Sunday, January 1, 2012

Days 101 & 102

Sorry we missed signal. We didn't move yesterday...on purpose. We had guests. It was like Michigan day in Kentucky. Our host Rob is from Michigan, so it was great talking to him. Then our friends and neighbors from across the road from our old home stopped in. If you have been reading since way back....they're the STALKERS! They stalked us down again. They were visiting their son Matt in Tenn. so they stopped in on the way back home. It was so great to see them. But the visit was just way to short. I mean way to short. Sure was good to see their faces. Thanks guys. We know ya went threw a lotta trouble to meet us. And we sure enuff appreciate it. That meant a lot to us.
   Now I gotta give you a little back round on our next visitors. We have prabably mentioned them in our blog before. There have been 1 dog, 5 horses, and 2 ladies about 2 weeks out in front of us since Michigan. They are traveling to Houston, Texas raising money to drill wells in Haiti. Horseback for Haiti. We would run into folks on the road every once in a while who would say "do you know the 2 ladies traveling on horse back? They were just through here 2 weeks ago." Well of course we hadn't ... they were two weeks in front of us! Well they emailed us Friday night and explained who they were and Punkin and I laughed and knew exactly who they were. They left us a phone number and Punkin text a few times (no phone signal either) and they decided to come out and meet us. So some of their new friends brought them out and we decided to travel together a while.  Brandy said she felt like the Lord told her that we needed them to get through this piece.
   This may seem like a small thing but there are lots of "what ifs." What if the dogs don't get along...what if the horses don't get along... But once again all that stress and worry was for naught. God took care of all of it. We tied their 3 pack horses on the back of the trailer and we had a lead rider (scout) and a trailing rider bringing up the rear. Very effective keeping the traffic off us. The pack horses walked pretty good behind the trailer. 1 or 2 of them figured out that THERE IS HAY UNDER THAT it was like leading them with a carrot. And ya know what? It was just good fun to see horseback riders in front and in my mirrors.
   The Girls names are Ashley & Brandy Nelsey. They are good Christain girls with a true heart for the Lord. We have great respect for the adventure they have under taken. There is not a doubt in our minds that they will accomplish what they have set out to do. If you can be of any help to them...God bless you. We don't know how long we'll have the pleasure of their company...but we'll enjoy it while we can.
   Bob & Casey take a much bigger step than the saddle horses, so they trotted a little more than they wanted to today. Plus Bob...being Bob...Mr. lead horse, I gotta be first...tried to catch Brandy's horse all day. He doesn't much care to have a horse in front of him I don't think. So he stepped up a good pace all day. We'll see if we can get them slowed down some tomorrow. Or at least more breaks. Just wasn't many places to pull off on this small road today. we did about 13 miles...which is fine, for a 12;00 o'clock start.
   Small county road with little traffic means we didn't meet many people. But this is the best way around Clarksville and Fort Campbell. We are staying with an Amish family who invited us in for a hot meal before we even got the horses up. We will share about them tomorrow. Great folks. Bob & Casey are in their fence, the 5 saddle horses are in a pasture, the Girls are tucked in an upstairs bedroom warm and toasty and Punkin-Bear-Sugar-and me are in the wagon. Glory to God! 7-horses, 3-dogs, and 4-people safe & sound, first night out. We all prayed for a big enough place and 1-2 MINUTES later, an Amish gentleman pulled over to talk with us  and recommended we try the farm on top the hill. Glory to the Lord.
Mark-Connie & Erika and David Nelsey (the ladies Dad, who it was a pleasure to meet) aksed for prayer for safe travel for all and PRAISE and Gods blessings to all who have helped.
Thanks to Sharen-Joan-Rachel and Cindy.
Cindy our email address is  . Please shrink all pic's to 600 maximum.
That's all for these two days. Our buckets are empty and we're whipped. Good night and GOD bless you and yours.


Terri said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Every day I read and every day brings a smile to my face. You are doing such good work! God knew what He was doing when He sent you out on the road. Great to hear about the two ladies and more critters.
Once again, thank you for helping everyone through prayer and for letting others know who needs some extras prayers. Stay safe!

SMS said...

All good people doing God's good work. I like that you are traveling together for a bit. A nice change and sounds like maybe a bit safer too. The fur friend getting along is a plus. Have a safe journey.
I enjoy your blog and frequent updates. Sounds like you are attracting the best most helpful people.

joan said...

So glad to hear everything is ok. Happy all the animals are getting along. Keep the stories coming. Be safe. Love Joan

Cindy Martin said...

Hello,Of course I was working,Jason and Johnny rode all day Dec31 2011Jason drove a 4- Hitch then Jan 1 2012 they also rode, Jason drove a 4 Hitch again with 4 other wagons. Hope the new friend and animals all work out for the best.Praying for you all .Johnny and Jason say Hi.

Mark said...

It was great meeting you all as well! Remember to call us when that hay starts running low, wouldn't want those pack horses to think they ran out of carrots! I working on a surprise for the girls as well! Hope to see you all soon!

Prayers. Heading your way, Mark & Connie

Mark said...
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crickette said...

Hi; Guess God figured you needed some company for a while! Its wonderful how he does it! Im glad you are all ok. Praying for a safe trip for all!