Thursday, January 26, 2012

Days 125, 126, & 127

   Here we are again!  We were in the land of 0 signal again.  This time the indicator wouldn't even flash!  If we tried to connect, we got an error!  Sheesh!  Maybe we were on Mars???  Glad to be back!
   Tuesday was just a beutiful day. The sun was shining and it had to be in the high 60's. The Lord gave us a great day to travel after our day of mishap. I have gotten over my mad at the guy who side swiped us. Just no point in carryin' that kinda garbage around. Life is to short. Besides wasn't hurting him none...just me. So we had a nice travel day. Just amazing that I can ride around in my shirt sleeves in the end of January!
   So, on we traveled to Ada's Unusual Market.  Not so unusual.  Lots of Amish food.  But these folks are Menonite.  We stayed the night with Ada and her husband Jason.  And their great family!  I think everyone we met was Jason's brother or sister, with the exception of the ones that were Ada's brother's or sisters!  BIG families!  Great folks!  And Ada's good friend that lives right behind her.  Attended a bible study on Tuesday night and church on Wednesday.
   Needless to say, 1 night turned into 2.  It was raining in the morning and we don't hit the road in the rain!  Until today, that is!  It was only misting a little and Bob and Casey met Mark at the back of the wagon for morning oats, so since the fence was already half down, we geared them up.  Couple of creeps!  Time to charge up the fence for a while so they get to remembering what that's for!  They didn't go anywhere but straight for their buckets!  Not very good escape artists!  As soon as we were ready to hitch???  RAIN!!  Too late, off we go!
We met a couple of folks on our way to and when we first parked.  Lilly Terry (Dave' gma from our last stop) needs prayer for her knee.  Every doctor tells her it's something different but nobodies fixing it.
Dorothy Austin is a 9 year cancer survivor (congratulations!!) and asked for prayer for her family.
Penny Williams has a son, Brandon, that needs some salvation prayers.
Stanley Chanders asks for prayer for his wife and daughter.
We met up again with Chris and Lisa.  They invited us to their home but we got there in good time and 1:30 is just too early to stop on a beautiful sunny day.  Sorry guys, but thank you very much!  Sounded great!
Carol Cima would like prayer for her family.
Betty Murray the same, for her family.
Jeff Whtlten from the independant stopped for a quicky interview.
And Karl and Mildred Shoemaker have a daughter that is in need of prayer for personal problems.
Joan...We're all good.  Thanks for prayers
Jennifer...LOL!  Tell her we LOVE TN!!
Rachel...We'll pray too!
Cheryl...Thanks so much!  And pass along to John that we were introduced to 3 Watusi's!!  Yup!  Right there in Finger, TN!!  They were great!
Terri...Thanks, I hope so!
Cindy...Thanks for prayers!  Say hi to the guys!
Shannon...OHHHHHHH BOOOOOOOOYYYY!  No worries, you can have a girl the NEXT time!  LOL!!  Jaime's good!  Very excited!
Larry & Paula...Thanks so much!  God is VERY, VERY good, isn't He?
Crickette...We stayed with John M for a few days.  He drove 2 mukles and a wagon from Henry, TN to Phoenix, AZ in 90 days!!!  WHEW!  Thanks
Jennifer...we had no signal AT ALL!  P.S.  Thanks for the pictures!
Well, that about sums it all up!  We're in early today.  Thanking the Lord for sending an offer to stay on the rain day!
We love y'all!! (TN accent)  God bless and have a great day!


Cindy Martin said...

Was a beautiful day for a wagon ride. Glad you are over the Ill feeling after the sideswipe. I know how it is when someone acts so Ignorant.Just glad you all were not hurt. Heard on the news that a tow boat hit a bridge at Ky. lake connecting Trig and Marshall co. and it fell.Tenn. sounds good now. Keep it rolling and praying for you all for another day of travel. Johnny and Jason and Cindy say Hi. from Kentucky. lol

crickette said...

Do you have John M. E-mail? Where is he now? God is with you for sure! He wont let anything bad happen! prayers for all!

joan said...

TN accent....hehehe you would never be able to pull that off. Good to hear everything is ok. Love, Joan

Cheryl said...

Just wanted to let you know that with 2 steps forward and 1 step back, John is in the hospital in Nashville. I took him there yesterday for his symptoms got worse again. After they done his vitals, they admitted him into the hospital. His heart rate was thru the roof ( 138) the lowest it was (121). It was fluctuating to the point they were asking him if he was having chest pains, he said no. The heart doctor said they would have to shock his heart back into rhythm. I am fixing to head back to Nashville as soon as my hubby finishes getting dressed. Please keep him in your prayers. He had a heartattack back in 09 and gave us all a huge scare. I know he is in Gods hands and all will be fine, but its human nature to worry. I will keep you updated on his progress. Love an Prayers are with yall as well. ( gotta love that tennessee accent) Be safe and happy trails!!!! Love Cheryl, John's sister :)

Rach said...

Glad to hear from you guys. Was getting a little worried. Glad that you are doing good.

Thank you for the prayers. Really praying for some answers. Also praying that the surgery goes good.

Well, I hope that you have had a good night. I enjoy reading about what is all going on.

Thoughts and prayers are always with you.

Love always,

Rachel and Family