Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 122

Oh what a day!  Started early!  That wasn't really the plan...but Casey had other ideas! Here's the way this went. About 6:00 am my dear sweet wife is waking me up. I had been up a couple of times in the night and wasn't real least not in a positive way. snicker-snicker. She says "listen-listen to Bob". So what else coulda guy do? At 6:00 am in an empty fair grounds in a cool trailer, and warm bed, it's hard not to hear a belgian hollering and running. Especially when their pen is 6 ft. away! I tried hard to play it off...real hard! But Punkin knew something wasn't right...she crawls over me and peaks out the door. And lo & behold Casey is out and romping among the 5 tethered saddle horses of the girls in the next "pasture over". She had kicked a fence post down and went for a run. So her road dog, Bob, was frantic she left without him. So I threw my clothes on and jumped out into the mud, (2" of rain), along with Punkin. I called Casey and walked halfway out there, when she kicked up her heals and took off. I didn't bother chasin' her. I turned around and got an oats bucket ...Punkin fixed the fence. And the problem (Casey) was contained. Could have been a lot worse if Bob would have followed her out.
   But the day gotta lot better. We had Starbucks coffee (2nd time this week Slocum!) and donuts. The breakfast of champions I tell ya. This week was the first starbucks we had since we left. And believe it or not I was just askin' the Lord for a donut yesterday. TRUE! Our God is great! And some cold pizza left over from last nights pizza/pasture party at the fair grounds. Thanks Jesse, Jennifer and the girls! We met some great folks last night. Good conversation and good fun.
   So we headed through south Jackson on 45 south,we gave Jesse and Jennifer's  girls a ride for a mile and put a smile on their faces. We split with the girls again today. They headed down hwy 18 west, and we stayed on 45. We were warned off 18...lot's of hills. So we're staying on 45 a while longer.
   We did 14 miles today & we were offered a place for the night by Bobby and his wife (more on these great folks tomorrow it's 10:30 and I'm whipped. I gotta great story to tell you about pulling in and getting turned around, tomorrow. For tonight the wagon is in a barn and Bob & Casey have Grass & shelter if they want it. They are talking severe storms tomorrow and we are in a safe place so we will probably stay put. Good night and God bless to all. Thanks for followin' us!    
Along the way today we met Rodney and Anita Frank.  Their prayer is for their children to give their lives to the Lord.  They also have a ministry.  The Repairer of the Breach Ministry.
We also have a request for prayers for safe travels for Caleb.
Harmon Arnold, great nephew of Eddie Arnold, asks for prayer for his son in Afghanistan and grandson, in Iraq.  Prayers close to our heart!
We also met Tommy Calahan and his wife.  She says she's the best wife ever because 1 year for her husbands birthday, she bought him a pair of draft mules.  He does wagon travels (short trips).  So, he gave us his info and when we get to Corinth, MS...He says we can stay with them!  Thanks, Tommy!
And for Crickettes friend.  For continued healing and for good health!
meluginland...Thanks so much for everything!  Pizza party was awesome!  Hope the girls enjoyed their ride!  We love you guys!
Cindy...Thanks, was a fun day!  I was surprised he published so many!!
Joan...Always good!  The dogs name is Tae.  He's an awesome little guy.  Walked all the way here from MI!  See his backpack?  No freeloaders, he carries his own food!  And Casey will have to get over it.  She can't read and we didn't tell her :)
Kenneth...Thanks so much!  Great stuff!
Katie & John...Prayers are no problem! It was nice to meet you!
Rachel...colder today, but 70 tomorrow!  I'll be looking for your e-mail!  God bless!
Crickette...Prayers for your friend for continued healing and good health!Thank you & God bless!
Ok.  Talk to you all tomorrow!  We love ya!  Kisses to home!


meluginland said...

Oh yu know the girls had a blast!!! They were upset when we got home that they won't see bob & Casey anymore. :( boo!!! I told them we would keep up with where y'all go & we will meet again!!! Stay safe tomorrow in the storms. I work for the utility company, so say a prayer for safety for my guys & those of us that work thru the storms! We love you both & will chat soon! I forgot to get your email, would like to share some pictures with you!

joan said...

Oh that little stinker Casey. Can't wait to read more. be safe. Love, Joan

Cindy Martin said...

Thought it was about time for one of the to check thing out.. Thank goodness bob told everyone. Lol prayers to be safe for the weather ahead.Johnny, Jason say hello too.

crickette said...

Thank you for the prayers for Jerry! He is doing great! I hope to meet both of you someday, when you get close enough, I will do some traveling to see you all!. Have a safe and enjoyable trip! You are spreading prayers and smiles as you go! God bless you!

Kenneth Cummings said...

Praying for your safety during the storm.