Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 131

MISSISSIPPI!!!!!  Finally!  It was a great traveling day!  64 degrees...YAAAY!
Prayer requests for...
Bob Messer strep throat
Jenny says just pray for her all the time!
John McComsey
the family of Sadie Smith.  Sadie was a senior at Muhlenberg County H.S. She was killed in an accident.
Thanks to all for Happy Birthday's!!
Crickette...Thanks. Got him covered
Cindy...Glad Jason had fun!  Praying for Smith family
Rachel...Thank you. Hope you're feeling better.
Terri...Had a VERY blessed bday!
Joan...Thank you
Cloe's...Thank you. It was a happy bday for me!
Shannon...Thank you!  LOL!!  We remember him making his eggs!
meluginland...Thank you!!
Good night and God bless you all!


Anonymous said...

Wooooooo!!! You made it! Now turn around and come back;)
love you, Sharen

Rach said...

Glad to see that you made it to Mississippi. Glad that you have had good weather to travel in.

Deb, I hope that you had a great birthday.

Going in for my MRI this morning and blood work. Really praying hard that we get answers.

Thank you for all your prayers. They mean a lot.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

Ron and Thelma said...

Happy late birthday. Don't think I checked blogs yeaterday God speed in your travels

Anonymous said...

Hey yall!!! How are things going? Well once again prayers have been answered, we just got home from bringing John home from Nashville. He had been in the hospital since last Thursday. Here is a short version of what led up to his hospital stay. Last Thursday when he and I ventured out to the VA in Nashville, he was hurting very bad from coughing so hard. When we arrived there, they took him into triage and were taking his vitals when they noticed how high his heart rate was, 127. They immediately hooked him up to the EKG machine and info'd me that he wasnt going anywhere, they were admitting him to the hospital. His heart rate went as high as 138 and was flucuating (sp)between 114 and 138. Meds were given with no results, this continued up till yesterday when they went in and shocked his heart. His heart immediately went back to normal. He is now on more meds and as of when we left Nashville a few hours ago, his heart rate was still normal. Thanks so much for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers, he is a wonderful brother and person. I will keep you info'd on how he is doing, but for now, he is good. As for the phneumonia, he was given strong antibiotics, so I guess you could say they killed 2 birds with 1 stone, haha. Love, prayers and safe travels!! Love, Cheryl ( John McComsey's sister)

Rach said...

Got the MRI results back. I have to have another one on Thursday because the doctor thinks that I have a possible growth on the pituitary gland. Not sure on anything at this point. Please pray that something gets answered. Although if it comes back the same then I will end up having to under go two surgeries. I will update you when I know more. Thanks again for the prayers.

Love always,


crickette said...

Thank you for the prayers for our pastor Bob Messner! He is much better! Prayers for a fafe trip for you and yours!