Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 119

Travel Day!!!  We left Phil & Rachel Johnson's house this morning heading out for Jackson!  Thank you to the Johnson's for their great hospitality!  You guys have a great place there!  They have Fresh Start Stables in Milan.  They board, train, give lessons and do sales!  Check them out!
On our way out, Brenda stopped in to check us out.  She asked for prayer for her grand daughters (Jan Cory) health and for herself to be a better person daily.
Along the road, Sharon Nelson stopped to chat and asked for prayer for health and for a little girl that is deaf.  Sharon is her interpreter and prays the she stays healthy and graduates.
We made it to the Jackson North Baptist Church in good time.  This was a prearranged stop for the girls and they are gracious and having us as well.  Great, friendly, people!  The girls spoke and so did Mark.
This church is pastorless at the moment.  They are staying in prayer for God's will to bring just the right one. If your church has ever been through this ordeal, you'll be eager to pray with them because it is as bad as church shopping.  But they are prayerful and optimistic!
While at church tonight, we met Carla Frye.  Her prayer request is for courage and wisdom as she starts on a new journey in her life!  ADVENTURE!!!!!!
Cindy...we don't know mules well enough to "hitch n go". ANNNNNDDD... we don't have $4250.00 + tack!!!!!!  Thank you for your prayers, say hey to the guys fr us :)
Rachel...K.  We'll be watching
Cindy...That's what they say about the weather in MI!  Only state that experiences all 4 seasons in 1 DAY!!
That's it for the day.  Sitting it out tomorrow.  Not sure why, that just seems to be the plan.  Friday???? The big trek through Jaackson.
We had a news guy taking film for a  few miles but when we reached the church they only did the Haiti story.  We weren't interesting enough.  HUH!!!!  Go figure.  Whatev...  7 eyewitness news.
God bless you all and good night.


joan said...

Well I think you are interesting enough for any news. Your posts just make my day. Love, Joan

Terri said...

You are doing great! I know you are where you are supposed to be. God has put you there.

I also found it interesting that you are slowing down and learning it isn't about the miles, it's about the people you touch.

You are two incredible people and I am so happy I ran across you as you started this journey. Every time I go past that spot in the road where I stopped to talk I think of how lucky I was and how God cares for us all.

Stay safe and keep spreading the Word.

Rachel Johnson said...

It was a pleasure having y'all and thanks for the shout out! Good luck travelling through Jackson...I will be thinking about all of you including the critters! :)