fancy" bridge with the whole iron cover or whatever you call it.  Pretty cool!  Horses didn't even caree.
Along the way we met Pam.  She would like prayer for all of the needs out there.  And there are MANY!
Then we stopped to chat with Rena.  She is going through a very difficult divorce after a long marriage and asks for prayer for her and her 2 children, Rena and Roosevelt.
We stopped for Bobbie Gray, who brought a precious little girl out to see the horses.  She asked for prayer for her and her family, her kids.
So, we turned a few blocks short of our directions.  Must have been God that made that choice!  We talked to soooo many nice folks at that corner!  When we went back to driving, a school bus full of little ones passed us and oh my goodness!!!!!  The squeals and screams of excitement that we heard come out of that bus were enough to make the whole trip worth while!  They were all so excited!  I guess city kids don't see big horses everyday on their way home from school!  Very cool!
So, we made it to the flea market and have electric and water.  Bob Savage was very nice.  I don't know his partners name but he is also very nice.  They offered us everything.  And went and bought the guys some carrots, which they will eat now.  Still hate apples though.  Bob has lost weight.  We now have him on weight builder and are hoping for some short days and let his fat catch up with him.  He's eating good, more than he was, just lookin lean and sleek.  But winter is coming and he could use some body weight to keep him warm.
So, that was our day.  We're going to turn in and get some good sleep.
We thank you all for following and pray that the Lord just covers all of you prayer warriors with His blessings! Thanks!  The bible says that when two or more come into agreement, your prayers will be answered.  That's the Word, and we can stand firmly on it!
Good night and God bless!


Rach said...

Glad to hear from you guys. Hoping that you have a good nights sleep.

Hoping we might be able to see you again before you leave Indiana.

Thoughts and prayers are with you both always.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

Bob Skelding said...

Hi Mark and Deb,

Sounds like you're having a great time. If you think Bob's weight loss is excessive, check to make sure his teeth don't need to be floated. If you reach in to his back teeth, feel with your finger tips and ensure the back teeth aren't too sharp and need to be filed down. If you run across a vet, he can check real quick. Most vets can file (float) his teeth pretty quick. Some signs that he may need his teeth floaated are: he drops a lot of grain when he tries to chew his oats, or he takes a long time to chew his hay. This is the number one cause of excessive weight loss with a horse. Good luck, Bob

joan said...

Hi Deb and Mark. Good to hear you had another great day meeting lots of people. Prayers for a safe trip for my niece Maci..she is headed to Lafayette, IN for the weekend with the NJROTC.

Crickette said...

Hi, Im glad to read that you are moving along , without too many things going bad, God is surely looking out for you!Praise for the many knowledgeable horse people out there!Praying for you! Sincerely, Crickette

Anonymous said...

I seen you all coming into Henderson, KY. I wish I would have known then that you were on a mission from God. I would have loved to talk to you. If you are still in Henderson, KY on Saturday December 10, I would love to somehow meet up with you and Deb! My prayers are with you as you travel spreading the word!
Paula Tieken 812-598-2160

Terri said...

Has Bob been dropping the weight since you switched to oats? I'd get his teeth checked as soon as possible. If it's not a teeth problem then I'd start adding some fat to his diet. You can do that by pouring vegetable oil on his oats or you can get rice bran or rice bran pellets. They are 20% fat, made by ADM and not the easiest to find. Should find then in Indiana pretty easy though. If not then start adding the vegetable oil.

mari schwarz said...

it's so nice to be able ot keep up with your Journey. I'm praying that for u all! i'm sure the look on thoses kids face was priceless! I'm sure the all went home and told thier parents! love and safe travels,,,