Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 123

Weather watching!!  It's 10:00 and here come the storms they've been talking about. Wind, thunder and lightening so far.  Looks like it got north and east of us.  However...part two is still west so we'll see what we get!  They are talking tornadoes!  I (Deb) REALLY don't get along with wind!
We got to go to church today!! Parkburg Baptist Church in Pinson, TN.   It was a good service with great people!  Jan went early to teach Sunday school and Bobby picked us up when it was time for church.  So, we had a great day!  It's so nice to get fed.  We miss alot of services due to timing and location! We surely do thank the Coffman's for everything!  They are holding us safe from the storms inside their barn.  With the offer to stay another night if we need to.  Thank you so much for your hospitality.
Much needed rest!  Took a nap! Baked cookies!  Had a great supper!  Blessed!
Mark will tell you about parking the wagon and his "unique" supper.
But 1st, prayer requests!  Dale McClanahan has terminal cancer and his friend is asking for prayer for his salvation!
Rachel needs some more prayer for her health and upcoming surgery!
We pray blessing for Bobby and Jan Coffman!
Salvation for Dakota!
Comments: you guys! Thanks for everything!
Anon...Thanks.  God bless
Joan...She's a cartoon, for sure!  Love ya!
Cindy...We're in a barn...wagon and all!  Hi back to all!  Thanks.
Oh, I forgot to mention!!!! The Jennifer that we are talking to is Johnny Cash' great niece!!  Just an interesting little tidbit!  Very cool!
And now...Here's Mark!  God bless!
   Way to much hype for a simple story. One of the biggest problems we have?  Room to flip this long ol' beast  around. We have had to turn places down because there is just no room. We are like a semi. So we traveled about 3 miles off hwy 45 onto the back roads to get here and it was gettin' late. So we really had no choice but to try and make it work. So I looked around...up the drive was a round arena and one the other side a gated pen stretchin' to the barn. I tried a quick turn around but half way into it I knew we were not making it. So I asked Bobby if there was space in back of the barn to get turned? He said sure...and there was. So I drove straight through the barn and as soon as I got through it I saw some standing water. So I cut the turn short half way through. I knew right away it was goin' to be close. I no more than got the front 1/4 of the wagon in and Punkin hollers stop. I stopped the team and she says "your not goin' to make it. I tried backin' the team and it was just too much weight for them to back in the wet dirt. So after unhitchin' the team, we pulled the tongue and tried hooking a chain on and wrapping it around a barn beam, pulling her hard left. Not enough room. So I started pulling hooks off the right side of the wagon. Spare evener on the ground...electric cords-the same, buckets-bailing wire-solar charger- and a pile of STUFF on the ground. If you ever saw the side of our wagon you'll know what I mean. Bobby's neighbor came (who is younger than both of us thank goodness) we pushed it back into the yard with everyones help. I'm talking men-women & kids! We tried dragging the back end over to try and get it squared with the door way. Finally after cocking the wheels (front) to the right and hooking a chain on the left rear and pulling hard she straightened up. After a couple of forward pulls and hooking and rehooking we had the wagon in the barn. Everyone helped push the feed trailer in and we got her rehitched. I still have to redrill the hooks back in and rehang the side but we are good to go again. JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE LIFE OF WAGON TRAVEL! THANKS TO ALL FOR THEIR HELP AND EFFORTS.
   Had a nice surprise for dinner tonight. Bobby & Jan's neighbor, Gene A. Pickett and his friend (once agian I can not remember his name, I am so sorry, I shoulda wrote it down) came by to see the wagon, and Bob & Casey. We talked for a while but he had to go. It was 2:00 pm and they were taking the 2 mountain curs squirrel hunting. They asked if I liked squirrel...YOU BETCHA!! They came back by a few hours later and had 5. They hadda youngster with them who did the shooting and a HUGE red squirrel they were going to take to the taxidermest. They blessed me with three, so I cleaned and skinned them for dinner. Fried them up (to hot to bake them...68 degrees tonight) with some rice with cheese soup in it, couple of cans of green beans and we celebrated the Lord's day with a great meal. Been a while since I had a few squirrels. If you never had them they are delicious. Kind of a dark meat. Not at all gamey or strong. They are just delicious. I like um slow baked best with a good sauce...but tonight was GREAT. thanks fellows!
Well it's about 11:30 pm and stormin' good here. Tornado's forming but not touching down. Some 100 mile an hour straight line winds reported. Glad for a safe place. You folks have a great night and may God smile upon you & yours. Traveling day tomorrow, good night all. Thanks for following.


meluginland said...

Glad you made it through the storms! Welcome to west tn... Where the weather is just flat unpredictable. :) good luck tomorrow on venturing out. (or whenever you leave) and stay safe!!!

Rach said...

Glad that you made it through the storms. When we hear about the storms and seen where they were at we thought of you guys. Glad that you had shelter from the storm. I am also glad that it was not as bad as they said it was suppose to be.

Thank you for the prayers they are appreciated.

Hope that you had a good nights sleep.

You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Love always,

Rachel and Family.

CLOE'S said...

Hurray for BARNS and FRIENDS - so glad you are safe and dry. Sure did enjoy the photos of the trip through Jackson - they were great. I pray the girls were as lucky as you in finding shelter for them and the horses and dogs. The wind is still strong here - whipping the flags about. Not sure a good day for travel for you either, but I know the LORD will watch over you all. Please add prayers for Mike and Brenda Beck - friends - both battling cancer.
Blessings always - John and Judith Cloe - Greencastle, IN

Cindy Martin said...

God is Good, Had alot of hard rain plenty of wind. but safe and sound, so glad to hear you all are safe. Great meal of squirrel.Still windy here.Got colder now.Need extra prayer for neighbor family,he was repairing mailbox was hit and killed today.Lord please comfort them...See you all later on.