Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dat 105

Ahhhhh... a day off!!!  Kinda!  Got some shopping done.  But after that!!! We went over to the Donelson Battlefield!!!  And the cemetary!!  Awesome stuff.  They show you a little film and then Marty took us around the battlefield.  They had cannons pointing down the river (which is how they won the steamship battle) We didn't go to the civil war store though because Marty didn't want us to get locked in some place when it closed up!  We had a GREAT time!!!
While shopping, Brandy was chatting with a lady in the check out line and got a prayer request.  Well, a couple...Momma Sue has a brother with a broken back.  He could surely use some prayer!  She also has 2 grand daughters, Hanna and Amanda, they are cousins, not sisters and they both have a brain tumor!!  What are the odds of that?  That family needs lots of prayer!!
So, slow, restful day.  Looked at route ahead and we're ready to tackle it all tomorrow!  The bridge we have to cross is one big steep hill!!!! We'll see how that goes!!
God bless

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