Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 73

   We are in triple digits of followers. Thanks for YOUR prayers and support. We couldn't do this without you. Well we got started later than we wished...but for good reason. We had VISITORS! Jenny Catt and her son David. David loves workin' on the area farms and huntin'. He is a great young man & it was a pleasure meetin' him. We also met Jennifer Miley and her sons Jacob, Jared, Jaden. And Mary Schwarz and her fine son Dametrie(sp?). We fed carrots to Bob & Casey and took lots of pictures of horses  and boys. Good fun!
   Well we did 12 miles today. Talked with lots of folks again, which always makes for a great day. We traveled hwy 57 south and actually turned west onto hwy 64. 57 turns into freeway soon and this gives us the option of catchtin' hwy 1 into Illinois or takin' hwy 41 south into Evansville to cross the Ohio river into kentucky.Stll ponderin' and seekin' advice.
   Remember way back when, when I talked about things I was concerned about bumpin' into on the road...and how the horses would react? Well just to refresh your memeries one of them was ..."what if we run fire trucks, ambulance, sirens blarin'...yada-yada-yada. Well we HIT IT TODAY!!! Ambulance full blast-sirens-lights- the works...comin' right at us . Can you imagine how Bob reacted?? Yup that's what we thought. Know what we got? We got Nothin'! He couldn't have cared less. Casey either. Just pulled over and stood there lookin' bored and annoyed at all the noise. Punkin' and I were in shock. we looked at each other, knowing' exactly what the other was thinkin'. Then we hadda good chuckle. How uneventful. How dull & mundane of them not to react badly. Where's our adrenline rush and good copy for the blog?. These two get any more domesticated and I might have to trade them in for a more challengin' pair!
   And that's the way our day went. It was in the 20's last night...but hit the mid-50's today. But rain is on the way. Supposed to get another 3 inches over the next 2 days. Don't know where they are goin' to put it. All the bottom lands are flooded around the rivers and I hear that the Ohio is 2 inches from flood in certain parts of the state. Glad the crops are in. No trucks from the mine today, but we did pass the mines! What a diffence. The roads were much quieter. Today was truely a blessing from the Lord. It is December and 50 plus degrees.
So along the way, these are the people we met and the prayers we would like to add to the ever growing list.
Jennifer M...peace and comfort for their family, and help to stay in Gods will.
Vicky Lloyd (Jennifer's mom)...for guidance and to stay in His will.
Mari Schwarz...prays for the world to be a better place. And prayer for her brother, Kary Young, who is a severe diabetic and not doing well.  Their mother passed away 2 yrs ago from complications of diabetes.
We met Clarence Line as I (Deb) was running back to rescue a 50 lb bag of horse feed that escaped from the trailer.  He pulled up and told me to throw it on his car so I didn't have to carry it all the way.  Clarence is opening a new business in Montgomery in 2 weeks and would like prayer for the success of that business.  It will be called Little Houston's BBQ and it sure sounds good.  We can put some wheels on that prayer by checking it out!
Ton Hill needs prayer for her family.
Robin & Roger Sermershein have a 16 yr old neice, Abigail Watson, that has an inoperable tumor.  As we were talking to this group of people, an officer pulled up and broke it up because traffic was backing up on us.  Due to that, as we passed Abigail's house and didn't see anyone outside, we drove on.  But not without praying the entire length of the property.  Please pray for this young lady.  Robin told us of a website that is for terminal and very ill people.  It's address is .
Mandy has a friend, Cheryl Sims, who is very ill and in need of prayer.
Carol has terminal cancer.  She is 2 yrs into it.  So we prayed with her and told her that all of you would too!  Thanks
Mike Hart had a terrible car accident and broke his back.  He is in Amber Nursing Home and I think some prayers for healing would work out great for him!
Don Long asked for prayer for Amanda.  Lord, he says you'll know what he means!  His father also needs prayer for health.
A mom is asking for prayer for her 2 daughters, both diagnosed with Chrones disease.  They are Melany Wells and Amber Hagaman.  Both have children.
The Hornbrooks would like prayer for their family.
The Messersmith's ask for prayer for those that need salvation.
Kathy needs prayer for their finances and her son.
We met Alexa Kluemper.
Gina Hill, who is also our host, asks for prayer for more guidance for the upcoming year.
Caleb Schooler and his dad Terry are the nice folks that called ahead and made arrangements with Gina for us to stay.  Caleb also gave Mark some venison sausage and salsa.  Football we come!
Rick would like prayer for the many people in Witham Hospital in Lebanon.  Lord, give them hope and joy!  And thank you Lord for a good nurse that cares about people at the same hospital.  Bless you Sara!  And always, prayers for your mom, Rick.
 That's the day!  Lots of nice, great people.
My friend back home said she wouldn't have believed that we were going to meet so many people that would help us along on our journey.  Thanks to all for restoring her faith in the REAL people of America!
Dan H...Thank you.  We were blessed
Rick...thanks for the good prayer scouting!
Bob...You are legend!!  Thanks for the crossing tips and more!  Did you go all the way thru Evansville?  Or pick up 41 further south?  It looks HUGE!!
Ok, we're ready to hit the hay.  Looks like rain for tomorow so we may be out for the duration.  Ah, we'll talk to you all anyway.  You're great!
Good night and God bless

Rachel...Thanks, we'll keep you updated


Rach said...

Glad to hear that the travel for today went good. Glad that the horses handled the sirens the way that they did. That is a plus.

We are thinking about just coming up that general direction to meet you. Since you are not sure what way you are going to go at this point and we are really wanting to meet you.

I hope that you have a good nights rest. I am off to bed myself church in the morning. Thoughts and prayers go out to you.


Rick C. Hodgin said...

GBU, Mark and Deb.

Mari schwarz said...

God tested,,Bob and Casey... they pased with flying colors!!! Save travels for u all!! there is a special place in heaven for u both!! such a inspiration!! Love you both!!

Bob Skelding said...

Hi Mark and Deb,

I rolled right through town and camped at a gas station just north of the bridge - then crossed the next morning with an escort. Here's my blog for that day -

I would camp as close to the north end of town as you can, then plan on camping just north of the bridge that night. If you time it right, you can avoid both the morning and evening rush hour - it shouldn't be that bad.


littlehoustonbbq said...

great to get to meet you all in person as i did see you on web before and glad to be of help too may God richly bless and keep you and thanks for your prayers in the bbq buniness at montgomery in. we are trusting God for his help and guidence feel free to call us at 812-887-3421 or email us and see how God is blessing, clarence and brenda line

Anonymous said...

There is a nice state park in Henderson,Ky.--Audubon State Park. It's locate on the left about a mile or so after you cross the twin bridges. It is a little hilly after you get into the park, but about a 1/2 of level road.