Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 98

Hi everbody! It was a beautiful day to travel in Kentucky! Sun shine and a little breeze. High in the (high) 40's. I got up early this morning...NO REALLY!!. Yeah-yeah I know must be a miracle! I went to bed early last night...actually the plan was to watch a DVD with Punkin, while laying in bed....great plan....I saw about 15 minutes of the movie. Chuckle-chuckle!! Hey it's the cold ( the crud) I tell ya! But I musta needed the sleep more than the entertainment.
   So Bob & Casey were fed and watered, dogs fed and watered, and the 2 cups of coffee in the tank by  7:30. We were goin' to have a record early start. Johnny and Jason came by to take us to breakfast this morning (as they did yesterday THANKS!), but I already had a bowl of cereal down and I was primed to move. So I begged off of breakfast, but did accept a ride to get a 20 pounder of propane and scout out front a little. Crawford is about 10 miles, but I got my eye on a stop about 16 miles out.
   We got back and said our good byes. Johnny has been a great help and great company along with his son Jason. They drive mules, and have built 7 or 8 wagons. They have really got it down pat at this point. I learned some great things from them and I'm sure we'll stay in touch when it comes time to make improvements (or the next wagon).
   I got the team harnessed and hitched up and another visitor rolled in. So we chatted for a while and headed out. We drove over to one of the gas stations on the corner and added about 15 lbs of air to our plugged tire. I don't think it was loosin' air... I just don't think it got 50lbs when it was fixed. We pulled out of the gas station and started down the road and I knew something wasn't right. Bob was pullin' right and Casey was doin' whatever she wanted. I gave them a minute to see if they would settle, but to no avail, I knew something was wrong. So punkin got down and walked around to make sure everything was snapped and buckled. "Yup everything looks good" she says. So we try it again...same thing. I KNOW something is wrong. Then Punkin spotted it. I had the continous line on Caseys reigns on the inside instead of the outside. So she (Deb) got down and fixed it. Ahhhh that's better. I knew something was wrong.
   Then it baffled me how I did that? It's not like I haven't had any practice...hmmmmm. Took me about a mile to figure it out. I always put the harnesses on from the right side. Did all that as usual....but I have started putting the reigns on at the side of the wagon. We don't have a step over type tongue so we each walk a horse up and Deb holds them while I hitch. I used to put their reigns on up there...but John and Jerry Jones showed me a better way to do it, on the side of the wagon. So when we step the up to get hitched all we have to do is switch the 2 inside reigns, unsnap off one horse and snap onto the other. Very cool stuff. Quick and easy. But I put Caseys reigns on wrong because I used to standing on the right side of the horse and doin' everything. And her being the left side horse.... does that make sense?? Well anyway suffice it to say that WILL NOT be happening again! Always learnin' something...The hard way of course. Nobody hurt...lesson well learned. Change the process...make adjustments!
It wasn't long down the road and we saw some folks pulled over and waiting for us.  When we stopped, they said they had passed us and knew who we were from T.V. and needed prayer!  How awesome is that?!  So we prayed for them right away at the wagon side and promised to add their requests to this blog so all of us can pray for them as well.  They were Dowll Parker, who needs a healing for his head and back, Linda Parker, who is a cancer survivor and is having a problem with her hip, and Anna Cotton is having heart problems.  I'm sure we can all hold them up for complete healings and the Lord will take it from there!
Next we met Rita Fleming.  She asks for prayer for her father's health.
At the same stop we met Doug Brow, he is very blessed.
And Mike Spears, who's father-in-law has cancer.  He needs prayer.
At this stop, we watered the horses so we were there for a minute.  Before we left, Rita came back!  She had talked to her brother, Danny Lacy.  He is the Mayor of Crofton and they invited us to stay the night (or as long as we need) at the park in town!  Parks don't usually work out for us at this time of year as they are deserted and the water is off. BUT...Rita said we could plug in and if she remembered right there was a hydrant.  Right on both accounts!!  The mayor had Rita open the new building for us so that we could go in and use the bathroom and fresh water!'s warm in there!  We are clean!
While we were setting up camp we met Richard Rogers and he went home and picked up Carly Crick so she could see the horses.  Rita made some calls and was able to reach Terry and Jane Bowman, who brought us a couple of bales of hay.  Terry is a retired coal miner.  There are aLOT of coal mines here, meaning...LOTS of miners.  Scary job from my point of view!
Jeana Crick and Amara Crick came to see the horses too!
We had a visit from Janice and Mike Gaulden.  Janice saw us on Rita's facebook.  They asked for prayer for Ashley Hanby who had a car accident on Christmas day.  She's ok but only by miracle!  Banged up bad, but making it!  Praise God!
Janice and Mike also found us 6 more bales of hay for the trailer!  Thank you so much!!  We were low!
So as we were writing tonight...Casey got her feed and ate it right up.  THEN...she walked away, got down on her front knees for a minute (like she was going to roll), got back up, stood with her back legs stretched way out in back of her (didn't pee), hung her head and laid her ears back and just stood there.  Stomped her feet, walked in a circle, then just stood there again!  I'm no vet and neither is Mark, but he came and got me to watch her with him to see the strange behavior.  Between us, we decided that banamine won't hurt so she got a full tube of that, except the part that couldn't come out cause she bit the tube.  Anybody that remembers can picture the face she made!!  Her and that tongue ;)  Seems to be acting like herself now but we'll definitely be watching her all night!  Any suggestions out there?  Ideas?
Crickette...Awesome!!  Thank you!
Cowboy Bob...Ah!  Thanks so much brother!  We will be seeing him tomorrow evening and we will SURELY tell him about this book! 
That's all for today!  Gonna try and get good sleep again.  We'll check on Casey every wake up to be sure she stays ok, and we'll talk to ya tomorrow!
God bless and good night!


Bob Skelding said...

Hi Mark and Deb,

It sounds like Casey has a belly ache. The pain killer was a good idea. By the time you read, this it has possibly passed. But if she still has it now, get a vet out to see her.

The best thing to do for a horse that's has colic is to put it in a horse trailer and drive it around for an hour or two. The next best thing is to walk it around - that get's things moving in the digestive system. If you can squirt some oil down her that's good too. Don't let them get down and roll. When they start passing some poop, that's good, because things are moving.

Take care, Bob

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post that was on here about the belly ache of some kind...kind of sounded like colic if that's the case walking them around is good making sure the poop moves through making sure they are drinking is important. The banamine was a good idea...called Gina and Mark and read this to them and picked their brain too :) we all 4 agree ;) praying you had a restful and uneventful night! Prayers for all of you!!
Love and prayers as always
Larry Paula and the girls and Mark and Gina too :)

joan said...

Poor Casey. I know nothing about horses so I have no advice. But I can say a prayer she will be ok.

Anonymous said...

My name is Benjamin Joubert and I am a reporter with the Kentucky New Era newspaper in Hopkinsville. I was wondering if you were going to be passing through Hopkinsville sometime soon. If so, I would enjoy getting together with you and talking about your travels. My number is 270-887-3240 or you can email me at I wasn't sure how else to get a hold of you so I thought a blog post would be appropriate.